One of us is lying


Title: One of us is lying

Author: Seth Stephener, David Weitz

Translator: Farzaneh Sheikh Eslami

Publisher: Skyline

Subject: English teen stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 320

Language: Farsi



One of us is lying about a mysterious novel by Karen M. McManes is one of the New York Times bestsellers in 2017, which is tied to the story of a murder! It’s murder in high school by a teenager! Who is the killer?

This novel is one of the most famous works of the American author, Karen M. Karen M. McManus has been translated into 37 languages ​​and was nominated for Goodreads’s Best Child and Adolescent Literature Story of 2017.

The story of One of us is lying is about the fate of five school students who are linked to the murder of a reclusive boy named Simon.

Simon has created a program that has caused a great deal of controversy at school and has attracted everyone’s attention.

Two daughters, Branvin and Eddie, and two sons, Nate and Cooper, are the main culprits in the murder.

Each of these characters contrasts with the other in their lifestyle. Branwin is an intelligent and law-abiding girl; Eddie is an attractive and beautiful girl;

The intention is to live a free and criminal life, and Simon is a talented and promising athlete.
Investigations into the crime confirm that the incident was not accidental, and this is the beginning of an amazing and moving adventure that engages the characters of this novel.

When it comes to crime and murder, our minds always turn to adults, and no one wants to accept that a high school student might be able to store enough anger to lead to such an incident.

The novel One of Us Lies may be an exciting, enigmatic, and somewhat detective storyline, but it exposes the vast problems a teenager faces.

The story is told in each chapter in the language of all four students accused of murder.

Throughout the story, we encounter the personal problems of each of them, their hidden secrets, the disclosure of each, and the impact it has on their lives, and we gradually come to terms with them and their concerns as our own.

The mysterious and clever story, as well as the unpredictability of the stories from this book, has an effect that engages you until the end of the book.
کارن ام‌. In this book, McMuans tries to confront the characters of the novel with events that reveal to you the main and hidden nature of their characters.

Revealing the true nature of the people in this story will change their lives forever and put them on an irreversible path.

On the back cover of the book, one of us lies:

A story that proves the true nature of people and lives change forever.

A punishment incident …

Five classmates enter a room to punish …

And only four people come out of it alive …

His death was not accidental. He died Monday; But on Tuesday, he began sending out interesting revelations about four of his classmates, causing all four suspects to be killed.

Are they the toy of a murderer who is still free?

Who is the puppet and who is the puppet?

Everyone has a secret. It is true?

The important thing is how much you want to keep your secrets …

In one part of the book, one of us lies and reads:

Jenny, who rarely speaks, looks at Eddie and says, “Didn’t you hear?” They came here from Michael Powers’ show. “Several people are also being interviewed.”

Suddenly my heart breaks, and Eddie pours out his plate and says, “Oh, how wonderful. I lacked that. “Let Vanessa go and shout everywhere that I am the killer.”

“No one thinks it’s your job,” says Jenny. And he nods at me. “Or you. Or … “and looks at Cooper.

Cooper takes the tray of food in one hand and walks over to Vanessa’s table.

But before that, he notices us and sits in the corner of our table. Sometimes it does;

He sits next to Eddie for a few minutes before eating.

To the extent that he shows Eddie that he has not forgotten him like his other friends, but not so much that Jake gets angry.

I do not know if this shows his love or his fear.

“What’s up?” He asks. And peels the orange. Wearing a formal shirt that looks like hazelnut eyes. He also wears a baseball cap. This inconsistency not only does not make it look bad, but also adds to its attractiveness.

I used to think Cooper was the most attractive high school boy.

It probably still is, but recently I feel it’s not as great as it used to be, and it behaves very cautiously.

Maybe it’s because my taste has changed. “Did you go to interview Michael Powers too?” I joke.

A voice comes from behind me before he can answer. “You have to do this. “Don’t they say you are his killer?”

Leah Jackson is sitting in a chair next to Cooper. Jenny blushed and frowned, but Leah did not notice.

In the novel, one of us lies, we are faced with 5 different characters:

Simon was a depressed man who took his revenge not on them face to face but by stabbing them in the back and revealing the facts of other people’s lives, and he has a secret so great that it has overshadowed the lives of others.

Edline or Eddie, a blond and petite girl who, under the shadow of her boyfriend Jake, has virtually no voice and plays like a puppet in Jake’s hands, and the secret she has in her chest is what is most important to know. Jake terrifies him.

Cooper, a well-known sportsman with a guaranteed future and impressive offers and scholarships for the future of his sport, who carries a scary secret in his chest and, among others, lies to himself and knows that revealing this secret will ruin his future.

Branvin, a smart, talented and prominent girl at school, who has tried to shine instead of her cancer sister and keep her mother and father happy, also carries the heavy burden of a secret that may not only be her future but also their family reputation. Also question.

And finally, Niat, a socially and family-damaged boy with an addicted father and mother who was killed in an accident, and an appearance so attractive that it has robbed the hearts of half of the high school girls.

He also has a dark secret in his chest and if he is exposed, he may be in more trouble than others.

During the revelation of each of these mysteries and the events that follow, the place of rooting for something promising is empty. In the midst of all this ugliness, the birth of something beautiful, such as the strong and lasting friendship that develops between the four, is both obvious and enjoyable.

The book One of Us Lies may not excite you as much as some criminal superheroes, but in the midst of the fever that forms in your body to get through the story, a sweet pleasure runs under your teeth and you will definitely remember its new story.

Sentences from the text of one of us lie

My grandmother has been living with us since we came here from Mississippi five years ago. I wondered why he came here with us.

My grandfather died a few years ago, but my grandmother had many friends and was always warm to the clubs she went to.

But shortly after living here, I realized why he came. Our daily expenses here are almost three times our expenses in Mississippi. And we can not afford them without grandma’s money.

If one day they say I did something to Simon, many will hate me. But there are some who make excuses for me and say that the story does not necessarily end with its latest rumor. In fact, they are right.

No matter. Without answering, I get up and walk to the exit. I have a strange feeling like a combination of restlessness and anger. I need a hobby to distract myself from these issues, but now that I’re not selling drugs, I can no longer find anything specific to do.

I try to be neutral. I was happier than angry that Detective Chang first showed Simon’s site. Because lies were better than reality. But why did Simon want to lie about me?

I have sent him many messages. Not only did he not answer them, but he did not bother to read them. Pretends I do not exist at all. As I myself have believed. who am I?

Sentences from the book One of Us Lies

Branvin, Nate, and Cooper are all talking to teachers.

but I can not. I wish Jake 23 was here. I take my cell phone out of my bag and try to text him, but my hands shake violently. So I call.

It responds very quickly. “Babe?” It is clear from his voice that he is surprised. We do not usually call each other.

So are our friends. Sometimes when I’m with Jake and someone calls him, he jokes, “Which donkey invented calling?” And most of the time his mother is behind the line.

“Jake!”; I can only say one word.

Cooper’s hand around my neck is the only thing holding me back. I can not speak because of the intensity of crying. Cooper takes my cell phone.

“Hello comrade, Coperm. Where are you right now?” He pauses a bit. “Can you come to us?” Yeh … something happened. Eddie is really upset. No no, he’m fine, but … Simon Kellier is very ill.

Take him by ambulance. “We do not know whether it is good or not.” He could not speak correctly. The words melted together; Like ice cream. I can hardly understand his words.

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