Title: Pinocchio

Author: Carlo Claudio

Translator: Mehdi Ramezani

Publisher: The Miracle of Science

Subject: Italian tales / fairy tales

Age category: Child

Number of pages: 176

Language: Farsi

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Pinocchio is a classic and fascinating story that will fascinate your family for years to come. The book was also welcomed in the nineteenth century, and parts of it were taught in Italian school curricula.

The book The Adventures of Pinocchio, based on studies by the ondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi and the findings of UNESCO, has been adapted into 240 languages ​​and, therefore, has been included in the list of the most translated books in the world, which shows the importance of the work.

Introducing the book Pinocchio by Carlo Claudio
Carlo Claudio tells the adventurous story of a wooden doll in Pinocchio. An old carpenter named Zepto intends to bring this adventurous wooden doll into the lives of humans to begin his own life story in which, instead of going to school and listening to it, he escapes from his father Zepputo and finds himself dealing with a cat and a cunning fox. …

The playfulness of this wooden doll traps him in the same cat and fox who want to steal his gold coins. But the toys of this wooden boy named Pinocchio are not complete. He gets caught by a giant dog and a scary sea monster that swallows him. Throughout the story, Pinocchio encounters people and characters, each of whom often leads him to tragedy. Can Pinocchio find the right path and become a real boy?

But this wooden doll has a big dream; Pinocchio likes to be a real boy and he works hard in this way. This fascinating and famous story contains important moral lessons for children.

The story of Pinocchio begins when the old carpenter lived in a small village, all of whom were called Zepputo’s father. He had no children and was very lonely. Zepto’s father lived with a cat and a woodpecker and made a living by making wooden objects. By making a wooden doll called Pinocchio, he believes he has a child. When the kind angels realize the old man’s heartfelt wish, he fulfills the old man’s wish by reviving the doll.

After a while, Zepto’s father sends Pinocchio to school like all children. On the way to school, Pinocchio, out of simplicity and cheerfulness, eats the cunning fox and the male cat and goes to watch the tent game. There, a cunning fox sells him to the owner of a toy tent.
Pinocchio is forced to stay with his duckling, Gina, and travels from town to town with them, becoming the star of the tent show; Until he decides to return home and on the way out he is deceived by a cunning fox and loses the coins he had taken from the owner of the tent.

In the forest, he meets a kind fairy. Perry, who had the permission of Zepputo’s father, takes care of Pinocchio for a while and teaches him arithmetic. Once he goes to the city of fools because of playfulness and returns with regret;

When he returns home, he falls into the trap of a cunning fox and a male cat, and many adventures occur, and although he is deceived many times, he still befriends them with simplicity and cheerfulness; Until he finally goes to sea to find Zepputo’s father and finds him in the belly of a whale; And after being saved and ending the journeys, he is finally transformed into a human by a kind fairy.

Carlo Collodi was born in Italy. This book is one of his famous works and writings. The success of Pinocchio’s book, which he wrote to entertain, was such that he is now one of the greatest authors of children’s literature.

In part of the book we read:

At that very moment, someone knocked on the door. “Come on,” said the carpenter, who could not stand.

Immediately a lively old man entered the shop. His name was Zeppetto, but when the local children wanted to make him angry, they called him pudding, because the yellow hat he wore reminded him of a pudding made of corn.

Zeppetto was boiling very quickly and wow if anyone made a pudding sound! He soon became upset and no one could be in front of him.

“Good morning, Master Antonio, what are you doing on the floor?”

“I’m teaching ants the alphabet.”
“Well, not bad with the work you do.”

“Now what is killing you here, Zepto?”

«پاهام. “But honestly, Master Antonio, I came to do you a favor.”

The carpenter got to his knees and replied, “Come on, I’m at your service.”

“I had a thought this morning.”

“Tell us to hear.”

“I thought of making a beautiful wooden doll, one that could dance, play fencing, and jump up and down like a leash. Then I go around the world with this doll and get a piece of bread and a glass of drink. “What do you think?”

“Well done, pudding!” Said the same slow voice from where it was not clear where it was from.

When Zepto heard the pudding sound, his face turned red with rage like a piece of meat, and he asked angrily to the carpenter:

“Why are you insulting me?”
“Who insulted you?”

“You told me pudding!”

“I was not!”

“Do I think I call myself pudding?” “I’m saying you were!”





From the conversations that took place between them, they both got angry and got into fights and fights.

When you slept, Master Antonio had the yellow hat of Zepputo in his hand, and Zepputo had the gray hat of Master Antonio on his teeth.

“Give me my hat,” shouted Master Antonio.

“Give me mine too, and let us be friends again.”

Index of the book

1. A piece of wood that laughed and cried like children
2. Master Cherry forgives a piece of wood
3. Zepto names his doll Pinocchio
4. The crickets blame Pinocchio’s spokesman
5. Bird eggs
6. Pinocchio’s legs become swollen
7. Zepto gives his breakfast to Pinocchio
8. Zepto builds new legs for Pinocchio
9. Pinocchio goes to see a puppet show
10. The dolls make their brother Pinocchio
11. The fireman sneezes and forgives Pinocchio
12. Pinocchio receives five gold coins as a gift
13. Red Crab Inn
14. Pinocchio gets caught by bandits
15. The bandits hang Pinocchio from a tall oak
16. A beautiful little girl saves Pinocchio
17. Pinocchio does not take his medication
18. Pinocchio sees the fox and the cat again
19. Pinocchio loses his money
20. Pinocchio returns to Perry’s house
21. Pinocchio becomes a guard dog
22. Pinocchio catches the thieves
23. Pinocchio flies to the beach
24. Pinocchio finds the fairy again
25. Pinocchio promises Perry to be a good boy
26. Terrible dog
27. The gendarmes arrest Pinocchio
28. Pinocchio survives the danger of frying in a pan
29. Pinocchio returns to Perry’s house
30. Land of Evils
31. Pinocchio has a good five months
32. Pinocchio turns into an ass
33. Pinocchio is trained to work in the circus
34. Swallows a Pinocchio dog
35. Surprising good news
Pinocchio eventually becomes a boy
Introducing Pinocchio: The Story of a Wooden Manikin
Pinocchio: The Story of a Wooden Man by Carlo Claudio tells the famous and adventurous story of a wooden doll that an old man named Zepputo’s father brings into human life, but instead of going to school and listening to him, he escapes from his father. .

The story of Pinocchio begins when an old carpenter named Father Jepto, who had no children, lived in a small village with his cat and woodpecker. He makes a living by making wooden objects. One day, Zepto’s father makes a wooden doll and names it Pinocchio. Despite Pinocchio, Zepputo’s father believes he has another child.

After a while, Zeppetto’s father sends Pinocchio to school like any other child. Pinocchio naively eats the cunning fox on his way to school and goes to the circus with him to watch a marquee show. The evil fox sells him to the show owner in the circus. Pinocchio also stays there with a duckling named Gina.

Pinocchio travels from city to city with the tent team to perform, and gradually becomes the star of the tent show; Until one day he finally decides to return home. On the way, strange things happen to him and he meets the cunning fox again and experiences many other adventures.
Pinocchio, the best work of Carlo Collodi, is also one of the greatest masterpieces of world literature. According to statistics, this work has the largest number of translations into different languages ​​in world literature. This awareness can come as a surprise. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to think that the largest number of translations belongs to a work for children; But it is so, because not only has it been translated into all the languages ​​and dialects of the world, but it has too many translations.

More than seventy different translations in English, more than fifty translations in German, about thirty translations in Chinese, and … So far, there have been between ten and twenty translations of this book in Persian.

The first reason for this number of translations of a work is that Pinocchio is a literary investment that is becoming increasingly valuable. Every new version and every new translation certainly has enough economic justification with this volume of audience.

But the main reason, which is also the basis of the same commercial success, is that “Pinocchio” is not just about children’s literature, but an immortal book with characters who use the old pattern but are full of intimacy and honesty (carpenter and doll, fairy , Giants, whales and donkeys, etc …)
Many generations continue to be inspired by the contradictions of the deepest human bonds: love and nostalgia, social law and rebellion, solidarity and escape, surrender and freedom, anger and forgiveness, the sound of joy and the gloom of sorrow, death and life. This book has different levels of literature for you, such as humor, adventure, educational story, social imagery, moral myth, and much more.

Learn more about Carlo Claudius:
Carlo Claudius was born in Florence to a poor family. His father was a cook and his mother a maid. Carlo had nine brothers and sisters, but only two survived. His father cooked at the house of a Florentine nobleman named Lorenzo Chenori, and Chenuri sent Carlo Claudio to school at his own expense.

He first wrote the story of Pinocchio in a footnote in the Children and Adolescents newspaper. In 1884, Pinocchio was published as an independent book. A book based on peace and friendship, humanity, empathy and fellowship with people, which was interesting and fascinating for everyone.

In part of the book we read:
If you know what happened to me … The day you sold your coat and bought me an alphabet book for me to go to school and study, I ran away from school and went to watch a marquee show. The tent was about to throw me in the fire instead of firewood so that the barbecue would be better grilled. The same man gave me five gold coins to bring and give to you.

On the way I came across a fox and a cat. They took me to the crab inn. When we went to the inn, they ate everything that came their way like hungry wolves. They left me in the middle of the night and fled. I chased them and met the killers on the way. The assassins ran after me. I ran to them, until they caught me and hung me from an oak tree. The kind fairy found me beautiful with blue hair. And sent me a carriage. The doctors came one by one and examined me. Then they said:

If he is not dead, then he is alive.
Then I told a lie. My nose grew so big with the lie that I could not get out of the room. Then we set off with the fox and the cat to go and collect the remaining four coins. Finally, I spent one of the coins in the hotel.

When he saw me, the parrot laughed. I did not get two thousand coins, I lost four coins. When the judge heard my story, he imprisoned me to please the thieves. When I came out of prison, I saw a bunch of grapes. I came to pick grapes when I fell into a trap. The farmer also brought a dog collar and put it around my neck and told me to be the guardian of the chicken and its roosters. But he soon realized that I was innocent. That was when he told me to go and be free.

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