King Lear


Title: King Lear

Author: William Shakespeare

Translator: Abolhassan Tahami

Publisher: Look

Subject: English play

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 312

Language: Farsi

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Introducing Shakespeare’s King Lear
The book Lear King is a famous and tragic play by William Shakespeare, one of the greatest and most valuable playwrights in the world, and tells the story of a kingdom that intends to divide the land under its rule among its daughters.

King Lear has three daughters, Gonril, Reagan and Cordelia. Just like the great Iranian myth Fereydoun, whose sons are named Salm and Tor Bad and whose youngest son is Iraj Nikonhad, Gonril and Reagan are the two eldest daughters of Lear Shah Bad and Cordelia is the youngest daughter of Nikonhad.

In this play, William Shakespeare explores King Lear and introduces him as an idealistic, virtuous but ignorant king. Lear looks like an ignorant clown in this play, and the interesting thing is that the clown is more realistic in this play than the king.
Lear’s ignorance is revealed at the very beginning of the play. He intends to divide the land under his rule between his three daughters. Although Lear has ruled this land for a long time, he is not aware of the power under me.

King Lear divides his land among his three daughters and retains only the name of the kingdom. This is where his ignorance is revealed. Power does not accept any honorary rights. The king’s ignorance is most evident when he asks all three of his daughters to tell him how much they love him.

Lear’s flattery and self-loathing deceive Lear’s two eldest daughters, and Cordelia’s freedom, who hates flattery and sincerely expresses her true interest, angers Lear. Among the characters in this play, Lear King Cordelia’s little girl is very lovable with her kindness, intimacy and kindness, but Shakespeare does not pay much attention to her.

In this play, Lear’s madness is shown dramatically and clearly. When Lear sees King Edgar in the form of a naked beggar, he tore his clothes, because he does not want to owe anyone even silkworm, fleece or other animal skin.
He sincerely wants to be the only miserable and naked human being like a four-legged animal. When he sits naked in a farmer’s house, next to Gloucester Niksirt and Kenneth Faithful and the clown and Edgar, he thinks that his two naughty daughters are sitting in front of him and he is judging their actions.

King Lear’s play is exceptional because it enjoys a certain prosperity and life despite the death of the king at the end. King Lear shows his humanity after regaining his wisdom. He did not want to see his little girl Cordelia for a long time, however, when he woke up after a relaxing night and saw kind and sincere people by his side, he regained his wisdom and took a new approach.

Shahloir, Gonril, Reagan, Cordelia, Duke of Albany, Duke of Cornwall, Lord Gloucester, Lord Kent, Edmund, Edgar, Clown, Azwald, Duke of Burgundy and the King of France are the characters in this play.

So far, many films and theaters in the country and abroad have been adapted from this play, some of which have been very well received.

Learn more about William Shakespeare:
William Shakespeare was born on April 26, 1564, an English playwright and poet. He is known as the greatest English writer, and because of his hometown of Avon in Stanford, England, he has been called the Evan Lecturer.

Some refer to him as the greatest playwright in history, but his life has many ambiguities. His father was a bureaucrat who faced many financial difficulties in the following years, and his mother was the son of a relatively wealthy landowner.

After his marriage to Anne Shakespeare, he moved to London, where he was forced to take care of the horses of people coming to theaters due to extreme poverty. Paid play editing work.
Shakespeare’s early plays, such as Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titus Andronicus, Henry IV, Richard III, and the Venetian Merchant, were all written in the mid to late 1590s, and King Lear, Othello, and Macbeth were written in the early 1600s.

William Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 at the age of 52. His other works include Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Storm, Henry V, The Great Noise for Nothing, Julius Caesar, Winter, Henry VI, King Lear, Two Nobles of Verona, and more.

Who is recommended to read Lear Shah’s book?
If you are interested in Shakespeare and his plays, do not miss reading this book.

In a part of Lear Shah’s book, we read:
Gloucester: Are you sure it’s your brother’s signature?

Edmund: If he liked the subject, I would have dared to swear that it belonged to him, but now, given its content, I do not know him well.

Gloucester: Is that his signature?

Edmund: My lord is his handwriting, but I hope his heart does not agree with its content.

Gloucester: Hasn’t he talked to you about this before?

Edmund: Never, sir. But I have heard from him many times that he believes that when the sons are fully mature and the fathers are full, it is right for the father to take care of the son and leave the administration of his income to him.
Gloucester: You bastard, you bastard! This letter contains the same opinion. ‌O hated scoundrel! ‌O evil and cruel scoundrel and cursed! ‌Or worse than teeth! Go find my son, I will kill him. 3‌O damn scoundrel! Where is he?

Edmund: My lord, I do not know. But if you deem it expedient, until you have obtained a clearer testimony of his intention, be angry and act with determination; What, if you make a big mistake with him and due to a misunderstanding, your reputation will be ruined and his obedient heart will be broken. I am ready to bet on my life that his intention in writing this letter was only to test my love and affection for His Holiness, and there is no terrible intention.

Gloucester: Do you think so?

Edmund: If Your Majesty deems it appropriate, I will hide you in a corner so that you can hear our conversations about it in person, and by listening to it, your honorable satisfaction will be provided. I will do this important thing right away this evening.

Another part of King Lear’s book
Grab a richer third than your sisters? Speak up!

Cordelia: Nothing, sir.

Lear: None?

Cordelia: None.

Lear: Nothing comes from nothing. Speak again!

Cordelia: I’m so miserable that I can not speak my heart out. I love Your Majesty by duty, no more and no less.

Lear: What do you say, Cordelia? Correct your words a little, lest you ruin your happiness!

Cordelia: My dear server, you gave birth to me, raised me and loved me.

I return the same tasks properly and appropriately; I obey you, I love you and above all, I respect you. Why did my sisters get married, if they say so
Only love you? Maybe, when I get married,

The man who takes my wife’s handcuffs will take half of my love, respect and duty with him.

Of course, I will never marry like my sisters, so that I can love only my father.

Lear: Is your heart the same as your tongue?

Cordelia: Yes, sir.

Lear: So young and so unkind?

Cordelia: Sir, so young and so honest.

Lear: So be it. Let the truth be your handiwork, for I swear by the sacred radiance of the sun, by the mysteries of the goddess of the moon and night, and by the orbit of the planets, of which we are and are not, here I deny all my paternal affection, kinship, and blood ties. , And from now until eternity, I consider you a stranger to myself and my heart.

Barbarians, or those who slaughter their children to quench their appetites, have as much place in my heart and as much sympathy and support as you have when you were our daughter.

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