How to talk anyone


Title: How to talk to anyone: 92 simple ways to achieve great success in relationships

Author: Lil Lunds

Translator: Mehdi Qaracheh Daghi

Publisher: Mind Pendant

Subject: Communication between persons / sign language

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 304

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book How to talk anyone: 92 little tricks for big success in relationships by Lil Lunds
How to Talk to Anyone in Self-Help and Psychology is written by Lil Lunds, an expert in humanities. In this book, the author tries to provide solutions that make you able to become a talkative and considerate person.

The book How to talk anyone: 92 little tricks for big success in relationshipsHow to Talk to Everyone
The ability to communicate is one of the most important characteristics that distinguish man from other creatures and has led to his development. Few people today are aware of the importance of effective communication. One of the most important aspects of communicating is the ability to speak and talk to different people. From home to work, business partners, etc. What matters is how you talk to different people and align them with yourself to achieve success. In her book, Lil Lunds offers ways to succeed in relationships

About the book How to talk anyone: 92 little tricks for big success in relationships
Maybe you have met people who are highly regarded and respected and have a high level of charisma. Those who speak with confidence in business meetings or gatherings and can get the jobs they want and have best friends and spouses.

Many of these people are not smarter than others and do not have a high degree, but what a miracle makes them so successful and charismatic. In How to Talk to Anyone, Lil Lunds teaches you 92 effective ways to communicate effectively and sincerely with others.

Lil Lunds is an expert in humanities communication sciences and has given many seminars in this field. In his career, he has taught many people how to communicate fruitfully. He has published many books on human communication in various fields.
Lunds did not limit himself to his own experiences in writing solutions. He has tried to analyze the relationships and conversations of successful and popular people in the world, including famous leaders, with their families, friends and colleagues, and finally find a simple and comprehensive model of it. He has read about hundreds of research studies in the field of leadership and has studied many books in this field in order to compile their summaries as simple and practical solutions in his book.

About Lil Lunds, author of How to talk anyone: 92 little tricks for big success in relationships
Lil Lunds, who now lives in New York, is a writer and speaker in the field of human communication sciences, and her international fame is largely due to her expertise in the field of subconscious human communication. He has dedicated his life to helping people communicate in business, society and emotional relationships.

The roots of his interest in working in the field of human communication and helping people in this field can be found in his childhood; When he was practically unable to communicate due to shyness, this continued until university. He has published 10 books in this field, which have been translated into 26 languages.

Translation of the book How to talk to anyone
How to Talk to Everyone has been translated more than 20 times into different languages, including Persian, Russian, German, Chinese and Turkish. This book has been translated into Persian in Iran by various translators, including Mehdi Qaracheh Daghi, and has been published in collaboration with Zandeh Azir Publications.

How is the book How to Talk to Everyone Suitable for Who?
This book can not only help shy people who do not know how to start talking in public and how to communicate with different people, but also for other people who want to improve their communication skills and be able to communicate with colleagues, subordinates, friends and others. It can also be helpful for people to interact with them on a daily basis to speak more confidently and to enjoy being in the community.

In part of the book we read how to talk to anyone
Are their information data correct? Surprisingly yes. Even before you open your lips and say the first word, your substance has penetrated the other person’s brain. The way you look and the way you move make up more than 80% of what others think of you. You do not even need a word.

I have lived and worked in countries where I was not familiar with the language. However, without a word being exchanged, it became clear that my first impression of them was correct. Whenever I meet new colleagues. I can say how friendly they are with me, how confident they are. I understand this only from their movement.
I do not have any special sensory skills. You will realize this too. How? Because before you have a chance to process a logical thought, you get a sixth sense about someone.

Studies show that emotional reactions take on an external form even before the brain can record the reactions. So the moment someone looks at you, they get information that determines the position of your relationship. Bob says that in creating his cartoons, he finds this initial impression.
I asked Bob about writing this book: “If you want to draw someone well, you have to know their intelligence, charisma, attention and interest.” “It’s very simple,” Bob interrupted. I give them a better state. The series that is high. “A smile of trust and confidence and a direct and staring look.” This is a good image of someone who is someone for himself.

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