Naked Ape


Title: The Naked Monkey

Author: Desmond Morris

Translator: Mehdi Tajlipour

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Biology, Forbidden, Human

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 160 p

Language: Farsi



“Naked Ape” is the most controversial and widely circulated scientific book after Darwin, the book that shook the world and was translated into 17 languages ​​just three months after its publication, and tens of millions of copies of these two books have been sold worldwide. Is.

Introducing the book Naked Monkey
The original text of this book was first published in October 1967 in London.

The present book is a translation of its French text by Dr. Tajlipour, which was published in 1349.

This book is very rare in Iran.

Learn more about the author of Naked Monkey:
Desmond Morris (born 24 January 1928 in Porton, North Wiltshire) is a popular British zoologist, behaviorist and anthropologist.

He is also known as a surrealist painter, television presenter and popular writer.

He is a famous biologist whose book Naked Monkey has made a lot of noise and is his most famous book.
His books are usually about human biology and critique human beings.

And examines the causes of human existence.

Some of his books have not been licensed for distribution in Iran, so you will have to use the original versions.

Book summary
The leading zoologist in the book “Naked Monkey”, a human animal with a reckless vision. It examines extroverts and reveals the striking similarities between the behavioral patterns of humans and other animals.

And in the next book, The Human Zoo, it gives the author a new and valuable opportunity

To look for the similarities between human and animal behavioral patterns in the specific human condition, ie in captivity.

There are currently 193 species of monkeys and gorillas, 192 of which have hairy bodies. (Statistics are at the time of writing), the wise man HOMO SAPIENS is the only exceptional naked monkey!

Excerpts from the book:
The result of comparing humans with other animal species is the discovery of precise kinships. From the structure of teeth, hands, eyes, and other anatomical traits, we can say that humans are excellent and strange mammals. Took….

Hair loss coincides with the onset of fire. Burning fire at night compensated for the cold and lowered the temperature at night, and this kindling ignited the heat generated by the natural heat of the day, and the cold of the night did not threaten the naked monkey (modern man).

All of Desmond Morris’s books are readable, exceptional and unique. Unfortunately, only 3 of his works have been translated into Shirin Parsi, of which 2 were published only 2 to 2 times, more than 40 years ago and never
They did not get permission to reprint, and one did not receive a publishing license at all and was published online by the translator himself.

The leading zoologist in the book “Naked Monkey”, a human animal with a reckless vision. Examines extroverts and reveals shocking similarities between human and other animal behavior patterns

There are 193 species of monkeys and gorillas today, 192 species of which are covered in hair (statistics from the time of writing), the wise man HOMO SAPIENS is the only exceptional naked ape.

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