A girl on the train


Title: Girl on the train

Author: Paula Hawkins

Translator: Fatemeh Abedi

Publisher: Aso

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 336

Language: Farsi



Girl on a Train by Paula Hawkins is a terrifying British novel. The novel topped the New York Times bestseller list at the beginning of its run, breaking the “Harry Potter” sales record to become the best-selling novel of 2015.

The text on the back cover of the book Girl on the Train:
The train passed. I heard a voice behind me and saw Anna coming out of the room. He ran quickly towards us, when he reached his side he knelt down and put his hands on Tom’s throat.

Tom still had a look of fear and pain on his face. I wanted to tell Anna, no, it’s no use, you can no longer help her, but then I realized she was not trying to stop the bleeding. He wanted to be sure. He twisted the spring in the bottle opener and plunged it deeper and deeper into his throat, talking to him quietly all the time. I could not hear what he was saying.

“Girl on the Train” is a crime thriller written by English author Paula Hawkins (1972). This book was one of the most successful books of 2015 and one of the best sellers of this year.

Excerpt from The Girl on the Train
I’m tired and my head is heavy from sleep. I have a bad sleep when I drink. I slept for an hour or two and then the patient woke up; Patient Behavior Myself. If I do not drink anything one day, I will take the heaviest naps at night; A deep anesthesia, and I am not awake in the morning. I sleep and wake up for hours and sometimes all day.

There are only a few people in my car and not very close to me. No one is looking at me, so I lean my head against the window and close my eyes.

The sound of the train brakes wakes me up. We are in front of the danger light. At this time of day and at this time of year, direct sunlight falls behind the houses next to the rails and illuminates them. I almost feel it; The morning I sat at the breakfast table, I read the newspaper and the heat of the sun shone on my face and arms. Tom was sitting across from me. I can feel the smile on my face and blush all over; Like all the times he looked at me so confidently.

I open and close my eyes and Tom is gone. We are still behind the lights. I see Jess by their garden and behind her is a man coming out of the house. The man is holding something; Maybe a cup of coffee. When I look at him, I see that the man is not Jason. The man is taller, thinner and greener. He’s their family friend, either Jess’s brother or Jason’s brother. The man bends over and places the glass on the metal patio table. He is Jason’s cousin who came from Australia and stays here for a few weeks. Maybe he’s Jason’s old friend; His best friend who was also present at their wedding. “Jess walks over to him, takes his hands and rests his head on his shoulders.”

The girl who sits in the corner of the train and quietly looks out at its people is the one who has been able to break the sales and record of the world of contemporary literature. The Girl on the Train is one of Paula Hawkins’ most valuable and enduring works. This book is written in a terrifying and enigmatic genre.

The art of the author is that he was able to combine a criminal adventure with an emotional atmosphere and create a different and effective work. The book was so well-received that it soon found a niche for works such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Sharp Objects, and The Lost Girl. Even Western cinema did not lag behind this competition and made an admirable film with the presence of famous actors.

Even for those who are not interested in crime stories, reading this book means immersing oneself in a foggy and mysterious atmosphere, which can attract any audience with its mental puzzles and play with time. So much so that after reading this book, the train of words and characters of the story will probably be constantly spinning in your mind for a long time, and it will also bring to life a strange and mysterious atmosphere.
In 2015, Paula Hawkins unveiled her latest work, The Girl on the Train. Even Hawkins himself could not have imagined that his book would receive such a glorious public reception. Not only the British, but the whole world was now talking about a girl who had given a new lease of life to mystery and suspense literature.

Paula Hawkins boldly and optimistically traps the audience from the very beginning, with the title of the book: A Girl on a Train. This girl is actually caught in the train of her mind, anxiously circling all the compartments, watching from behind the windows the lives of people who do not see her.

Those who are indifferent to him have their own lives. Everyone looks happy and calm. This girl has to find a way out of the train that does not linger for a moment. There are no destinations or stations. It is the girl herself who must determine the destination and give the right direction to her chaotic and disintegrated life.
Throughout the story, we see the author’s other performances. Not only the content of the book, but also its form is remarkable. The text of this book contains fragments of notes written with a specific date. Just like puzzle pieces that we have to put together to see the full picture of events. The narration of the book is first person.

The author of this book only defines the story without any orientation. He does not distinguish between good and evil. Just like a reliable and knowledgeable narrator, one should sit at the foot of his profession and accompany him. Hawkins’ descriptions in this book are brief and concise. Describing situations and describing events is not boring. It is clear that the author does not insist on exaggeration and goes quickly to the point. In fact, Hawkins was able to use his writing genius to draw the audience into the world of books from the beginning and engage them in the story.

Hawkins played a girl on the train with skill, with time. At the same time, we see the narrative from the perspective of the three female characters in the book, which has created a very attractive point of view. This sometimes causes the boundaries of memories and facts to shift and confuse the audience. However, the author does not hesitate to challenge the reader’s mind.
The characters in Hawkins’ book are not mythical superheroes. They are people of our own kind. Those who are seen in these corners go and come in a hurry. It is as if each one is riding his own train and has no time to stop. Hawkins is one of those ordinary people who has found his hero.

This hero bears no resemblance to the classic and flawless heroes. His existence is full of shortcomings and gaps that have now become one with him. Memories are lost somewhere inside him, to the point that past events have taken a different shape in his mind and he has lost the border between reality and fantasy.

One of the main themes of this book is womanhood and femininity. The three main characters in this book are women who, despite profound differences, unknowingly connect the invisible strands of their lives. Anna, a kind mother and devoted wife; Megan, a beautiful and enchanting woman; And Rachel, the protagonist of the story, longing for what Anna and Megan enjoy.

Meanwhile, a man named Tom is at the center of this relationship. She has impressed the lives of all these women with a reasonable and justified appearance. The concept of “global sisters” can be clearly seen here. Rachel is the one who can, through self-sacrifice and sacrifice, lead to the salvation of her sisters.

Girl on the Train Book Summary
Rachel has a chaotic life. He lost his beloved wife, Tom, due to a psychological crisis, and now lives in the longing of the past, the suspension of today, and the fear of tomorrow. Tom is married to a beautiful woman named Anna and has a child. Rachel can not bear to see such a happy and peaceful family in the house where she died. Anna and Tom are terrified of Rachel because of her unpredictable behavior.

Tom does his best to protect his family and sometimes even treats Rachel cruelly. Rachel, who commutes from train to work every day on the train, finds out that Tom is having an affair with the woman next door, Megan. He tries hard to warn Anna and Megan about total double standards.

But in the end, the one who is accused of harassment, delusion and insanity is none other than Rachel herself. In the meantime, Megan disappears, and this is the height of the book’s excitement and adventure. While searching for Megan, Rachel recalls her vague and disturbing past and reveals many secrets; Secrets that have a great impact on the fate and life of all the characters in the book.

About the author
Paula Hawkins is a British author and a graduate of philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University. Hawkins’ academic knowledge, along with his journalistic work, gave him the power to become a penman and to publish his first book, The Goddess of Money. This book contains small tips and secrets for women to get rich. The book “Amy Silver” by the same author did not have much financial and literary success.

After a while, Hawkins decided to write a profound and lasting book. It was here that six months later, he released a girl on the train. She has been able to combine social issues such as alcoholism and domestic violence against women with emotional relationships and police riddles. The coherence and uniformity of these themes demonstrates Hawkins’s writing genius. The book became the New York Times bestseller at the time of its publication. The Guardian reports that the sale of a girl on the train broke the Da Vinci Code book record and even surpassed that of Harry Potter.

Translation of a girl on the train into Persian
It was not long after the release of The Girl on the Train that translators from different countries became involved, and different translations of this book entered the world of books. This book has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Persian, Russian, etc. A Girl on a Train in Iran has been translated by Mahboubeh Mousavi, Sobhan Fatemi, Ali Ghaneh, Sepideh Sadeghi and Frank Salari.

In the meantime, “Mehraein Akhot” has provided a beautiful and psychological translation of the book. By being faithful to the original text and at the same time keeping the audience in mind, he was able to translate a well-read and fluent book. Like the author, he uses simple and tangible words and phrases that you do not need to spend a lot of time reading each word to read the book. Especially when the story unfolds in the middle and end of the book with speed and excitement, you read and move the book at the same pace as the writer and translator.

In a part of the book, we read about a girl on a train
“One: sadness, two: pleasure, three: a girl …. all three for a girl. I’m stuck on three. I can no longer move. My head is full of sound. My mouth is full of blood. All three for a girl. I hear the sound of crows. They laugh at me. They make fun of me. They swarm like a laying hen. One move, one very bad move. I can see them. They are very black. No, it is not a bird. It’s something else. One is coming. Someone is talking to me.

“Look now, look what you made me do to you.”

The book A Girl in Qatarik is a mystery and crime novel with a modern narrative and the story of three women. Each of these three characters has only a part of the truth that everyone tells us from his own point of view.
The story is cleverly divided between three women whose lives are tragically interconnected. Rachel, Megan and Anna. Rachel is the first character we encounter in the story, she appears on the train on the way home from London. This is her route every day, and the train passes where Rachel and her husband Tom used to live happily, but now she can not bear to look at House No. 23 because Tom shares it with his new wife, Anash. Rachel has cut herself off from everything and turned to alcohol, even though alcoholism puts her in a bad situation; Can not leave it and…

Rachel is the main character in the story, who is a constantly addicted woman and suffers from severe lack of self-confidence. Rather than living in reality, he walks in the imagination and among imaginary people whom only he sees; So much so that he gets involved in the incidents. Incidents that have never happened.

Excerpts from The Girl on the Train
I stuck my head in the train window. I look at houses; I follow them carefully, like following the scenes of a movie. I pay attention to things that others do not pay attention to. I do not think that the owners of these houses have ever looked at it from the angle that I pay attention to the details of the houses. I cross this route twice a day and watch everything several times.

Death by train Death is very bad. I do not know how many people die in a collision with a train every two or three days. I do not know how many of them died by accident and how many people tried to commit suicide.

But I have to do something. All the programs I had. Photography class, cooking class, everything was undecided. I am very useless. Instead of living in real life, I just play the role of a living person. I have to find something I really like. I can not continue this situation. I just do not like being a wife. I do not know how others do this. It has nothing but waiting. Waiting for a man to return from work to come and love you.

Vacuum; I understand it well. I believe that nothing can help you cure it. I found out from the counseling sessions that there are gaps and shortcomings in your life that are permanent. You have to deal with them. Like the root of a tree that copes with the concrete stone around it. You also come to terms with these gaps, you are formed.

I do not sleep well. Not because I drink, but for my nightmares. I dream I am stuck somewhere. I know one way. There is a way to escape. I’ve seen it before, but I can not find my way. I can not shout when he reaches me. I try. I’m out of breath, but there is no sound. Like a man who is dying and struggling for life.
A girl on the train, the best-selling book of 2015 in the world, broke the Harry Potter book record just a few months after its release. This book is not only an exciting and detective novel, but also a psychological trailer, which soon managed to break the record of bestsellers such as Harry Potter and remain at the top. Some consider this novel the second volume of “The Lost Girl”.

The perpetual story of love and failure, this time accompanied by wandering thoughts, leads to a mysterious story. Rachel, an ever-drinking woman, does not value herself; In her view, women are only noticeable in two ways: their physical appearance and their role as mothers. So on this account, he, who has a normal appearance and is infertile, can not be noticed by a man; A gift that, in his opinion, the other women in the story – Anna and Megan – probably enjoy.

More than living in reality, Rachel wanders in fantasy and among imaginary people whom only she sees; So much so that he becomes involved in events; Incidents that have never happened. But what happens when the lives of the women in this story are intertwined? Paula Hawkins did a great job of telling this story; He looks closely at the people around him and at ordinary people. Her story is a modern and polyphonic narrative of the story of three women, which everyone tells us from their own point of view.

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