How to Expand Love


Title: Never Love Life; Let love replace love with love and friendship

Author: Dalai Lama

Translator: Mohammad Reza Habibi

Publisher: Your works

Subject: Love / Compassion / Spiritual Life – Buddhism

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 176

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book How to Expand Love: Widening the Circle of Loving Relationships by the Dalai Lama
Life without love, never,  a beautiful and fascinating book by the Dalai Lama, published by Barat. Excerpts from Life Without Love, Never: The Dalai Lama is a title given to a Buddhist religious leader. At present, this title is given to Tanzin Guyano. Born in 1935, the Dalai Lama is a high-ranking Lama in the Yellow Hat of the Tibetan Buddha. This Turkish name is derived from the word China and Mongolia (Dalai Lama) meaning “ocean” and the word Tibetibla_ma (with “silent” B) meaning “senior priest”. For certain periods between the seventeenth century and 1959, the Dalai Lama sometimes led the government of proportion … The book Loveless Life never comes with a special discount.

How to Expand Love: Widening the Circle of Loving Relationships by the Dalai Lama

Excerpt from the book Never Without Love:
Ending Suffering Even if we are lucky people, we will not live more than a hundred years or a little longer. Life is not about moving from one life to another in the future. Limitation of life means that physical qualities such as strength and agility are limited.

It is important to work on qualities that are unlimited and valuable beyond this life. These pure qualities, which are obtained through mental contemplation, are able to enrich this life as well. In our opinion, mental training and exercise can be summarized in two sentences: if you have the ability, you should help others, if you do not have wealth, at least do not harm others. Both of these sentences are based on love and self-sacrifice.

The first step is to control the tendency to hurt others and to voluntarily avoid harassing expressive and physical actions. The most important physical acts of contamination are murder, robbery, and sexual misconduct, and the most important acts of contaminated speech are lying, hypocrisy, vulgarity, and nonsense. Greed is the intention to harm others and wrong views.
These few things cause suffering for themselves and others. Murder means ending the life of a living being, either by your own actions or by forcing others to do so. Sometimes killing is rooted in need, as well as killing the animal because we use its meat. Sometimes murder comes from enmity, such as revenge, or it may be caused by class differences, such as thinking that animal sacrifice is beneficial.

Each of us has the ability to participate in murder. As long as greed, hatred, love, jealousy and negligence are present, crime is also possible. Robbery basically involves stealing someone’s property by cheating and cheating (like a shopkeeper abuses inaccurate weights to weigh goods) – or forcibly taking someone’s property to strip people naked) and Or act through theft. The main motive for sexual misconduct stems from the desire to have sex with someone who is not like us, such as adultery or rape.

About the Dalai Lama, author of Never Loveless Life:
The Dalai Lama is the nickname given to the Tibetan Buddhist religious leader. The title is now given to Tanzin Giyatsu. Born in 1935, the Dalai Lama is a high-ranking Lama in the Glug or “Yellow Hat” branch of Tibetan Buddhism. The name is a combination of the Chinese and Mongolian words (Dalai Lama) meaning “ocean” and the Tibetan word Bella-Ma (with the silent “B”) meaning “senior priest”. From the 17th century until 1959, the Dalai Lama was the head of the Tibetan government and ruled over a large part of the land from his residence in Potala Palace in Lhasa. For the Dalai Lama, the title “Holy Prophet” is often used before.

Followers of the Dalai Lama believe that the Awakening (Budasf) of affection, called the Ulukitswara, regenerates like all living things, and that the Dalai Lama is the awakening of affection in a new body.

The word Dalai Lama in the Mongolian language means “ocean” and Lama (Bella Ma) is the Tibetan equivalent of the word “Pir” meaning guide.

It is often thought that the Dalai Lama is the leader of the Glag school, but this position officially belongs to Gandan Tripa, a temporary position appointed by the Dalai Lama, who in practice wields considerable influence. The Dalai Lama line began as a lineage of spiritual teachers; the fifth Dalai Lama assumed political power in Tibet.

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