Out of the Maze


Title: Escape from the spiral of liberation path

Author: Spencer Johnson

Translator: Master Aghileh

Publisher: Kalk Zarrin

Subject: Transformation (Psychology)

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 88

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Out of the Maze by Spencer Johnson
Introducing the book Escape from the spiral of liberation path
Spencer Johnson offers an amazing way to continue the fascinating and popular book Who Stole My Cheese in another work called Escape from the Spiral of Liberation Path offers you to walk the path of your goals and adapt to change and change your destiny by reaching your goal This book teaches you how to get out of the fence of problems and enjoy life more. Studying this book will have unique achievements in your life.

Spencer Johnson is the author of the book Escape from the Spiral of Liberation
American author and physicist holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Spencer Johnson, nicknamed the “King of Allegory”, takes complex themes in his books and tells them to his audience in simple and efficient language.

Part of the book Out of the Maze
Long ago, four little creatures lived in a land far away, running around in a maze to find cheese to fill their bellies and make their hearts happy. Two of them were mice named Sniff and Scurry, and the other two were little humans named Hem and Howe.

The maze was in fact a winding and nesting path with many corridors and rooms, some of which contained delicious cheeses and some of which were dark and complex paths that led to nowhere.

One day the four little creatures found their favorite cheese at the end of the aisle at Cheese Station C. After that, they went there every day to enjoy the same delicious cheese.

It did not take long for Hem and Howe to spend their entire lives near Cheese C Station. They did not know where the cheeses came from or who put them there. They just thought that the cheeses would always be there.

And for another day, there was no cheese.
When Sniff and Scurry noticed that the cheese had gone out of place, they went to their right to find a new cheese, but Hem and Howe waited. Their cheese was gone! How was that possible? No one had warned them! This was not fair! This was not supposed to be the case.

Hem and Howe spent several days in grief.

Victor Emile Frankel (born 26 March 1905 / died 2 September 1997) was an Austrian psychiatrist, neurologist and inventor of logotherapy. His most famous book, Man in Search of Meaning, chronicles his experiences in Nazi Germany concentration camps, during which he discusses the importance of the meaning of life for man in the most difficult conditions.

Victor Frankl was born in Vienna. In high school, he studied the views of natural philosophers. During this period he became acquainted with psychoanalysis. Frankl began corresponding with Freud at the age of 16 and sent him one of his manuscripts in the field of psychoanalysis, which was published three years later in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis.
Frankl met Freud a year later, but over time his theoretical tendencies became closer to Adler’s views. In 1925 he published an article in the International Journal of Individual Psychology, focusing on the concepts of meaning and value, examining the differences between philosophy and psychology.

Between 1930 and 1938, Frankl worked at the Vienna Psychiatric Hospital as the head of the Women’s Suicide Unit, and in 1938, when Germany invaded Austria, she worked privately as a psychologist. The doctor had started.

In 1949 he received his doctorate in psychiatry. He also received honorary doctorates from 120 universities around the world. Frankl was imprisoned by the Nazis from 1942 to 1945 for his Jewishness, first in Auschwitz and then in the Dachau concentration camp.
His experiences in these camps led to the founding of a new school of psychology called semantic therapy or logotherapy. After the end of World War II, he became the director of the Department of Hospital Neurology in Vienna and became a professor at the University in the field of neuroscience and psychiatry. From 1970 to 1973 he was a professor at the International University of San Diego, and his theory of semantics has many followers among psychologists and psychiatrists. Frankel died in Vienna in September 1997 at the age of 92.

About the book
A literary translation for the word logotherapy or treatment through meaning, this interpretation evokes a kind of religious context that does not necessarily exist in logotherapy. In any case, logotherapy is a meaning-based psychotherapy.
The concept of meaning therapy is the opposite of the traditional interpretation of psychotherapy.

In traditional psychotherapy, the patient is not treated like a human being, a creature who is always in search of meaning, and in fact the search for meaning and its value aspect, which is very obvious in human beings, is not taken seriously.
Self-transcendence not only means striving to realize oneself, but also means finding another human being to love.

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