Herbal teas


Title: Herbal teas

Author: Sara Rezaei

Publisher: Tosaku

Subject: Herbal teas, teas, properties

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 128 p

Language: Farsi



Herbal teas are the work of Sara Rezaei. Herbal teas can often be good alternatives to chemical treatments. Using herbal teas instead of industrial drinks will help a lot to improve your health. You can use them before meals, after meals and even in the evening at a party.

Iranian scientists such as Abu Rihan and Abu Ali Sina, etc. have written detailed cases about medicinal plants and treatment methods of each of them, which is very useful.
There are divisions that can be used according to the nature of each person and the season in which it is located.
Damnoosh is a kind of drink in which a part of flowers, leaves, roots, stems, seeds, fruit peel and other components of medicinal plants are used dry or fresh. Brewing or taking extract

Herbs are the most common and oldest method of using herbal medicines.

Introducing the author of the book Herbal Teas by Sara Rezaei:
Ms. Rezaei says in this book that although medicinal plants are of natural origin and have less side effects than chemical drugs, but indiscriminate and unscientific consumption of plants can also cause unwanted side effects and even severe poisoning, so the use of medicinal plants should be done with awareness. Be of their properties. In this book, the type of geshas and their healing properties are also examined.

Using natural beverages instead of industrial beverages will help keep your body healthy.

You can have them with you before or after a meal, with food, according to your taste.

Use it to entertain guests or to arrange a different evening meal.

Spring teas (antioxidants), Summer teas (cooling),

Autumn teas (soothing), winter teas (warming) are among these teas.
Iran in terms of climate, geographical location and growth of medicinal plants,

It is one of the best regions in the world.

Plants that have had a special affinity with humans throughout history and their medicinal effects and uses are not hidden from anyone.

Iranian scientists such as Abu Rihan, Ibn Sina, Razi and others,

They have written extensive books on medicinal plants that are of interest to young people today.

A medicinal plant is a plant that has a specific active substance (Active substance)

And be used in the treatment or prevention of disease.

In most communities, when it comes to treating the disease with herbs

The majority of people do not show much interest

And there is talk of the age of technology and space travel

Although modern medicine has made great strides in the field of diagnosis and treatment,

But some side effects are not rare and the reason for this incident was determined from there

Which has been forgotten in harmony with the nature of the intellect and the power of tact.
In traditional Iranian medicine, the balance of six points is considered the reason for human health, one of the most important of which is the climate.

Damnoosh is a kind of drink in which a part of flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds,

Fruit peel or other components of medicinal plants that are soluble in water,

Used dry or fresh.

Brewing or extracting the extract with water is the most common and oldest method of using herbal medicines.
The method of preparation is that first boiling water is poured on the plant that has been crushed properly.

It is then placed in a glass or porcelain container for 3-5 minutes

Sometimes it is mixed and then the liquid is passed through a filter paper or sieve with a fine mesh.

In Iran, in recent years, herbal teas and fruits have been welcomed and consumed by some households.

There are several reasons for this welcome. Some people use these teas for therapeutic benefit.

Some people consume it to diversify their daily drink

And some people use it for a drink because they consider it a stylish drink.

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