Heart thoughts: a treasury of inner wisdom


Title: Thoughts of the heart; A golden treasure of esoteric wisdom

Author: Louise L. Hee

Translator: Rezvan Naimi

Publisher: Barat Alam

Subject: Spiritual life / spiritual healing

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 128

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Heart thoughts: a treasury of inner wisdom

In The Thoughts of the Heart: A Daily Guide to Achieving Inner Wisdom by Louise L. Hey there’s a daily guide to achieving inner wisdom.

“Thoughts of the Heart” is a collection of meditations, spiritual healings, and excerpts from my lectures, all of which focus on aspects of our daily experiences and seek to help and guide us in areas of difficulty.

When we feel victimized, our hearts want to distance ourselves from others. We are scared and our hearts ache and we are always looking for someone else to save us, someone who will do it for us.

But now we have the opportunity to discover our abilities to face life, not in the form of a victim, but in ways that empower us.
It then becomes clear to us that as soon as we are connected to what I call the “inner self,” we can improve the quality of our lives. It is a great feeling to know that we do not have to rely on anyone else, but that we have unlimited power within ourselves and that we can make a positive difference in our lives. This is a feeling that gives us a lot of freedom.

Some people may be terrified of this newly gained freedom, it seems like a big responsibility. But responsibility only means that we can face life. We are now moving towards a new age and a new degree and rank.
Now is the time to let go of old habits and beliefs. As we learn and apply new beliefs and behaviors, we help to harmonize the new world order.

If you do not love yourself completely, you have learned this somewhere in your life. Now you can forget about it. Start being kind to yourself now.

About Louise L. Hee
Louise L. Hee (October 8, 1926 – August 30, 2017) is an American motivational speaker and author. He is the founder of “Khaneh Hey” publishing house. He has authored several books on innovation and self-help, including The Healing of Life, published in 1984.

Louise Hay was born in Los Angeles. His stepfather was a violent man and he always harassed him and his mother. She was raped by a neighbor at the age of 5 and dropped out of high school at the age of 15 while pregnant. She gave birth to a child at the age of 16.
He then moved to Chicago to pursue low-paying jobs. She came to New York again in 1950 and worked as a model for three of the fashion designers of the day, which was a success for her. In 1954, he married an English businessman named Andrew Hee. After living together for 14 years, Andrew married another woman and he fell in love.

In those days, Louise Hay found the first church of theology, located at 48th Street, where she learned the power of thought. There he studied works by Florence Schavel Sheen and Ernest Holmes on new thinking that taught that optimism could change people’s material conditions or that it could be used to treat physical problems.

Table of contents of the book Thoughts of the heart

I am a positive person
I accept all parts of my being
I accept everything I have created for myself
I express my professionalism positively
I take the next step towards healing
I am completely open and receptive
The answers inside me come to my mind very easily
I understand the past easily and trust the flow of life
I am free to be myself
I’m perfect just the way I am
I create very good and new beliefs for myself
I experience the set of possibilities within myself
Our business is a divine idea
Our business is booming
This is God’s business
All my changes are simple
When one door closes, the other door definitely opens
I like to change
I like to change and grow
This is just a thought and a thought can change
I am building my future right now
I am free with my children
I communicate
Everything I do is my choice
Let The Spirit Of Love
Flow in you
Today is the day to give results
You are a pure soul
I like to be with myself
I love and accept myself just the way I am
I deserve good and happiness in life
I deserve to be happy
I am moving in the right direction
I’m where I need to be
Everything I need is available at the right time and place
I am always safe and secure
I am satisfied and happy with my job
I am healthy
And I am full of energy
I am in harmony with nature
I am on an endless journey
I am towards eternity
I breathe in love
And I flow with life
I am the manifestation of my true self
I freely express myself as I am
I love my family
I’m romantic
I sympathize with my father
I am always fully supported
I forgive all past experiences
I’m free
I can do whatever I want
I let the light of my love shine
I to myself
I give unconditional love
I’m for myself
I forgive everything I did wrong in the past
I am a harmonious being
I focus on truth and peace
I can heal myself at all levels
I am a magnet that attracts all miracles
I allow my whole being to vibrate with light
My hands are a powerful tool for healing
Every hand that touches me
One hand is healing
I listen to my body messages
My body, mind and soul are a healthy team
I accept what is best for me
My house is a safe haven
My income is constantly increasing
I have unlimited capacity
Right now I love myself unconditionally
I hug my inner child with love
I learn something new every day
I give up the need to have this situation in my life
I’m good enough
I bring richness and abundance to my life
I trust my inner consciousness
My love is endless
I deserve love
I help create a world where we can easily love each other
I go beyond all limits
I am right
The life I want to have
Right now I want that
Only to see my own glory
This year I have to change
I work on my mind
I know what is going on inside me
I pay attention
I am connected to all life
I open new doors to life.
All the events of my life
They are very suitable for me
I allow others to be themselves.
I am safe in my own world
I like to let go of all my fears
I am in the center of peace
I think positively and speak positively
I am always a very worthy person
I always receive wonderful gifts
All My Relationships
They are wrapped in a circle of love
I’m at peace
I want to give up my need to have such a situation
I let go of the past easily
And I trust the flow of life
I’m very good and I feel great
I am motivated by love
I have the power to make a difference
I leave all the worries of the past
And I forgive myself
I always have the right to choose
I give up my problems and sleep peacefully
There is a solution to every problem
The soul is infinite eternal
My life is full of joy
I live with positive thoughts
I’m here at the right time
I am connected to the higher power
I love and accept myself right now
I am one with all the people on this planet
I am my own unique self
I am naturally a winner
I follow my own inner wisdom
I work in a profession that I really enjoy
I have a very good atmosphere
Each person is a harmonious part of the whole
This world is our paradise on earth
Sentences from the text of the book Thoughts of the Heart
1. Can you imagine how great your life would have been if no one had ever criticized you? Wasn’t it great that you felt comfortable? You woke up in the morning and knew that you were going to have a great day ahead, because everyone loved you and no one was criticizing you or beating you up. In that case, you felt very good. Now you know what to do? You can give yourself that feeling. You can turn the experience of being yourself into the greatest experience you can imagine. You can wake up in the morning and enjoy finding yourself and feel happy that you want to spend another day with you …

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