Title: Resurrection of the Dead

Author: Primitive Arabic

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 130 pages

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book of necronomicon
The resurrection of the dead was originally called Necronomicon and was called the “Crazy Book”. His other name, however, is “weak”, written by a man who is called “crazy Arab”.
The author of this primitive Arabic book from the Levant, Abd al-Hazrat, wrote this book in 699 BC, but the dark and sinister knowledge written in the book is about 6,000 years old. Before writing the book by Al
At the end, his dismembered body was found. The cause and manner of his tragic death were never determined. A document from 1487 has been left by a monk named Warmius. According to this writing, he refers to a very dangerous book. This mysterious book impresses the reader greatly.

In another of his writings, Warmius says:
“When I got the translation of the book, I read some of it and immediately burned it because it reveals facts that no one is ready for yet and we still need a lot of time to understand it.” But the translation that the monk Varius claimed was burned in the fire was found again in Prague in 1586, but in the hands of a man who had all been burned.
They were known as witches. Dr. John Dee and his assistant Edward Kelly. According to rumors, the two tried to raise the dead after finding the book.

The book was then donated to the Bodleian Oxford Library by a collector named Elias Ashmol. Two more copies of this book are available in the libraries of the British Museum and the Vatican. A copy of the Bodlin Library necronomicon disappeared in 1934. It is said that Hitler somehow got this book because of his great interest in metaphysics, and after that there is no trace of that version. The copy in the British Museum was removed from the list in 1940 and moved to Anbar, then placed with the Royal Jewels in the Royal Castle Gallery.
What makes this book dangerous is not only the spell and the physical damage, but the facts written in this book are so blatant and cruel that for anyone who reads the book, there is only darkness and a big “nothing” with them. Brings. If a person does not reach the border of insanity after reading this book, he will have to live in complete aimlessness and complete darkness. This book has an age limit.

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