The orange Girl


Title: Orange Girl

Author: Justin Garder

Translator: Elham Afsari

Publisher: Aso

Subject: Norwegian stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 152

Language: Farsi



The Portuguese Girl is another book by Justin Garder that immerses you in the world of philosophy in the form of a romance novel. Justin Gerdr is a professor of philosophy in slang.

This book is the story of a teenager named George, whose father died many years ago during George’s childhood. George receives a letter that his father wrote to George when he was ill.

The father and son communicate at two different times, and in the form of the story of an orange girl, a conversation takes place between them, and the story begins as follows:

“My father passed away eleven years ago. I was not more than four years old at the time, and I never dreamed I would be able to reconnect with him one day. But now we are both going to write a book together. These are the first lines of this book that I bring to paper alone, but soon my father will accompany me. “Because he has more to say.”
The father and son write about love, life and hatred for each other, and George takes a new perspective on life. In this story, George’s father tells of his love for a girl he meets for the first time in the subway.

This girl has a lot of oranges with her and attracts the attention of George’s father.

About the author of The Orange Girl: Justin Garder
Jostein Gaarder was born in 1952 in Norway. He grew up in an educated family and had a great interest in writing since childhood.

He completed his studies in theology, literature and philosophy, and after his marriage, he pursued writing seriously and co-authored several books on philosophy.

Justin taught during these years and published The Secret of the Sheet in 1990. This book is one of the masterpieces of this author; In 53 chapters, Garder tells the story of a boy who travels with his father to look for his mother;

The book was quickly translated into many languages ​​around the world.
For this book, he received the Norwegian Literary Critics’ Award for Best Child and Adolescent Literature and the Literary Award of the Ministry of Science and Culture.

In the year following the publication of The Secret of the Fallen Sheet, Justin Garder published the book The Sufi World, which attracted the attention of adolescents as well as adults. .
“Sophie” is a teenager who is the main character of this book, and from her language we read the evolution of philosophical theories in the form of a sweet and very fascinating story. The book has been translated into about 60 languages ​​so far, and Eric Gustavson made a film of the same name in 1999 based on it.

In the following years, Garder became seriously involved in writing and social activities, and with the help of his wife, Siri Danwig, created the Sophie Prize.

This award is given to people who strive to preserve and develop nature.
In the last two decades, he has published many books, the most recent of which is “The Unreliable Man”, which was published in 2019 and translated into Persian by “Davood Sedighi” and “Azam Kharam”.

There is a difference of opinion in translating Justin Gorder’s name into Persian, and so far his name has been translated into various forms, including Justin Gorder, Justin Garder, Justin Garder and Justin Gorder.

Justin Garder’s writing style
Justin Garder is a writer best known for his prose and narrative style. Called the master of simplification, Gerdr deals with the world of adults in the form of a story in the language of children or adolescents.

He speaks of the enthusiasm of a child who fades into adulthood. He pursues the story in a mysterious and enigmatic way and gives philosophical and fascinating answers to obvious and repetitive topics such as the origin of man and the meaning of life.

He creates exaggerated and unrealistic characters and answers completely real questions in a world that is sometimes humorous.
The audience of his books is interested in the world of literature and philosophy, because he answers philosophical questions in a literary story.

Justin Garder has published many books and won many awards and honors. Most of Justin Gerdr’s books in Iran are also considered by book readers and have high sales.

Norwegian director Eva Dahr made a film of the same name in 2009 based on the story of the Portuguese Girl. This dramatic and romantic film is a love story that, like the book, answers important questions about human existence and life.

Part of the text of the book Orange Girl
“I did not know if I should believe this story or not. One can never be sure that one’s father, mother or grandmother has told the truth, especially when there is a sensitive issue.

But I do not know why eleven years ago no one thought of turning on my father’s computer with which he had written the letters. This is a big puzzle for me.

Of course, they may have tried to do so, but their imagination was not strong enough to decipher it, while computers were not sophisticated at the time and had a maximum of eight letters.

It’s really unbelievable. Then they put my father’s computer in the attic.
I will explain the subject of the father’s computer in more detail later. But now my father has to speak, and I will have my own critique and interpretation in the midst of his career, and at the end I will write a comment on it, and it should be so, because my father asked meaningful and difficult questions in his long and detailed letter, and my answers to He is very important.

I went to my room with a glass of Coca-Cola and my papers and locked the door on myself; Something I had never done … Now I’m trying to go back a few billion years because I have to decide whether or not to live on Earth in a few billion years.

“I now know how this story started and who I will love.”

In this story,
George’s narrator finds out after his father’s death that his father wrote him a letter in which he described how he had met a 19-year-old Portuguese girl on the Frongar subway;

Seeing an orange bag in the hand of an orange girl, he thought of helping her and also the consequences that this had for him (spilling the oranges on the ground).

Meanwhile, the girl calls him Santa Claus and gets off the train at the next stop. After a few weeks, they see each other again in the cafeteria. In one part of the story, the father says:

Who was this supernatural orange girl? How did he know my name? Why does he want to see me after six months? Why do you buy so many oranges? Why was the market so careful about oranges and prevented the seller from picking two similar oranges? Maybe the orange girl had some serious illness. That is why he was given an orange diet.

Maybe in the next six months he would have to be treated in Switzerland or the United States. Something that no one in their country could do …
The Portuguese Girl’s book by Justin Garder is about a teenager named George who lost his father as a child and is now confronted with a letter from his father.

This book, in the form of a romantic and philosophical story, informs you about this mysterious, magical world full of questions and complexities.
The story of The Orange Girl is about a 15-year-old boy who lost his father to an incurable disease years ago when he was only 4 years old, and now comes across a manuscript of him by chance.

His father was an honorable physician and fought hard to survive his illness, but in the end he could not bear it and surrendered to death.

She did not have much time to father her only son, and at any moment death could come to her, and she was very upset about this, so she finally decided to write a long letter to her son to read years later and learn a life lesson from him. Learn.
The Portuguese Girl novel is in fact a philosophical and poetic dialogue between a father and a son who have lived in two different periods. The father tells his son the story of his life and acquaintance with his mistress. After reading these manuscripts, the boy gets a new perspective on lifestyle.

The novel of the Portuguese girl (Jostein Gaarder) creates an atmosphere that raises philosophical questions such as life, death and love in the mind of the audience, the story format which is in the form of a letter and narrates the life of the Portuguese girl in a mysterious way. This work can be turned into a puzzle book.

About the author of The Orange Girl: Justin Garder
Justin Garder, Professor of Philosophy and History of Beliefs, was born in 1952 in Norway. Most of his stories and novels contain philosophical themes and questions.

He has made a name for himself in modern world literature and Western philosophy, and owes much of his fame to The Sufi World, which is a lasting, brilliant and unprecedented work. The Sufi World has been translated into many different languages ​​and millions of copies. Sold, based on this amazing novel, a film has been made and has been very well received;

His other works include The Palace of the Frogs, The Unreliable Man, The Secret of Birth, The Palace in the Pyrenees, Anna’s World in a Mirror in a Riddle, The Orange Girl, and more.

If you are looking for an interesting and amazing novel on the subject of philosophy, this book is highly recommended for you and will meet your expectations as an audience and will be a different experience for you.
The story of the Portuguese girl began in the afternoon when I was standing in front of the National Theater waiting for a bus. It was the late 1970s and late fall.

I still remember thinking about being accepted into medical school; I had a strange feeling.

I was thinking that one day I would become a real doctor and I would have patients who would leave their destiny in my hands. I imagined myself in a white robe behind a large desk talking to my patients … In the meantime, the bus finally arrived, I could see it from a distance.

The story of the Portuguese girl is just a story that the author has used to create a suitable space to ask his philosophical questions with themes such as life, death and love and to challenge the audience.

The story is told in the form of a letter by a father who left life many years ago and, according to his son, lives in another time.
The same story in the form of a letter and, of course, the story of an orange girl in which it is narrated in a mysterious and magical way, have all helped to create the enigmatic atmosphere of the book.

Part of the text of the book Orange Girl
I’m afraid of nights when I’ll never be alive again. I’m very scared… The world is too old. It may be 15 billion years old, yet no one can understand how the universe came to be.

We all live in a great myth that no one knows for sure. Imagine a time when everything was just created and you were on the verge of the myth of life and you had a choice.

You could have been born on this planet for once. But you did not know when to start life, how and for how long? Suppose you only knew that if you decided to come to this world, it would happen when the time came.
You also knew that when time goes by, you have to leave time and everything in it again, and it may be unpleasant for you; “For many people, this myth is so pleasing that tears well up in their eyes when they think about leaving it.”

After reading his father’s letter and answering the question of what choice he would make, George says: “… If I said no to life, it would mean that I would never look up at the sky. Sun! I never set foot on the hot island of Tunzberg and I never experienced cold water diving …
For a moment I understood the concept of nothingness … my stomach twitches and I am very angry. When I think that one day I have to go and get away from here, I get infinitely angry. I feel like an awkward joke. Because first, someone comes and says: Come on! The world is yours and then they come to take it from you …

“Nevertheless, I choose life on the border between being and not being, and I choose the small corner of goodness that I deserve.” Justin Garder was born in 1952 in Norway. He is the author of the famous novel The Sufi World, and before that, he always thought of a simple philosophical text that would benefit his young students.

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