Two beats of Baba Tahir


Title: Baba Tahir’s two beats

Author: Baba Taher Eryan

Publisher: Dariush

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 144 p

Language: Farsi

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Baba Taher’s Two Beats is the work of Baba Taher Erian, who is considered one of the great poets of Iran.

Babataher or Babataher Eryan, a mystic, was an Iranian poet. Baba was a nickname given to pious followers and he was naked because of expressing issues openly and naked.

Babataher was naked in Hamedan and his dervish and humble profession, which is the method of mystics, caused him to become isolated and live anonymously, leaving no details of his life. This book comes with a frame. Baba Taher Hamedani known as Sheikh Eryan, a pious old man, a humble dervishes who closed his heart to the truth and combined the purity of love and idol with the solitude of his heart and chose a corner of solitude and was heartbroken by the atmosphere of this mortal world, poet and couplet The end of the fourth century and the beginning of the fifth century… This book was published by Dariush

Tomb of Babataher Eryan in Hamedan
Babataher’s tomb is located in the north of Hamedan and in a square named after him. This tomb was built in 1344 and was rebuilt in 1383. Babataher mausoleum has been rebuilt several times in the past.

In the sixth century AH, it was a brick and octagonal tower. During the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi, another brick building was built instead. During this reconstruction, a turquoise colored tile tablet from the seventh century AH was found, which has an inscription in Kufic script and verses from the Quran, and is now kept in the Museum of Ancient Iran.

The construction of the new building was done in 1344 by the National Works Association and the Municipality of Hamedan at the time and by Engineer Mohsen Foroughi. This historical monument has been registered as a historical and national monument of Iran during the 1780 issue on April 11, 1997. A large green space has been built around the new building

Biography of Baba Taher
Babataher, better known as Babataher Eryan, is an Iranian mystic and poet of Persian descent and couplet belonging to the late fourth and mid-fifth centuries AH, which coincides with the 11th century AD in Iran, who lived during the reign of Tughral Beyk of Seljuk.

As for his name and title, you should know that Baba was a title given to pious followers at that time and he was naked because of his heartbreak of worldly material things. Babataher was originally from Hamedan and his dervish and humble profession, which is the lifestyle of mystics, has caused him to be isolated and to live anonymously, leaving no details of his life.

If you want to know more about this famous Iranian poet, it should be said that accurate information is not available about Babataher’s family, education and life, but according to Ravandi in Raha al-Sadr, he met with Seljuk Tughral in 447 AH and very much He is respected.
Baba Taher in one of his famous couplets has included his year of birth in alphabetical letters, which has been obtained after calculation by Mirza Mehdi Khan Kokab, in the year 326 AH.

But in this regard, Rashid Yasemi, citing the same two bits and pointing to the importance of the number 1000 in most nations, believes that Babataher meant the word A in the year 1000 AD, and as a result of this inference, his year of birth is 390 and 391 (equal to 1000 AD) has been calculated. Finally, after 85 years of life, he died in Hamedan.

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