Inorganic creatures


Title: Inorganic Creatures

Author: Mohammad Ali Taheri

Publisher: Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 102 p

Language: Farsi



Inorganic creatures is a title that is widely used by Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri, the leader of the deviant movement of the circle. He has substituted this name for the title of jinn. Genie is a name that many people are afraid of, and whenever we talk about jinn, according to an old misconception, they tremble. This is the reason why Taheri changed the title of jinn to inorganic creatures to solve this problem, because his work is with jinn and he acts and treats through these creatures.

Genie is one of the most important tools of ring deflection that is used everywhere. But the word genie makes the audience run away. The solution is to change the title. Mr. Taheri has written a book entitled Inorganic Creatures and has tried to make the face of the jinn look good. In this book, he only claims and does not provide any evidence for his words.
In this book, Taheri divides his inorganic beings into two main groups called “jinn” and “mental body”, calling the first group Group A and the second group Group B. In this book, he claims that many of the problems and diseases of humans are the result of the intervention of these creatures in the external (social) and internal affairs (cell and body management activities, worldview and individual decisions) of their lives. Accordingly, in this book, he introduced non-organic creatures so that people would be aware of them and be able to take care of themselves.

In the first part of his book, he examines the inorganic creatures of group “A” and includes the devil in this group. He believes that the jinn, of which Satan is a part, are a group of divine agents, each of whom can carry out and carry out a special mission in the universe according to his own will. Therefore, it can be said that they have a specific role and mission as angels in the system of existence and are one of the factors of human maturity and experimentation that play a role in this mission.
The author has polarized the world and highlighted the role of angels in creating this bipolar world. If the bipolar world is a meaningless concept and basically such a thing has no external reality. Rather, the world has an absolute pole, and that is God, and other beings, as His creatures, move or do not move in the path of God according to their will. The devil also acts as a creature based on his authority. It has nothing to do with a bipolar world.

Mr. Taheri’s idea is that the devil has created the other pole of the universe and is a power alongside the power of God that plays a role. And acts according to its mission. Taheri tries to justify the devil by not prostrating and acquitting him of his mistake. And this, of course, is an attempt against the Qur’an. He tries not only to deny the act of Satan, which God has condemned in the Qur’an, but also to introduce him as the only unifier of the universe.

God created man and placed him on the ups and downs of the universe to return to him with maturity and perfection. In the face of various factors of divine tests, he needs knowledge. Because of the lack of understanding and knowledge about them, he suffers damage that affects even the generations after him.

One group of these factors, which despite being closely related to human life, have been less identified so far, are the creatures that are referred to in this book as “inorganic creatures”.

Today, widespread damage caused by the penetration of inorganic organisms in the mental system of individuals has led to an epidemic of mental illness around the world, and due to public ignorance about these pathogens and, consequently, the lack of health necessary for Prevention and elimination of pollution to them is increasing.
The present book contains related and coherent theories about creatures that have been tested for more than three decades and it is hoped that after conducting more complete research in scientific centers, it will solve most of the human problems. And by creating the right insight, prevent many mistakes that endanger earthly and heavenly life in individual and social affairs. Therefore, in this text, the following goals are pursued:

1- Familiarity with the role of inorganic organisms and prevention of disorders caused by them
2- Increasing the motivation for living a right and perfectionist life and avoiding any interaction with these creatures
3- Paying attention to the teachings of the divine religions
And in the next volume, which includes supplementary discussions, the solution to free from the captivity of inorganic organisms and the treatment of diseases caused by them will be presented for research and benefit of medical communities (especially psychiatrists).

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