In Praise Of Love


Title: In Praise of Love; Alan Badiou in an interview with Nicholas Trung

Author: Alan Badio

Translator: Forouzandeh Dolatyari

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Love

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 64

Language: Farsi



The book In Praise of Love was published in 2012 under the title “In Praise of Love”. In this book, Alain Badiou defends the category of love and explains to the audience that he should never be afraid of his love and look at love as an adventure in life. Slowly

The book Praise of Love is a song by philosophers such as Aristotle, who believe that if one does not consider love as a starting point, one will never understand the nature of philosophy.

Introducing the book In Praise of Love
“In Praise of Love” by Alain Badiou (1937) is a French philosopher. This book contains the thoughts and ideas of Alain Badiou, who presented them in an interview with Nicholas Trung. Badiou believes that a philosopher should be a first-rate scientist, a novice poet, and a political activist, but he must also acknowledge that the realm of thought is never immune to the relentless and violent attacks of love. The book was first published in 2012 and is Badiou’s fiery and passionate treatise on defense of love.

In this book, Badiou appeals to thinkers from Kierkegaard and de Beauvoir to Proust and Lacan, urging the audience not to be afraid of love, but to see it as a glorious adventure that ultimately frees him from obsession. Threatened love, philosophers and love, making love, the truth of love, love and politics, love and art and ending, are the titles of the different sections of this book. In part, we read: “I believe that love is really what I call, in my philosophical terms, the ‘practice of truth,’ that is, the experience by which a kind of truth is constructed. This truth is without a doubt a truth about “two”: a truth that arises from the very essence of difference.
And I think love – that’s what I call “scene two” – is that experience. In this sense, the whole of love that accepts the challenge is committed to perseverance, and by accepting the experience of the world from the perspective of difference, creates in its path a new truth about difference.

This is because true love is always interesting to all of humanity, no matter how hidden and seemingly insignificant it may seem. We know how people give up reading love stories! The philosopher must ask why this happens? Why are there so many movies, novels and songs that are completely dedicated to love stories? “There must be something universal about love that attracts the interest and attention of such a large audience to these stories …”.
Alain Badiou is a French writer, philosopher, playwright and political activist of the twentieth century. He has tried to define various concepts such as subject, truth and existence based on mathematics. He believes that a philosopher should be a capable scientist, a friendly poet and a political activist. And philosophy needs internships for both men and women.

In this book we read…
What is the relationship between love and politics? Is politics also about events, announcements and loyalty?

In my view, politics constitutes a procedure of truth, but a procedure that focuses on the body, and I mean that the political act of truth tests what the collective sphere is capable of achieving. For example, can this be receptive to equality? Can what is heterogeneous be integrated? Can he accept that there is only one world? Things like that. The essence of politics can be summed up as follows: What are people capable of when meeting, organizing, thinking and making decisions? In love, it is about two people who are able to handle the difference and create it.

In politics, it is about finding out if a number of people, in fact a mass of people, can create equality. And just as the family is on the level of love to make its impact social. At the political level there is a practical and collective way of thinking through the mediation of power with the state as a tool to manage and regulate it, and the category of love with arbitrary innovation of the two and the family as the basic unit of property and selfishness.
“No casualties” and “no risk” love is the first threat that the author of this book calls the threat of “security” for love, and the opposite point is the denial of the importance of love. Because it is thought that love is merely a kind of limitless hedonism and a wide range of possible pleasures. If you are well-trained for love and follow modern security standards, it will not be difficult for you to end relationships with people who are not right for you.

In The Praise of Love, Alain Badiou, the famous French philosopher, fiercely defends love, and by appealing to eminent thinkers from Kierkegaard and Simone de Beauvoir to Marcel Proust and Jean Lacan, he persuades us not to be afraid of love. See it as a glorious adventure that ultimately frees us from obsession with ourselves. “Praise of Love” is the poem of a philosopher who, like Plato and quotes him, thinks: “One who does not start with love will never understand the nature of philosophy.”

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