Comprehensive description of Masnavi Manavi (7 volumes)


Title: Comprehensive description of Masnavi Manavi (7 volumes)

Author: Karim Zamani

Publisher: Information

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of comprehensive description of Masnavi Manavi (7 volumes)
The comprehensive description of Karim Zamani’s spiritual Masnavi has been presented in 7 exquisite volumes and 7736 pages, which has been reprinted as the best comprehensive interpretation of Rumi’s spiritual Masnavi with more than 50 reprints. The seventh volume of the collection is a list of books.

From the introduction of the first volume of the book, a comprehensive description of Karim Zamani’s spiritual Masnavi: The land of Iran has long been the cradle of mystical thoughts and enlightened reflections. Hence, over the centuries, it has developed countless names in the field of mysticism and Sufism.

One of these great men is Hazrat Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi, who is known as the Roman Mullah and Rumi. He was born in Balkh on the sixth of Rabi al-Awal 604 AH. His father, Sultan al-Ulama, passed away in 628, and his hen was raised from the dust to the pure world and buried in Konya. At this time, Rumi was entering the twenty-fifth year of his life when the disciples gathered around him and asked him to lean on his father’s seat and spread the word of preaching. He accepted and a year passed like this.
Rumi accompanied and accompanied Sayyid Burhanuddin Mohaghegh Tirmidhi, a disciple of his father, for 9 years, and then Sayyid Burhanuddin passed away. Shams joined Rumi around 642 AH. He made him so angry that he put aside lessons, discussions, and sermons, and engaged in poetry, song, daf, and listening.

And since then, his delicate nature and good taste flourished in poetry and he started composing passionate mystical poems. What Shams said to Rumi, what he learned, and what myth he created that completely changed him is a mystery that “no one can unravel and unravel with the wisdom of this mystery.”

Karim Zamani, Rumi, researcher, translator and commentator of the Quran, is one of the most well-known influential figures in Persian literature and mystical and religious texts. Karim’s most famous work is the “Comprehensive Description of the Spiritual Masnavi” which has been studied not only in universities and literary circles as a reference, but also in the home and library of every Rumi researcher and person interested in the “Spiritual Masnavi”.
The publication of the “Enlightening Translation of the Holy Quran” in the early nineties is another great work of this Quranic commentator, which has been reprinted several times due to its great popularity and has been reviewed and rewritten by Karim Zamani in a short time.

Karim Zamani, Rumi, researcher, translator and commentator of the Quran, was born on May 10, 1961 in Tehran. His interest in books and reading dates back to his childhood in Karim Zamani, and one of his childhood hobbies and games was quoting and defining summaries of books and stories for his friends and peers. He had a taste for it and had a lot of fans. His interest in the humanities led him to study high school literature.

In addition to school lessons, Karim Zamani personally learned Arabic and studied ancient Persian literary works under the supervision of competent teachers. He also chose the field of Arabic language and literature at the University of Tehran to study at the university, and graduated four years later with a bachelor’s degree. Karim withdrew from the university and turned to personal studies and research when he did not see his academic education in line with his goals and studies.
Karim Zamani began translating Arabic books shortly after graduation – although he had a hand in translating Arabic texts before – and has done so in recent years. Among the Arabic to Persian translations of this scholar and translator, we can mention the translation of the section related to Surah Hamad from the commentary of “Al-Manar” written by Sheikh Muhammad Abduh, “Sar Al-Asrar” and “Al-Fatah Al-Rabbani” by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, “Akhbar Al-Zaman” by Masoudi. Also, Karim Zamani translated the voluminous collection “With the Prophets in the Qur’an” by Abdolfattah Tabareh, entitled “In Accordance with the Prophets in the Qur’an”, which has been published by Hekmat Publishing since 1978. Was broadcast.

Karim, when he was interested in studying mystical and religious texts as a teenager, studied in this field with more leisure and double focus. On the one hand, the temporal tendency to understand the Qur’an led him to interpretive and descriptive studies in Qur’anic research, and on the other hand, his familiarity with mystical texts, especially Sufism, led him to Rumi as a genius scientist and mystic.
The spark of study and research in the field of the Qur’an was formed from the adolescence of Karim Zamani and by reading the divine Persian translation of a quote from this divine book. Karim Zamani later participated in the interpretive sessions of Seyyed Morteza Shabestari and gradually turned to the interpretations of the Qur’an; “Tafsir al-Mizan” by Allameh Tabatabai, “Tafsir Novin” by Mohammad Taghi Shariati (father of Dr. Ali Shariati) and “Ray of the Quran” – a six-volume and unfinished commentary by Seyyed Mahmoud Taleghani. In addition, Abu al-Qasim Payandeh’s translation and Zayn al-‘Abidin Rahnama’s translation of the Qur’an attracted his attention, perhaps because these translations were more integrated and stable from a Persian grammatical point of view. The study of these sources, as well as other books written in the field of the Qur’an, led to a deeper research and study in this field. In addition, during these years, he compiled and published a new translation of Mafatiha al-Jannan.

It was in the early 1980s that Karim once thought of offering an interpretive translation of the Qur’an. A translation that is not only a literal translation of the Qur’an but also interprets the verses. But not an interpretation that has a vague and incomprehensible language for the general audience. So he and his wife and son set to work, and it took about nine years to write, compile, and compile this interpretive translation; Until in 1392, this translation was published under the title “Enlightening Translation of the Holy Quran” by Namak Publishing.
A translation in which various sources and references such as Majma ‘al-Bayan by Abolfath Razi, Ruh al-Ma’ani by Alusi, Kashaf Zamakhshari, Tebyan by Sheikh Tusi, Tafsir Ayashi, Tafsir Safi Feyz Kashani, Tafsir Imam Fakhr Razi, Kanz al-Irfan Sivari, Kashf al-Asir Safi Alishah, in the shadow of the Qur’an, Seyyed Qutb, has used a sample and radiant interpretation of the Taleghani Qur’an, the proclamation of the Qur’an by Dr. Khazaeli, the story of the prophets Hamid Yazdanparast, the translation by Dr. Mojtabawi, the translation by Bahauddin Khorramshahi, the translation by Bahrampour, the translation by Hussein Ostadoli and dozens of other books.

The enlightening translation of the Holy Quran is a fluent and eloquent translation and at the same time has a simple and clear language. In this translation, explanations were also given about each verse, such as; The dignity of revelation, the historical event of the verses, quotations from authoritative interpretations, the meaning and origin of words, as well as a brief and useful interpretation of each verse. All these features have made Karim’s translation of the Qur’an a voluminous and at the same time understandable and enlightening translation for the general audience. A translation that acquaints the readers of the Qur’an with this divine book as much as possible.
Another specialty of Karim Zamani is Rumi’s research. The most important and famous work written by Zamani in this regard is the seven-volume collection of “Comprehensive Description of Masnavi Manavi” which was published in 1993 by Information Publications. This collection is one of the most authoritative commentaries that has been written about the spiritual Masnavi and is the result of twenty years of continuous research and study. The six volumes include a description of the verses, and the seventh volume contains a list of verses, hadiths, the discovery of the verses, and the meanings of the words; All of which show the greatness and depth of this collection.

Karim Zamani’s method of commentary is primarily adherence to the text. In fact, the reason for the validity of time descriptions and interpretations is that, as a commentator and researcher, he refers only to the documents and evidence in the texts themselves or other authoritative sources; And refrains from rhetoric and tasteful rhetoric. According to Karim Zamani, the importance of “looking at history and following historical backgrounds” on any subject, causes the coherence and validity of the description and interpretation. This commentator has said in an interview about the scourge of interpretations and tasteful and invalid analyzes:
Many people “analyze the greatness of thought mentally and abstractly; For example, a thinker suddenly discovered something. “While they were also the children of their time and sat at the table of their ancestors.”

During the years following the writing of the “Comprehensive Description of the Spiritual Masnavi”, Karim Zamani has written other books about the spiritual Masnavi as well as other works of Rumi. Among them are books such as “Minagar Eshgh”, “On the lips of the sea of ​​spiritual Masnavi”, “Complete description of Fih Ma Fih” and “Neynameh”. Many of these books have been translated into various languages ​​such as English, Arabic and Turkish.

In recent years, Karim Zamani has been writing a complete commentary on the lyric poems of Divan-e Shams, the first volume of which has been published by Qatreh Publishing.

Comprehensive description of the spiritual Masnavi c1.Zamani.information
Comprehensive description of Masnavi Manavi J2. Karim Zamani. Information
Comprehensive description of the spiritual Masnavi c3.Karim Zamani.information
Comprehensive description of the spiritual Masnavi c4. Karim Zamani. Information
Comprehensive description of the spiritual Masnavi c 5. Information
Comprehensive description of the spiritual Masnavi c6. Karim Zamani. Information
Comprehensive description of the spiritual Masnavi c7.Karim Zamani.information
Description of Divan Shams Tabrizi J1. Shokooh Danesh
Newsletter, information publication
Enlightening translation of the Holy Quran, Namak Publishing
Full description of Fih Ma Fih: Speeches by Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi, Moin Publishing
Minagar Eshgh: Thematic description of Masnavi Manavi, published by Ney
On the edge of the spiritual Masnavi sea: expressing the intentions of the verses, publishing drops
Imam Hussein’s prayer on the day of Arafa, translated by Karim Zamani, published by the worshipers of unity
Zabdeh Mafatih Al-Jannan, Abbas Qomi, Karim Zamani Translator, Information Publishing
Full description of Divan-e-Shams lyric poems, Qatreh Publishing (Volume Vol has been published so far)
Sarra al-Asrar, Abdul Qadir Jilani, translated by Karim Zamani, Ney Publishing
Al-Fatah Al-Rabbani, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, translated by Karim Zamani
“With the Prophets in the Qur’an” (along with the prophets in the Qur’an), Abdul Fattah Tabareh, translator Karim Zamani

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