A feminist discussion before cooking potatoes


Title: A feminist discussion before cooking potatoes

Author: Fatemeh Ekhtesari

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Forbidden, Feminist, Women

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 122 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book A feminist discussion before cooking potatoes
A feminist discussion before cooking potatoes; The title of the collection of poems (postmodern lyric) is Fatemeh Akhtasari, which has been published by Sokhan Gostar. The first edition of this book was published in 2010. After publication, due to the collection and recording of Sokhan Gostar publications in the book fair, its sale and distribution were prevented.

Some of Fatemeh Ekhtsari’s poems;
I still punch you in the head
I’m still tired and more tired than ever
There was no one and there is no one, let me rest
Still spilled a handful of photos, go around
-“that is weird! “So where does my story end ?!”
I’m still waiting like a fairy on the bed,
As soon as half of a razor passed through my hand
I am going through this hell like a nightmare …

About the author:
Fatemeh Ekhtesari (born 1986 in Kashmar) is one of the most prominent postmodern poets in the eighties. She is a PhD student in midwifery and is known as one of the activists in women’s affairs. Her book is “A Feminist Discussion Before Cooking Potatoes”, which was collected from the book fair in 2010.

He has participated in many poetry festivals in recent years and has won awards. Her book also made it to the finals of the third edition of the Sun Award for Women of the Year.
Judging the Postmodern Ghazal Festival in 1986 and selecting the works of the collection “Crying on the Egg Shoulder” are some of his other literary activities. From 1985 to 1988, he was the editor of the postmodern lyric magazine “It was tomorrow”, which was banned in June 2009 and its license revoked.

His blog was filtered by a court order in 2010 and he has been writing in his new blog ever since. Among his activities in the new blog, we can mention the creation of a virtual workshop on poetry and stories, which has been welcomed by young audiences, poets and writers.
In the early eighties, he also worked as a writer and radio announcer, but after a few years, for some reason, he stopped working with this organization. Her articles such as “The Day I Became a Woman”, “Language Tricks in Postmodern Ghazal” and … have been translated into several living languages ​​of the world. His other activities include appearing with Yaghma Golroei and Seyed Mehdi Mousavi in ​​the new album “Shahin Najafi” as a poet and songwriter.

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