Bamdad Khomar


Title: Bamdad Khomar

Author: Fataneh Haj Seyed Javadi

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Iranian novel

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 439 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Bamdad Khomar
Bamdad Khomar by Fataneh Haj Seyed Javadi (Parvin) was first published in 1995 and during 10 years more than 300,000 copies were sold and its name was registered as one of the most successful popular novels in the list of popular Iranian novels.
Introducing the book Bamdad Khomar
If you’ve been following the conversations of mothers and grandmothers, you must have heard beautiful love stories from ancient times, fiery love stories that sometimes had a sweet end and sometimes a bitter one. Stories that have become part of our Iranian folk culture. Bamdad Khomar is one of these stories. Although more than two decades have passed since its first publication, it is still one of the best-selling Persian novels.

Synopsis of Bamdad Khomar; Traditional romance
The name of the book Bamdad Khomar refers to its theme. Ms. Haj Seyed Javadi has adapted the name of the book from a verse by Saadi:

“In peace of mind, the lasting suffering of Majvi / The night of wine does not fall in the morning”

What is Bamdad Khomar’s book about?
Bamdad Khomar is the life story of a girl named Mahboubeh, who tells it to her nephew Soodabeh in the last years of her life. Soodabeh, who is widely believed to be very similar to her aunt, is on the verge of an emotional and hasty marriage, according to her parents. They asked Soodabeh to hear her aunt’s story and then decide. Mahboubeh tells her own love story that took place in the first years of Reza Shah’s rule in Iran; The love story of a girl from an educated family to a carpentry student named Rahim. Mahboubeh talks about her insistence on this marriage and narrates what happened to this marriage. In the book Bamdad Khomar, Parvin recounts a simple and familiar narrative and accompanies the reader with his story by describing in detail the feelings, behaviors and encounters of the characters in the novel.

Morning hangover; World fame is a simple Iranian story
Bamdad Khomar also has singers outside of Iran. Susan Baghestani has translated the novel into German. His German translation was well received by German-speaking audiences in the morning and was reprinted several times with an average circulation of 10,000 copies. The Italian translator Anna Walsen translated the hangover into Italian in the morning of 1996, choosing the title “Sodabeh’s Choice” for her translation. There are also Kurdish and Greek translations of this book.

According to Fataneh Hajjasjavadi, during these years, many offers have been made to her to make the film Bamdad Khomar. “Pouran Derakhshandeh” and “Hassan Fathi” are the letters that one day expressed interest in turning this novel into a movie or series. However, Hassan Fathi stated in an interview that he had given up and was doing other things; But he confirmed that the fascinating story of Bamdad Khomar novel gave him the capacity to become a popular Iranian series.

The editor of Haj Seyed Javadi Fataneh is Shahla Arjang. Bamdad Khomar, published by Alborz Publications, has been reprinted 58 times so far.

“Mirage Night” is a response or plagiarism
Bamdad Khomar’s book describes the whole story from Mahboubeh’s point of view. The first person narration of the story has made us look at the events from only one angle and follow the story with popular judgments about all the characters. 75 years after the publication of Bamdad Khomar “Nahid A. Pajhwok has published a novel called “Night of Mirage”, which is exactly the same as Bamdad Khomar’s romance novel, with the difference that it tells the story in the language of the protagonist, Rahim. Pajhwok said that because he thought Bamdad Khomar romance novel was biased and went to the judge unilaterally, he decided to tell the story in the language of the second character and did not intend to copy the book.

Many believe that Bamdad Khomar’s romance novel is a form of defense of patriarchy, and many have read the book’s justifications as baseless. The release of “Night of the Mirage” caused a great deal of controversy in popular literature. Finally, Fataneh Haj Seyed Javadi sued Ms. Pajhwok for plagiarism. Hamid Mossadegh, a well-known Iranian poet and lawyer, defended Ms. Haj Seyed Javadi in this case, and Ms. Pajhwok was eventually convicted. Although the novel “Mirage Night” was not collected from the market, according to Ms. Seyed Javadi, its benefits went to her and Alborz Publications. The novel “Night of Mirage” is still one of the best-selling Persian novels, and the flow of this complaint has probably not been ineffective in its sale.

Fataneh Haj Seyed Javadi, best-selling comic book writer
Fataneh Haj Seyed Javadi known as Parvin was born in 1324 in Kazerun and studied English literature. According to him, he has been interested in writing since childhood, but has never considered writing as a profession. Haj Seyed Javadi married an Isfahani doctor and now lives in Isfahan.

In one of his interviews, Parvin stated that a conversation he had with his wife about “Romeo and Juliet” led him to decide to write Bamdad, and as a result, at the age of fifty, he published his best-selling work. Of course, this luck did not stop him from becoming a prolific writer, and he still chose to write excerpts.
Fataneh Haj Seyed Javadi has also translated the book “Park Gorky” written by “Martin Cruz Smith” into Persian. Another book by this famous but helpless author is “In the Sleep of Privacy”, which was published in 1998. This book is a collection of eight stories with stories that are rooted in the events of the imposed war and the era of holy defense. Although the book was not as popular as Bamdad Khomar, it reached its twelfth edition.

Critique of morning hangovers, controversies and riots
When the hangover dawned, it made a lot of noise in a short time. Najaf Daryabandari, a well-known author and critic, wrote and praised the book. Najaf Daryabandari’s criticism was met with a sharp reaction from the late Houshang Golshiri. The late Golshiri called Daryabandari illiterate and said in an interview that he was happy with the low sales of The Prince of Ehtejab because it shows that The Prince of Ehtejab is a good book. Elsewhere, Iranian translator Bahauddin Khorramshahi said Golshiri’s remarks were out of jealousy.

Perhaps these constant critiques and various conversations about the book did not go unnoticed in its remarkable success. Because it attracted the attention of audiences interested in popular literature, and intellectuals and people accustomed to reading excerpts became curious to read this controversial work.

Some critics and readers of the book consider it patriarchal and believe that it helps maintain values ​​that prevent women from playing an effective role in society. These readers believe that Soodabeh should sit at the foot of her aunt’s sad story to learn a lesson, disrespect for the power of understanding and the right to choose Soodabeh as a human being.
On the other hand, a group of critics have considered this book as an insult to the lower classes of society and believe that Fataneh Haj Seyed Javadi, by placing the daughter of an aristocratic family in front of a carpenter and expressing the bitter consequences of their marriage, equates culture and originality with wealth and aristocracy. . Many simply say that the romantic novel Bamdad Khomar is good for young people, especially young girls, to know that one must be very careful in making a decision such as marriage and that family, cultural and social differences should not be ignored.

Whatever the correct point of view about Haj Seyed Javadi’s best-selling work; Bamdad Khomar’s romantic novel should be called an influential Persian novel that made more people read Persian novels.

We read in a part of the book
I picked up the paper. I applied a clean piece of paper, a small drop of perfume. I do not remember what perfume it was. It was a perfume that my mother gave me. It was French. It was expensive. It was for courtship days. I drew flowers around the paper and painted it. I pulled the ribbon. I drew a nightingale. It may have taken a week or two. I was painting and thinking what to do. My mind told me to stop. But the poor man did not say he knew he had lost. He knew I could not. I wanted to listen to my intellect. I brought myself a thousand reasons and logic. I swore I would not go. But it was as if I was pounding an iron nail into a rock. I knew I was going. I will stone myself to death.

I say something and you hear something. Falling in love with a 15-year-old girl at the time was a tragedy that could have caused bloodshed. Let alone writing a letter. Let alone reject the suitor. fall in love? Does he also love to be a carpenter? That it was Vavila. It is also for the daughter of Basir al-Dawlalam. The thought of it also made the heart move. It cooled the blood. It is as if the water is rising. It is as if blood is falling from the sky instead of rain. It was with the giant horn that I fell and wrote. I finally wrote the wish that weighed on my heart …

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