Fundamental theory of music


Title: Fundamental Theory of Music

Author: Parviz Mansouri

Translator: –

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Music

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 314 p

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Basic Music Theory
“Fundamental Theory of Music” is the title of a book by the famous musician and critic of Iranian music, “Parviz Mansouri”, which has been reprinted many times. This book is one of the most comprehensive resources available for teaching theoretical music, which was written by one of the greatest teachers of music theory. Parviz Mansouri has been a professor of music conservatories in Tehran for many years and has left over a hundred works in various fields of music such as criticism, education, sociology and harmonics, and the book “Fundamental Theory of Music” It is among his best works. This book succeeded in becoming the book of the year of Iran in the first year of the seventies.

Before beginning the main sections of the book, which consists of twelve chapters, the author provides brief information on the characteristics of sound in terms of its musical direction, and then the first chapter begins with the initial signs of the musical line. In the second to twelfth chapters of the book “Fundamental Theory of Music”, weight and emphasis, step and tonality, distance in two separate sections, rules of notation, carrier and its history, church fashions, weights that are relatively more difficult, completing the line Music and other symbols, chordology and the beginning of harmony are mentioned in practical detail. At the end of each chapter, exercises are provided that help to better learn music theories, and the reader receives the most important points from one of its best teachers by studying “Fundamental Music Theory” and in the most reasonable volume possible.

About the author of the book Basic Music Theory:

Parviz Mansouri (1303-1390) was a teacher of music theory and music critic. His book “Fundamental Theory of Music” is his most famous work, which was selected as the “Book of the Year” in Iran in 1992. Parviz Mansouri was a professor at music conservatories in Tehran for many years and lived in Austria in the years after the revolution. He has published hundreds of articles in the field of music criticism, sociology of music, instrumentation and… in Persian. He died on December 15, 2011 in Vienna.

Excerpts from the book Basic Music Theory

Theory is the summary of experience and practice, knowledge is the multitude of different aspects of reality, the result of examining the internal system of phenomena, and the approach to their regularity; So applying theory is nothing more than taking advantage of past lives and actions. Sometimes theory and practice seem to be in conflict with each other, but this conflict itself is part of the process of life; The two complement each other, as neglect and what in art – ultimately detrimental to the greenness and fertility of the tree of life. The relationship between theory and practice in music is as important as, for example, in physics and mechanics.

A musician who plays the instrument in the traditional way, without knowing the theory of music, is like repairing something that he blindly tries to repair without knowing the mechanics and mathematical calculations and relationships of the components of a car, and in doing so. His tool is nothing but individual observations and learnings. Of course, it is possible to acquire individual skills through trial and error, practice and perseverance; But what drives the speed and depth of learning is the use of theory. Teaching theory, if it is a prelude to practice, in addition to saving learning time, also involves mastering all aspects of the subject matter and enlightenment in practice. In other words, theory makes the process of learning action easier and shorter, and of course, in the light of theory, it no longer seems so difficult and dark.

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