Taxi driver


Title: Taxi Driver

Author: Mahmoud Farjami

Translator: –

Publisher: Ney

Subject: Short story, humor

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 112 p

Language Farsi



Taxi Driver by Mahmoud Farjami was first published in 2008. He writes at the beginning of the book: “I do not know when this book will be published or not at all, and therefore I can not speak of a time when I do not know when, but of ‘now’, that is, the winter of the year.” 87 I can say that our society’s public perception of humor is distorted. Today, written satire, and especially our press satire, has become increasingly a factor in ridicule, revenge, and a set of revelatory activities known as “stretching.”

Personally, I have no problem with these things, that is, mocking, taking revenge and scandalizing others, in the form of humor. This may be an important part of the mission of satire in the press, and basically in the field of satire, except with these weapons, we can not go to war on obscenities, abuses and unpopularities that appear every day in politics and society.
But the point is, this is not and should not be the whole function of humor. I do not want to take measures like the adults and categorize the types of humor and humorous writing. I am not in this range and I do not believe in these meters, criteria and classes. But I also know that humor will not have much of a corrective role in society if it only serves to make people laugh at the thoughts and actions of others (others who may deserve it). And on this basis, I think that satire is better and more effective, which, in addition to observing the technical issues of satire, shows bigger and more rooted human flaws.

‌About the author of the book Taxi Driver, Mahmoud Farjami:
Ney Publications has published the book Taxi Driver by Mahmoud Farjami and made it available to those who are interested. Mahmoud Farjami is an Iranian writer, journalist, translator and satirist born on June 25, 1977. He is one of the founders of the “World Association of Persian Comics” and has provided valuable services in the field of Iranian humor. Mahmoud Farjami is the first translator of the book Unconscious in Iran.

He provided the publishers with the first translations of the book, but was unable to obtain permission to publish it. In a strange and interesting move, he posted the translated version of the book for free in cyberspace and asked fans and enthusiasts to pay for a pizza to download the book if they wished. It did not take long for a wide wave of online downloads and payments to begin from the book Unconscious, and in many literary and social circles it was about Unconscious. Finally, after five years of trying, Farjami was able to officially publish the book Unconscious and put it on the market.
Taxi Driver is in the category of short story and comic books.
Taxi Driver Book is suitable for adults.
The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 112 pages, which by reading it for 20 minutes a day, you can read this book in 6 days.
The Taxi Driver book is small in size and will be useful for people who do not have enough time to read long books and want to read a short book on a scientific subject.
‌ In a part of the book, we read about a taxi driver

The taxi driver must be an anthropologist, that is, he will be spontaneous after a while. An anthropologist is someone who understands at a glance who is on his side and what he is doing. The least benefit of being an anthropologist is that one can easily open up and how to warm up and shorten the path. Of course, there are exceptions in everything.

One day I was walking around Azadi when a stylish and pious guy said, “Airport.” I said, “Brother, the airport is four miles away, but I will take you for two tomans.”

It turned out that he meant Imam Khomeini Airport.
I said, “It will be twelve tomans.”

He got on and said, “No problem.”

I said, “Of course they take fifteen tomans.” “I liked your character. I said twelve.”

He took off his sunglasses and said, “My character? What made my character look interesting to you? “Sir?”
“Everything,” I said. For example, as soon as you apply this cologne. Sir, some people ride on the smell of rotten dogs. We are tortured to get them. “Sometimes it gets to the point where, under one pretext, for example, I say the car is broken, I skip the fare and walk them down the road.”

He asked in surprise: “Your Excellency, how did you know in the car what I smell?”

I said, “Decade, sir … we will no longer be taxi drivers if we do not know people from a distance of one kilometer.” شلغمین! “

What you read above was a review of Mahmoud Farjami’s book Taxi Driver.

Taxi driver in three impressions

Impression 1
If you have two thousand tomans of money that you do not know what to do with it, I am ready to give you free advice. It’s a difficult issue and it really needs advice. Two thousand tomans is not so small that you can be careless and give it to a beggar or a traveling chewing gum, for example, and it is not so much that you can even eat a pizza with it. A 2,000-toman sandwich that is more useful not to eat than to eat and host intestinal parasites of people whose waste has been dumped on lettuce that you now eat with a few full sausages! Theater and cinema can not go with two thousand tomans.

With this amount, you can only buy an Irancell credit card and talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend, which is also not recommended at all because there is a potential risk of marriage. If you are married and you are no longer crazy, talk to your spouse for two thousand tomans. Extramarital affairs, which is not recommended at all, especially for single people, earn two thousand tomans!
Buying magazines and newspapers is one of those things. Do you want to pay two thousand tomans to read a lie in the shadow of the relatively absolute freedom that exists, especially in the press, or the harassment of a woman’s aunt who hurts your psyche, or – presumably – read real news and reports about the state of the country to get depressed ?!

That is, when I say I should give you advice, accept that it needs advice. The best thing you can do with two thousand tomans is to go to a reputable bookstore (preferably not) and say:
– Hello… Please give me a taxi driver!

Then when the bookseller looks at you wisely and says this is not an airport taxi station, you look at him wiser and say:
– I mean the book “Taxi Driver” written by Mahmoud Farjami.

Now, either the bookseller of this book weighs 112 humorous pages, which is exactly priced at 2,000 Tomans, or it does not. If you knew that you consulted with someone good because he offered to buy exactly as much money as you and buy the book immediately. If not, smile, tilt your neck, and tell the bookseller:

– I love you Mr. Bookseller… I love you… But it is not customary for you to run a bookstore this big then you do not have a taxi driver… So what are you doing here? چ What are your children doing…

And before the other side of the aisle leads you out, come out and go to the next bookstore. And keep doing this until you get a taxi driver. According to the owner of the book, Taxi Driver: A seeker is a finder, especially if he does not touch his two thousand tomans.
Impression 2
This book has 18 humorous short stories with everyday social topics. In this book, from the story of dealing with thugs and thugs and Kahrizak to the increase of gasoline quotas and the rate of wages of feminist praises and movements and sexual freedom and the $ 120 oil and journalists’ royalties and the removal of three zeros from the national currency.

Of course, these are the tools for criticizing our social behaviors and beliefs. For example, the story in which he refers to the story of Kahrizak and the inhuman treatment of people (criminals) called thugs was written long before Kahrizak came to prominence over crimes against political defendants. But the premise remains: A society in which public opinion not only accepts that the most inhumane acts are being committed against some citizens under the guise of providing security, but also suppresses critics of such behavior, must expect worse consequences.
“Consumption history”, which has become a flurry of languages ​​these days and everyone proudly tries to avoid it, can be a word in the context of “luxury humor”. And it can lead to a conclusion about the father whose father advised him to sit up and talk big wherever he went. In the first assembly, he went to the niche and talked about whales and elephants!

Are we not going to talk about everyday social issues and, more importantly, the bad and awkward habits of our time that are not expired? For example, in another 200 years, if someone reads our writing, he will not come across a topic that we are worried about and he will not have it ?! With this definition, let us throw away the writings of “Consumer History” of Dehkhoda, Aref and Mirzadeh and frame the nonsense of the queen of poets of the Qajar and Safavid courts above our heads. Is not it that Mohammad Ali Shah and Sheikh Fazlullah and Reza Shah are dead and the issue of bread famine and government distribution of opium does not even come to people’s minds, but it is still a beautiful flower and spring is spirited and wine is present and the butler…?
Of course, there is no doubt that many writings have an expiration date and after a while they lose their value, but what determines the value of a writing is not the “subject”, it is the payment method, it is the look. Obaid Zakani writes about a certain judge whose name is not in history except in the same writing of Obaid, but because of Obaid’s deep look, not only does his writing not become worthless over time, but its value is added regardless of who the judge is.

Impression 3
I mean, is it really the custom for me to make so much juggling in exchange for 200 thousand tomans of money (during two checks in the face of Mr. Mahmoud Farjami for the clause of a certain contract for…)? No, God is a lawyer. That you go and buy a book that if you do not buy it will be scarce? All of them have been printed up to 1650, which, considering the 4000 publishers and bookstores we have, does not reach even half a grain of each! (The publisher has just given me his tenth)

This is also from the three implications that I have begged. Not at all…
(It is said that an old man took a piece of cloth to the tailor in early March and said: “Avesta, I brought it now so that you can sew a suit for me until the night of Eid. See Eid night. The electricity went out, my needle broke… You did not have to embroider at all. Give it to me. Understand. I should not have brought it to you from the beginning)

شما You don’t have to buy it at all, give it to me, I shouldn’t have thrown it at you from the beginning!

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