Paniz cake and pastry


Title: Paniz cake and pastry

Author: Sara Pura 10

Translator: –

Publisher: Mehregan Ghalam

Subject: Cakes, sweets

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 198 pages / illustrated / color

Language: Farsi

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Paniz Cake and Pastry is the work of Sara Pura 10, published by Publications. This book will be useful for those who are interested in learning how to bake sweets and cakes.

This book includes: teaching how to bake all kinds of sweets and cakes.

Confectionery history:
Confectionery is a food whose main ingredient is sugar or other artificial sugars and is so broad in definition that it can include a variety of chocolates. Other main ingredients in most sweets, in addition to artificial sweeteners, are flour and eggs.

Types of sweets based on their structure and ingredients, sweets have different definitions and different categories for sweets can be arranged based on the structure and ingredients.
The history of confectionery has a long history in contemporary Iranian food culture. Baking sweets for different occasions from birthdays and weddings and ceremonies to parties and dinners and even a friendly evening party and in addition to these daily consumption with a variety of tea and coffee is so important that every region in Iran has its own sweetness . These sweets are usually handed out as souvenirs so much that now all Iranians know that Gharabieh Tabrizi is the most famous sweet in the region of East Azerbaijan and the rhombus and Atabaki sweets are for the Qazvinis.

There are several steps involved in doing this that require confectionery training so that you can ultimately match the result to what you envisioned. Because the texture of different types of cakes and pastries is different, when you are going to make a certain type of pastry, you should not get a texture that bears no resemblance to the pastry you want. Even if all the steps are done correctly, the end result will be clear when you take the pastry tray or cake tin out of the oven.

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