The ethology


Title: The ethology

Author: Sara Rezaei

Publisher: Tosaku

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 128 p

Language: Farsi



The ethology is the work of Sara Rezaei. This book says that all aspects of our lives originate from our inner nature. The type of food we eat can have important effects on all parts of our body, including the brain, heart, blood, and so on. Improper diet can greatly affect a person’s mood.

In traditional medicine temperament is actually a combination of 4 elements water. Wind, fire, dirt and air appear in the body. From the combination of these 4 elements, 9 states appear, which we express in order, and in fact, there are 4 main temperaments between them:

1) Hot and dry temperament (biliary)
2) Warm and wet temperament (demo)
3) Dry cold (soda)
4) colder (phlegm)

Introducing the author of the book on temperament by Sara Rezaei:
In this book, the author first defines temperament and finally examines the types and varieties of temperaments. In this book, he discusses interesting ways to treat many diseases, which are mostly due to not knowing the type of temperament and using inappropriate foods for that temperament.

Among the titles of this book are:

Generalities of temperament / What is temperament? / Types of temperament / Recognition of phlegm temperament / Recognition of bile temperament / Recognition of soda temperament / Recognition of tail temperament / Temperament of day and night / Imam Reza (AS) recommendations for the first month of winter / Men and women temperament / Couples Suitable for any temperament / food suitable for your temperament / meaning of temperament temperance / moderators / ways to detect temperament / temperament of different sounds / temperament of different types of smoke and….

Scientific ethology is very broad and extensive.
Which has many applications for the diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental problems.

In fact, the mood of all aspects of our lives is affected by the nature of our body,

The type of food we eat can have very important effects

It affects all parts of our body from the brain and nerves

To have heart, stomach, liver and kidneys, in some types of temperament,

Eating an unhealthy diet can have many consequences.

Types of temperaments
The main temperaments can be classified into nine categories as follows:
1- In some elements of fire, it is more than other elements. These people have a hot and dry temperament, they are called bile.
2- In some elements, the air is more than other elements. These people have a warmer temperament and they are called demos.
3- There is more water in some pillars. These people have a cold and wet temperament, so they are called phlegm.
4- It is more in some soil pillars. These people have a cold and dry temperament, which they call melancholy.
5. In some, these elements are relatively balanced. These people have a moderate temperament.
6- In some elements, fire and air are more than other elements. These people have a hot temper
And are moderately wet and dry.
7- In some elements, air and water are more than other elements. These people are more temperamental and are moderate in terms of heat and cold.
8- In some elements, water and soil are more. These people have a cold temperament and are moderate in terms of wetness and dryness.
9- In some elements of soil and fire is more. These people have a dry temperament
And are mild in terms of heat and cold
Temperament of the hours of the day
Morning: Warm-spring temperament
Noon: hot and dry – summer
Evening: Cold and dry – autumn
Night: Cold chord – winter

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