One plus one


Title: One plus one

Author: Jojo Moyes

Translators: Samaneh Taherpour; Morteza Hassanvand

Publisher: Aso

Subject: English stories – 20th century

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 540

Language: Farsi



One plus one is the third book of Jojo Moyes, which has been made available to the interested people by Amout Publications. Jojo Moyes became famous in Iran with my two books Before You and After You.

Comments from some of the newspapers and magazines on the back of the book:
A compelling novel about a love affair that I enjoyed reading. The Daily Mail
Impressive with many ups and downs that sometimes made you laugh out loud. – Sunday Express newspaper
An inspiring and exciting story in affirmation of life that you will read non-stop. – Heath Magazine
Amazing story, frank, real and sad in its best form. – Marie Claire Cultural Magazine
Book Summary One Plus One
The book tells the life story of Jessica Thomas. The only woman who runs a strange family.

His daughter loves math and hates lipstick, yet the family boy loves makeup!

Jessica cleans houses and works in a cafe by the sea.

She does her best to make a good life for her children without her husband.

On the other hand we have the story of Ed Nicholas. A successful and wealthy man who makes a big mistake during an incident and is forced to leave his job for a while and live in his villa by the sea.

The story goes on as the two collide, and this is just the beginning of the book’s adventures.
Ed Nicholas does not want to help anyone and Jessica Thomas does not want anyone to help her, but…

Book One Plus One is narrated in a omniscient manner and focuses on one character in each chapter.

This book is a social novel. A book that addresses the problems and concerns of different segments of society.

The plight of a poor family shows how they strive to survive and thrive. On the contrary, it refers to the problems of the rich.

What surprised me the most was the resemblance of this book to my book before you.

A list of these similarities:
The main role in both books is a woman.
In both books, the woman in the story has a low standard of living.
The men in the story are rich in both books, but they run into a big problem.
In both books, the man is influenced by the woman.
In both books, the author conveys the message that rich people do not have a happy life despite their well-being.
The point I want to make is that the author in both books, I Before You and One Plus One, has almost a consistent message for the audience. And it conveys this constant message to the audience in different stories.

Excerpts from the text of the book One Plus One
No one thanks you for the bad news you brought him.

Jess sometimes fantasized about how she would become a mother if she did not have to be at work all the time.

She made cakes for the children and let them lick the bowl.

He smiled more. He sat on the couch and talked to them.

When the children were sitting at the kitchen table doing their homework, he would stand by them, answer their problems, and help them get the highest grade possible.

Jess’s grandmother always said that the key to a happy life is a poor memory.

In fact, he had said this before he suffered from dementia, but Jess had taken the point.

Everyone thinks about money. Even the rich.
Yeah. The difference is that the rich think about money in order to make more money from it.

If someone like me has it all, think about money, how to spend another week.

The first rule of the club of happy and carefree people is that there is no club at all.

The point is, when you’re going to beat someone all the time, the result is that the person no longer listens to your wise words.

Jess remembered the kind words she had said a few weeks ago. “One lives only once.”
He remembered that he had replied to Nikki that this was just an excuse given by fools to do whatever they wanted, without thinking about the consequences.

I came to this conclusion while I was in the bathroom. All these years, I told the kids nonsense what kind of person others should see them.

If they do not make mistakes and go the right way, they will not have any problems. Do not steal, do not lie.

Be right. Nature treats you well. Well, that’s all nonsense, isn’t it? Others do not think so.

No one can be forced to stay. Why should you cling to someone who does not want you.

Life is a set of obstacles that just have to be overcome.
No one is supposed to be happy in this world, happiness is not anyone’s right.

When people are short of space, they do stupid things and make instant decisions.

A Review of the Romance Novel One Plus One, by Jojo Moyes

Sometimes the field becomes so narrow for a person that he is forced to make a strange decision in life.

If a person deliberately makes a wrong decision, his mind is constantly looking for a correct and logical justification for this decision.

Eventually, when he sees the consequences of his mistake, he tries his best to make up for it.
But who can handle all the problems alone without the help and support of others?

It has always been said that one hand does not have a voice. Jojo Moyes also talks about love and friendship to make up for mistakes in the amazing novel “One Plus One”.

The long and romantic novel “One Plus One” is narrated in 40 parts as a omniscient.
One plus is the life story of a single, unsupported 27-year-old mother named Jessica Thomas, who works hard twice to support her family.

His wife Marty left Jess with his daughter and son two years ago.

Jess tries her best to support her daughter Tanzi and her son-in-law Nikki, with whom she lives and behaves strangely, with a meager income as a housekeeper by the sea and work in a cafe. Take care.

Jess always smiles and believes that everything will work out.
But when he realizes that his daughter Tanzi has to go to another city for math competitions and they need money, the situation becomes more difficult.
He is struggling financially and is still trying his best not to back down.

But there are things in life that cannot be solved on their own, and no one in life has taught Jess that there is nothing wrong with asking others.

With the acquaintance of “Jessica” and “Ed Nicholas”, the story takes on a different color and smell and everything changes.

Nicholas is a successful and wealthy man who regrets making a big mistake in the past and has decided to make up for it.
He has been at the beach for a while to rest and think, and now it is Jessica’s employer who decides to accompany Jessica during an adventure.
They embark on a road trip to bring Tanzi closer to competition and academic success.

But can Jessica and Ed Nicholas help each other out on this journey?

About the Author of Book One Plus One: Jojo Moyes; A prolific and popular writer
Jojo Moyes is a 50-year-old English writer born in 1969.

Moyes studied journalism at the University of London and has been a journalist for about 12 years.

Moyes has been writing novels in earnest since 2002 with the publication of Rain Shelter, and has published more than a dozen romance novels, most of which have been on the bestseller list.

Jojo Moyes novels have been translated into many languages ​​around the world and are popular among lovers of modern romance.

The novel that made Moyes the most famous and successful in the world was the romance novel “I am before you” which was published in 2012, this novel quickly topped the New York Times bestsellers and formed an enthusiastic wave among young people to read. Other works became raisins.

After 2012 and the good sales of “I Am Before You”, the market for raisin books became hot, and since then he has published a new story almost every year.
The book “One Plus One” is the twelfth novel of Moyes, which was published in 2014, and with its good reception and sales, it became one of the happy works of Moyes.

This book has the same style and story of his previous love and sad stories, but with the difference that this time most of the story takes place on a road trip.

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