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Title: Fan Bia Training

Author: Ahmad Halat, Faramarz Kowsari, Hamid Kowsari

Translator: –

Publisher: Spinood

Subject: Speech, lecture

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 264 pages / illustrated

Language Farsi

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The training of technologists is the work of Ahmad Reza Rasouli.

“Words, clothing of thought and art of expression are a subset of social etiquette that play a decisive role in social relations. Expressive, clear, flexible and penetrating voice is a valuable asset and is an indicator of personality, character, literacy, information and many symbols of individuals.

Just as we take care of our dress and grooming, eloquent expression is not only no less important, it is far more important than that. Art of expression has a lot in common with arts such as theater, singing and writing … »These sentences from the book Art of Teaching remind us how influential our art of expression is in our lives and how our choice of words and tone affects people.
The book of teaching the art of expression is a book with the subject of eloquence. This book is one of the series of success books published by Hormozd, which is written for people who have to talk constantly in their daily lives and their work is tied to this feature.

With the passage of time and the pervasiveness of digital communication between people, strong speaking and articulation skills have penetrated the scope of textual content, which is why we see that people have become weaker in their expressions; But we must keep in mind that our world today is a dark and sad world without talking to each other.

In fact, being talkative and good-natured is a valuable skill. Perhaps this is why speech training has become a necessity in today’s world. Like teaching other different arts and techniques. Speech, art and art of expression are the features of Ahmad Reza Rasouli’s book.
This small book starts from the stages of influential rhetoric and analyzes the role of literature and music in rhetoric. The author teaches the reader in simple and understandable language, along with practical tips and exercises, that if we have a strong articulation, we will eventually be able to play a decisive role in our social relationships.

A review of the chapters of the book Teaching Technicians
Chapter One: Rahel Impressive Art
Chapter Two: Confidence
Chapter Three: Dealing with the Audience Chapter Five: Sound
Chapter Four: Lectures
Chapter Five: The Sound
Chapter Six: Sound Production
Chapter 7: Sound Analysis
Chapter 8: General body health and sound health
Chapter 9: Focus
Chapter Ten: The Impact of Sound and Expression
Chapter Eleven: The Role of Literature and Music in the Art of Expression
Why read a book on teaching art of expression?
The book Teaching Art of Speech is a useful book for eloquence with fluent prose that can help you improve your speech and language weaknesses. This book will be a suitable and ideal choice for you if you want to be an influential person in your marital, work and personal relationships and with your expressive skills.

The book of teaching the art of expression is in the category of success and eloquence books.
The textbook is suitable for adults.
The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 188 pages, which by reading it for 20 minutes a day, you can read this book in less than 8 days.
The book of teaching the art of expression is one of the small books. This book is a good choice for people who have less time to read and at the same time want to read a useful book in the field of rhetoric.
In a part of the book, we read:
The real power lies in the fact that by practicing constantly, you can learn not to waste your abilities and focus on one point at a time.

Of course, it is necessary to focus on every activity; Because we both do our job better and enjoy it more. There are many examples; From eating to reading the same book you have now. In speech, too, the voice must be controlled and we must always be aware of what we are saying. The mind must be constantly on the quality of attention. How beautifully one of the compatriot thinkers said:

Pay attention to everything, pay attention to not paying attention; That is, notice that you do not understand. Attention is the biggest enemy of people who want to reach their highest mental abilities. Anything that distracts you from your subject matter is a distraction. Any distraction is harmful. Try to eliminate these distractions. Act real first, then virtual.
For example: seeing an image that distorts your mind; First take it away from your eyes, then remove it from your mind.

In some cases, you may not be able to do this important task, but the goal is to minimize the hassle! Concentration, in other words, “minimizes the factors of distraction.” To get started, you need to keep two things in mind.

A: Concentration of the senses is acquired.
B: The concentration of the senses is relative.
Concentration is also a skill, and in order to acquire it, like any other skill such as weaving or learning a certain sport, we must focus our physical and mental activities; That means a serious effort must be made. The fact is that you can not impress others without focusing on yourself. ….

… Always speak without haste, accurately and concisely, and so clearly that the listener does not need to try too hard to understand what you mean; Value your audience’s time.
If we talk to a person or persons in a hurried tone, we have inevitably led him to this negative situation. Unfortunately, in recent years, with the advent of mobile phones and the development of conversation with this device, hasty speech and hasty tone have become very common, and over time, this expression has become a reprehensible habit for a large percentage of people, which has many side effects.

Paragraph from the book of articulation training
Speaking respectfully is one of the pillars of the art of expression. Never insult an individual or a group. As the saying goes, “Be eloquent, be safe.” Unfortunately, sometimes an irrelevant word occurs. Nabcha leads to the breakdown of kinship and friendship and perennial life or conflict and even injury and murder.

Never hurt the feelings of others and do not fall into the illusion that “the word is my word”. Shame on anyone, even the wrongdoer, is cruel and does not have the desired result. Indirectly draw people’s attention to their mistakes.
Let the party maintain its reputation. Crushing people’s personalities is a great sin. Another disadvantage is the induction of guilt in the audience, which has dire consequences, including depression. Usually, those who do this have ugly intentions, such as taking control of and destroying a person’s personality.

About the author of Fanbiyan Education:
Ahmad Reza Rasouli, translator, writer, researcher, familiar with the vocal and vocal lines, has been teaching the art of expression for many years and believes that the lack of expression is one of the problems of society that we should try to eliminate this anomaly.

On the back cover of the book Teaching Fanbians
Word of thought is a subset of social etiquette that plays a decisive role in social relations. Expressive, clear, flexible and penetrating voice is a valuable asset and is an indicator of personality, character, literacy, information and many symbols of individuals. Just as appearance is important in the life and work of each one of us. The beauty of voice and speech is also very important.

The main purpose of writing this book is to teach “art of expression” in everyday life and those who deal with a lot of words. We all know that man is the only being who has the power to speak and the gift of laughter. These abilities are manifested when they are used in the best and most beautiful way; That is, it becomes an art.
Like teaching other arts and crafts, eloquence, art, and articulation can be taught with determination and through courses including study, practice, attention, thinking, visualization, and so on. Depending on the job position of each person, it is necessary to learn this skill as much as necessary and normal, because being eloquent and good-sounding is a valuable skill. “Someone who wants to change his expression, in his degree, must reconsider his way of thinking …”

Summary of Fanbiyan Education Book
One who wants to change his expression, first of all, must reconsider his way of thinking in order to introduce values ​​to others with strong logic and appropriate and beautiful words, and to carry out his mission well.

Musical instruments are divided into three categories, which are: wind, percussion and string; The human voice is a collection of them and the most perfect instrument of the universe. We should be proud of ourselves and appreciate this blessing.

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