Treatment of diseases in the traditional way


Title: Treatment of diseases in the traditional way

Author: Azim Mahmoudzadeh Shirazi

Translator: –

Publisher: Aqeel

Subject: Herbs, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Medicine

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 432 p

Language: Farsi



The book of traditional treatment of diseases by the great Mahmoudzadeh Shirazi has been published in 432 pages by Aqeel Publishing.

This book consists of three sections that describe the traditional treatment of diseases.

About the importance of traditional medicine
Traditional medicine is one of the most original sciences in the history of mankind and is as old as the history of mankind. Man has had illness and weakness since he set foot on this earth. The divine prophets have taught and taught the healing of pains and the benefits of things through communication with God through revelation. With the prophecy of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH), the divine religion of God was completed.

With the evolution of religion (according to the words of the Holy Prophet (PBUH): the knowledge of the scholars, the science of religions and the science of the eternal.) The science of medicine was also completed, so much so that many of our medical hadiths have become the main basis of medical treatments. Throughout history, with the emergence of great scholars such as Mr. Razi, Ibn Sina Ibn Battuta, Kharazmi, Azam Khan Hindi and other greats, this science flourished.

Part One:
Chapter One: Basics of Ancient Medicine Comparison of Old and New Medicine of Dezful and Jundishapur

Chapter 2: Local Prescriptions, Medications and Treatments for Common Diseases of the Past

Part II:
Chapter One: Temperaments and Temperaments
Chapter Two: Wind, the nature of wind in the human body
Chapter Three: Herbal Drinks
Chapter 4: Symptoms of diseases in the face and body
Chapter Five: Secrets of Life
Chapter 6: Common Mistakes People Make in Life
Great biography of Mahmoudzadeh Shirazi
Azim Mahmoudzadeh Shirazi was born in 1348. He continued his education until obtaining a master’s degree in psychology and at the same time received a master’s degree in Persian literature. He has been researching since he was a teenager and has created works in the fields of literature, education, history, culture and local folklore. He is a member of the Association of Child and Adolescent Writers and a member of the Association of Traditional Medicine and a member of the Association of Psychology. He is a poet, writer, and researcher. But he has done his best in the field of research and has presented many books and scientific articles.

Managing the artistic field of the Propaganda Organization and organizing literary meetings of poetry and storytelling and publishing the pen quarterly and editing it from 1990 to 1997 are among his works. He has made four short art films in the Young Cinema Association with the names, Handicraft, Memory, Complexities, and One Wheel. After migrating to Tehran from 1997 to 2000, he worked for three years in the Deputy Minister of Education of the Ministry of Education in the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and at the same time in the Central Broadcasting of the Islamic Republic in various sectors, including the social group. And literary and children and adolescents wrote and programmed educational programs.
In 2001, he was selected as a model researcher by the Ministry of Education. In 2003, he became the top candidate of the Third National Congress of Storytellers. He has authored more than forty books, of which thirty have been published by various publishers across the country. has it.

The names of some of his published books are as follows:
1. The symbolic language of nature
2. Etiquette of life
3. Interpretation of Sohrab Sepehri Green Volume 4
. New words
5. Blue Adam story collection
6. Collection of life stories in the cocoon
7. Zahir school children
8. The educational role of symbols
9. Brothers of the Sun.
10. Secrets of success in life
11 Abdal Haq
12. Mood medicine 22. Symptoms of diseases on the face
13. The secret of health with traditional medicine
14. Medication-free treatment
15. Jundishapur Medicine
16. Treatment of diseases in the traditional way
17. Research in the philosophy of life
18. Proverbs of Dezful (under printing)
19. The Secret of Peace (under print)
20. The Necessity of Religion in the Age of Modernity (under publication)

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