Raw vegetable cooking


Title: Raw vegetable cooking

Author: Mahnaz Afshar

Publisher: Teymouri

Subject: Cooking, vegetarianism

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 240 pages / illustrated / color

Language: Farsi

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Raw vegetable cooking is the work of Mahnaz Afshar. As the name of this book suggests, cooking is made with natural and fresh ingredients that can be turned into delicious food without heat.

This book, how to prepare a variety of vegetarian foods / vegetable dairy / soups / sauces and desserts, ice cream, and… along with attractive and spectacular images, offers you, dear vegetarians, various trainings that you will enjoy preparing and drinking. Bring it for yourself.

Introduction of the author of raw vegetarian cooking book by Mahnaz Afshar:
In this book, the author quotes scientists and researchers as pointing out that there is an inverse relationship between dietary intake and the development of chronic and deadly diseases such as obesity / coronary artery disease / hypertension / diabetes and.. Vegetarians often have lower incidence and mortality from chronic fatal diseases than non-vegetarians.

Plant sources alone can provide adequate amounts of essential amino acids. This book states that most diseases, including cancer, are caused by the accumulation of toxins in iodine. Carnivores are more likely to get cancer than vegetarians. Too much animal protein disrupts the body’s digestive and excretory systems and reduces the body’s immunity. Exhausts the body, raises cholesterol levels and causes calcium to be expelled from the body.

It has been narrated from Imam Sadegh (AS) that everyone should not eat meat for 40 days and say the call to prayer in his ear, it is like a child who has just been born and his body has been cleansed of toxins and pollutions. This shows how important plant-based ham is.

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