The Iranian constitutional Revolution


Title: Women’s Semi-Secret Associations in the Constitutional Movement

Author: Janet Afari

Translator: Javad Yousefian

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Women, semi-secret associations, constitutional movement, history of Iran, forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 76 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of sThe Iranian constitutional Revolution  by Janet Afari
The Iranian constitutional Revolution  is the work of Janet Afari and translated by Javad Yousefian; The present dissertation is a research on “semi-secret women’s associations” in the constitutional movement and the course of women’s efforts to obtain their various social, political and cultural rights in Iran. He mentioned the manner in which these associations were involved in the constitutional political and social developments;

It also lists the names of a group of leaders and their beliefs and the achievements of these associations in the field of women’s rights such as suffrage, polygamy, education and other political and social contributions. The book consists of three chapters with the following titles: 1: Pioneers of the women’s movement 2; New lawsuits on women’s rights; 3 Efforts for the right to vote. The final pages of the book are devoted to a list of English sources.

The rare book “Women’s Part-time Associations in the Constitutional Movement” is a work by Janet Afari with a good translation by Dr. Javad Yousefian.

Although Iranian women have historically borne the heavy burden of family and tribal life and have been more diligent than men in the cultural and social dynamics of society, their role has always been ignored. Especially in the political sector and political history, women have not achieved their right even to this day and have been excluded from political decisions. But this gender repression failed at some point in history, and women emerged from humiliation and neglect and played a prominent role, including in the glorious Constitutional Revolution.

During the Iranian constitutional movement, Iranian women, with the power of reason and thought and alongside men, shouted for justice and freedom. It was very difficult to start these uprisings in a patriarchal society and traditional thinking. But the lion of Iranian women, by forming secret and semi-secret organizations and associations, was able to get out of the stagnation and move in the heart of society, inflicting fatal blows on the body of tyranny, petrification and dictatorship. The present book deals with the quantitative and qualitative historical study of this series of women’s struggles.
We recommend studying the book of semi-secret societies of women in the constitutional movement on the one hand to researchers and those interested in historical sociology and on the other hand to researchers and lovers of contemporary history and post-Islamic history of Iran.

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