Maulana Mohammad Baqir Mir Hosseini


Title: Maulana Mohammad Baqir Mir Hosseini (Mirdamad Kabir)

Author: Fenderski

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: magic, jumble, forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 370 p

Language: Farsi



Mirdamad Kabir is one of the old books on alien sciences and techniques, conquests, endings, summoning jinns and humans, opening work, fortune-telling, seeking a child for sustenance, selling and possessions, conquest and victory, and invalidating spells and magic. .

Professor Mir Burhanuddin Mohammad Astarabadi known as “Mir Damad”: He was born in Najafabad, Isfahan province and was born in Astarabad. The local army is educated in Qazvin. In 988, he went to Mashhad for pilgrimage in Qazvin and was assigned to the duties of wisdom and jurisprudence, where he became acquainted with science and the West.
And with a group of scholars, sages and mystics, they benefited from the blessed presence of Mirdamad, and each of them was considered a great scholar in his time, including: Mulla Sadra, Mullah Abdul Razzaq Lahiji, Shams al-Din Gilani known as Mullah Shamsa, Sultan al-Ulama, Shams Al-Din Eshkevari, Mir Fazlullah Astarabadi, Mullah Khalil Qazi Qazvini were present.

Who is Mirdamad Kabir recommended for:
This book deals with how to pray and practice magic. If you are interested in these things, this book is recommended for you

Mirdamad Kabir was educated in: Toos, Isfahan, Kashan. ا
Mirdamad masters:
Abdul Ali bin Ali bin Abdul Ali Karki
Sheikh Izz al-Din Hussein bin Abdul Samad Ameli
Sayyid Nur al-Din Ali ibn al-Hussein Mousavi Ameli
Ali Ibn Abi Al-Hassan Ameli
Tajuddin Hussein Saed bin Shamsuddin Tusi
Mir Fakhreddin Mohammad Hosseini Samak Astarabadi
Mirdamad Kabir’s students are:
Mr. Hossein Khonsari
Sadruddin Mohammad Shirazi
Hakim Qutbuddin Lahiji
Sayed Ahmad Alavi Ameli
Mullah Khalil Qazvini
Master Mirdamad was born in 969 and died in 1040, and is buried in the shrine of Ali ibn Abi Talib.

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