Penguin Island


Title: Penguin Island

Author: Anatole France

Translator: Mohammad Ghazi

Publisher: Amirkabir

Subject: French stories

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi



“Penguin Island” is written by Anatole France in the style of an encyclopedia-like book of 18th- and 19th-century history, dealing with great narratives, heroic mythology, and romantic nationalism.

Introducing the book Penguin Island by Anatole France
This is about a fake island off the northern coast of Europe. The fascinating story of this book begins when a rebellious monk and Christian preacher lands on the island and does not frighten its inhabitants and thinks of it as a kind of pagan society before Christianity.

Here he metaphorically baptizes mostly blind people from the reflection of polar ice and somewhat deaf from the roar of the sea, because he confuses animals with humans.

This creates a problem for God, who normally only allows man to be baptized. After consulting with the saints and theologians in heaven, he solves the problem by transforming baptized birds into human beings and giving spirit to each one.
Thus begins the history of the penguins, and from there on this history is a mirror of France (and Western Europe in general, including the German-speaking regions and the English islands). The narrative begins with the period of migration (the “Dark Ages”), when Germanic tribes were constantly fighting for land.

About the author of The Penguin Island: Anatole France
Anatole France (April 16, 1844 – October 12, 1924) was the pseudonym of Jacques Anatole François Thibaut. His real name is François-Anatole Thibault.

This author has been called the king of French prose. He was born in Paris in 1844 and died in 1924. He was the son of a bookstore named “François”, who took his nickname “France”. He did not continue his education formally and studied in person.

Excerpts from Penguin Island

I remember well when I first heard the name Penguin Island, I thought it was the result of a researcher’s research on these interesting polar birds and a book about bees and termites by Maurice Merling, and when I read the introduction I thought Anatole France intended to write a kind of history about the events of a particular group life in an innovative and new way, but when I read a few pages of the book carefully, the inaccuracies of my previous ideas became apparent and I knew that this book, although history, Ethnic history is not specific, but the true spirit of human history.

I say “spirit of history”, because history is like a living being whose body is made up of the bittersweet events of the universe, but its “spirit” is a set of real causes and subtle connections that form the basis of the events of the time and understanding. It is not an easy task.

Therefore, if we look at the history books, it is often nothing more than quoting the struggles of kings and their conspiracies, which, of course, in many cases are in the hands of friend or foe, and the facts are in the veil of personal interests or animal motives in general. Unknown or distorted.
Penguin Island by Anatole France
The Island of the Penguins is a narrative of the spirit of the history of human life. Although this story depicts the history of the imaginary penguin people, it is not really the history of a particular people and we find the fate of many past and new peoples and civilizations in it.

Historical materialism, which introduces history as a living being in its theories and thoughts, forms the dough and the main stimulus of the author’s scattered thoughts and organizes and organizes his criticisms and protests against the new social order and the bitter events of human life.

A living being whose will in many cases and circumstances is superior to humanity, which is ostensibly its creator and creator, and a hard-hearted god who drives his chariots of victory over the corpses of men and women who stand up against him, a god who The writings of Hegel and Engels came into being and in his speeches Marx introduced his attributes of affirmation and negativity to the world.
The bitter and sweet events of the universe form only the body of this giant creature, but its spirit, according to materialist thinkers, is the set of real causes and obscure connections that form the basis of the events of the time, and Anatole France dissects it and results in Used to design and depict the life of a penguin people.

For this reason, in the present book, the pursuit of wars and clashes of civilizations and battles of past and ancient peoples (as is common in historical books) is avoided and in contrast to a series of common events in human history from the Stone Age (symbolized by polar penguins) to modernism and the Industrial Revolution. It is shown as a flowing river and puts the twists and turns of this long river in front of the reader.

By copying historical sources and mere research studies, the spirit of history can not be achieved, but only its carcass is available to researchers in these sources. They liken beauty to being crocodiles.

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