The Gay Science


Title: Happy Wisdom

Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Translator: Mahboubeh Hajiannejad

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: German philosophy

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 280

Language: Farsi



The Gay Science is a work by Friedrich Nietzsche, first published in 1882. Nietzsche considers this book to be his most personal work. It was in this book that he put forward one of his most important theories and doctrine of eternal return. The book Wisdom of Happiness contains some of Nietzsche’s most valuable contributions to art, ethics, knowledge, truth, mental awareness, and the origins of reason.

Most of this work was written shortly before the creation of the book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” and the audience can, in addition to getting acquainted with Zarathustra, get acquainted with some of the most fascinating philosophical thoughts and poems of Nietzsche. The book Hekmat Shadan is undoubtedly one of the greatest philosophical works in history and is another masterpiece of one of the greatest thinkers of the last two centuries.

Excerpts from the book The Gay Science
Yes, suffering is necessary! That is why we hear the cries of politicians, we witness the countless sorrows and helplessness of all classes, and the false, fabricated and exaggerated calamities, and the blind rush to believe them.

O my kind, my dear kind! I do not know if you can still live “irrationally” and “badly” to the detriment of our species? What could have harmed our species may have been dead to us for thousands of years. Perhaps this is one of those things that no one else has ever done, not even God.
Pursue your best or worst desires or inclinations, and in any case take a step towards your non-existence. In either case, you may have contributed to the progress of humanity in some way, as such you will be considered a benefactor and you will have the right to have admirers. Be … people will make fun of you too! But you will never find anyone who can ridicule you all as a person, even in your best qualities and deeds, someone who can show your truth, your infinite humiliation, poor fly, poor toad !

On this land, where the price of everything may be too high, it becomes expensive to acquire mastery and mastery in any field; If we become a professional man if we fall victim to it: this is the price. But you do not want it to be like this, you want it to be “cheaper” and especially “easier”, am I not right, my dear contemporaries? Very well so be it! But you will have something else:
Instead of a specialist and a teacher, you will have a pen and ink … One who knows himself deeply tries to be clear and transparent. One who likes to look deep in the eyes of the masses tries to be vague. The masses of people think the floor is deep wherever they can see, and they are afraid of drowning.

The Wise Wisdom is one of the most important books of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the influential German philosopher who describes his ideas about truth, science, art, ethics, etc., and many critics consider it a turning point in the views and theories of this thinker.

About the book Hekmat Shadan:
The German-American poet and philosopher Walter Kaufmann says of The Gay Science: “However, it is a complete and independent book and it can be considered a work of art.”

According to many audiences of Nietzsche’s ideas, The Wise Wisdom can be considered the most personal book of all his works; Because he dedicated it to a woman named “Le Salome” who had a delightful effect on him, at a time when Nietzsche was suffering from illness and difficult conditions. The German philosopher also spoke for the first time in the book about the death of God and the idea of ​​eternal return and the will to power, and addressed topics such as art, ethics, knowledge, truth, conscience and logic.
The title of the book also has a historical and poetic background and refers to the way of life of some French poets and poetesses in the past centuries. In fact, the group was formed hundreds of years ago in Toulouse, France, and had a deep belief in love, chivalry, poetry and music, and considered living happily as the best way of life. The members of this group also formed poetry meetings and recited passionate and romantic poems together.

Who is the book of Wisdom Wise suitable for?
Those who are interested in deep philosophical ideas and topics, especially German philosophy, will enjoy listening to this audiobook.

Learn more about Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche:
He was one of the most prominent German cultural critics, sociologists, and philosophers of the late nineteenth century, challenging the foundations of Christianity, traditional ethics, and culture in his work. Friedrich Nietzsche was born in Prussia in 1844 and entered the University of Basel in 1869 as a professor of philosophy. He continued to teach until ten years later, when his health condition no longer allowed Nietzsche to do so.

The famous phrase “God is dead” is one of the main and famous propositions of this philosopher, which he has used many times in the book of Wisdom and such a saying of Zarathustra. Nietzsche’s theories also had a great influence on modern philosophy, and many philosophers, artists, writers, psychologists, etc. were influenced by his ideas.

Some of the most important works of Friedrich Nietzsche are: “Many human beings, the Antichrist, such a saying of Zoroaster, the will to power, the sunset of idols, now man, beyond good and evil and …”

In a part of the book Hekmat Shadan, we read:
After the Buddha died, his shadow was shown for centuries in a cave to scare people; Scary and huge shadows! God is dead, yes! It is human nature to show his shadow in caves again for thousands of years to scare us, and we must overcome this shadow as well.

Beware of the idea that the world is a living thing; In what direction should this world develop? What does it feed on? How does it grow and reproduce? We almost know what organic matter is, and we interpret it as a universal and eternal principle because we see it on the earth’s crust as sub-rare, fresh, and accidental. Just like those who call the world an organism. It’s so disgusting to me. Also beware of the idea that the world is a machine; Certainly this world was not built for a purpose, and we respect the world too much by referring to it as mechanics.

The Gay Science
The world is full of philosophers and thinkers who over time have tried to come up with a worldview and a philosophy that is the best view of the world and applies to more people. One of these thinkers is Friedrich Nietzsche, who is known for books such as Zoroaster. The author’s Happy Wisdom is a book that can share a large part of the author’s worldview with the reader.

Happy Wisdom by Friedrich Nietzsche
“One who does not know how to laugh is the one who does not read my works,” is the phrase with which Nietzsche began his book. The Book of Happy Wisdom is one of the most special works of Friedrich Nietzsche. This book is considered to be the result of six years of his work between 1876 and 1882. The original version of the book consisted of only four books, but Nietzsche later added the fifth book, as well as parts of the preface and appendix. Nietzsche dedicated this book to a woman named Salome. Many of his views can be read in this interesting and readable book, art, philosophy, love and many other fields are explored in this book.

It may be interesting to know that many critics consider this work as a turning point and an evolution in Nietzsche’s works, and some believe that in order to read Nietzsche’s amazing and famous work, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, one must first read the Wisdom of Happiness. The book Hekmat Shadan has many readers all over the world. Jami Publications is the publisher who has published this book with the translation of the famous writers of our country, Jalal Al-Ahmad, Hamed Fooladvand and Saeed Kamran.
List of happy wisdom books
Poetic Introduction: Joke, Trick, and Revenge
first book
Book II
The third book
Book IV
Book Five
Attachment: Songs of the rebellious prince
Why read Friedrich Nietzsche’s Happy Wisdom?
Wisdom is a work of art, a literary book and a philosophy book. This book is full of poetic pieces by the author and at the same time it is very cleverly written. This book is the basis of many of Nietzsche’s later writings, and many thinkers believe that the secret to understanding Nietzsche lies in reading the Wisdom of Happiness, which he himself considers to be his most personal work.

The work is written at the height of the author’s intellectual maturity and takes the reader on a strange mental journey, forcing him to reconsider many aspects of life. Happy Wisdom contains the idea of ​​Nietzsche’s eternal return, which sees creation as a kind of repetition and later says that God is dead. Who is Nietzsche’s book of Zoroaster can also help to better understand the thoughts of this author.

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