Cold and hot foods


Title: Cold and hot foods

Author: Sara Rezaei

Publisher: Tosaku

Subject: cold and warm

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 128 p

Language: Farsi



The cold and warmth of food is the work of Sara Rezaei.

We humans have a temperament and the need to balance it, on the other hand, many human diseases depend on unwanted sputum and stored in our body
“Poisonous waste” that can be destroyed with these healing plants.
Plants can dilate our arteries and melt fats

And convert to sugar to open the body’s filters, for example in the kidneys.

In part of this book we read: The universe is made up of four pillars: water, fire, wind, and earth.

Each pillar has its own quality, which are:
Humidity, heat, cold and constipation, which are the type and quality of different temperaments and the combination of these four elements and four qualities,

Does not cause mood swings. Four single temperaments include: warmth, cold,

Dry and wet and four mixed temperaments including hot and wet, hot and dry, cold and wet, cold and dry

And the ninth temperament is moderate. People have different natures and temperaments due to differences in physical and mental structure

By nature, these temperaments are moderate. Any imbalance between these temperaments causes disease.

Types of food and drink, living environment, ethics and behavior, tendencies, thoughts and ideas

They all play an important role in maintaining this balance or upsetting this balance….

List of foods by cold and hot
Examples of warmer food (tail – spring)

Dairy: Butter, yogurt extract, fresh local cow’s milk, sheep’s milk

Summer crops: melon, cucumber, cantaloupe, warm

Fruits: figs, grapes, dates, sweet apples, apricots, cherries, pears, bananas, cucumbers, berries, raisins

Roots: horseradish, turmeric, potato, turnip, carrot

Vegetables: clover, radish, horseradish

Cereals: Wheat, beans

Cold and dry food (soda – autumn)

Dairy products: curd, garlic

Fruits: blackberries, raspberries, cherries, caraway, sour pomegranate, cranberries, tamarind, hawthorn, barberry, elm,

Best, Grapefruit, Omani lemon, Orange, Sour, Lemon, Sour apple

Vegetables: sorrel, rhubarb, coriander

About the book Cold and Hot Foods
Research on the hot and cold nature of a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables and various foods. In this first, the qualities of Arba’a and ninth temperament in traditional medicine are introduced and then the characteristics of hot and cold temperaments and their symptoms are stated.
In the same context, the author of the dry, cold and warm properties of some foods, fruits and vegetables such as: cherries, apples, oranges, apricots, Indian stamps, grapes, figs, plums, olives, parsley, pears, sweet and sour lemons, melons Mint, all kinds of nuts and vegetable kernels, legumes, dairy products, plant roots, berries, all kinds of summer fruits, all kinds of meat, all kinds of spices and tea. According to these characteristics and temperament characteristics of different people, he has determined which people can use which group of these foods.

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