Being happy


Title: It is not enough to be happy; Essays on living

Author: Mark Manson

Translator: Maryam Tabra

Publisher: Milkan

Subject: Quality of life / Nurturing mind / Self-improvement / Aspects of psychology

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 264

Language: Farsi



Being happy : you dont have to be perfect to lead a richer, happier life, written by Mark Manson and translated by Maryam Tabra. The book begins with the story of a man who was always happy but his friend one day finds him in the bathroom drinking cocaine. The author intends to say that being happy and having positive energy is not always the only solution to problems.

It is not enough to be happy about the book
It’s not enough to be happy.

How can emotions help me cope with life, let alone survive, if I am bored when I have to be scared or when I have to get angry?

The book Happiness is Not Enough is not just a guide to being happy, it tells you how to manage your emotions.

To whom do we recommend reading the book “It is not enough to be happy”
We recommend this book to all those who are looking for a wise and happy life.

Part of being happy is not enough
It may seem silly and silly, but what you are likely to realize is that if you have suppressed a feeling in yourself for a long time, it will be unfamiliar and unrecognizable to you when you experience that feeling.

Our goal here is to learn to identify feelings and separate decisions from emotions. This is the difference between “wanting” to punch the other person in the face and doing so. It is unacceptable to do so. The desire to do so is a natural human reaction (sometimes, of course).

When you separate your emotions from your decisions, they often cause you to experience more complexity and depth of emotion. For example, you may feel depressed at times. But if you take a closer look at your depression and take a closer look, you may find that you are angry about what is causing your depression. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Instead of being a depressed idiot lying on the couch and succumbing to the fact that life is meaningless – oh, what exactly is the purpose of life? Do not step back, but get involved.
This is exactly the kind of person who regulates his emotions well. It is not a matter of being happy and having a bubble of satisfaction all the time.

It means identifying the layers of emotions in your being and using them in useful ways. Anger can be turned into action. Discomfort can lead to acceptance. Sin can lead to change, and emotion can motivate.

Life does not mean controlling our emotions. This is impossible. Whether we like it or not, emotions come and go.

Life is the conduction of emotions. Each emotion requires its own skill, such as learning to fight Nanchiko and the samurai stick and sword, which are different fighting skills. Directing your emotions to effective action requires special skills that must be practiced through life experiences to reach a master’s degree.
And when you master all the skills, you become the ninja of emotions that you can adapt to any situation and break down any obstacle that comes your way with one blow. Maybe then you can skate in the sewers and eat a whole pizza.

Do you think Ninja Turtles is just a kid program? Not so. There is a deeper lesson behind it. Each of them represents a master in guiding a set of emotions in life: Rafael Anger, Donatello Curiosity, Leonardo Insecurity, and Michael Angelo Pizza.

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