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Title: Zen and Music

Author: Flip Tshi Sudo

Translator: Arash Ayati

Publisher: Caravan

Subject: Music, Philosophy of Aesthetics, Tar

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 240 p

Language: Farsi



Zen guitar include content about “Zen Guitar”. It is worth mentioning that Zen Guitar is based on Zen philosophy. In its simplest terms, Zen is the use of common sense in relation to the whole universe. According to the author: “A group of people get to Zen through meditation. Others get to Zen through martial arts and those with shooting or the art of shooting. These are all ways to a single wisdom. Our way to Zen is the way. It will be music.

Welcome to Zen Guitar School! Please do not close the door behind you! My letter to Philip is the name of Sudo. My school is for those who play music. Do not be upset if you are not a musician! To be accepted into this school, it is enough to be eager to combine sound.

The zen of the guitar is nothing but the repetition of the melody with which each of us came to life. The song that in the caress, each of us took on a human existence. Everyone is able to play it. Music is something that waits for the door to open, and school is something that holds the key in your hand.
Guitar training is not unrelated to the coordination of body, mind and spirit. To play from the heart, we must unite all of our individual qualities and strengths for action. As soon as you conquer such a level of inner unity and harmony, the knowledge of this conquest spreads throughout your life.

In other words, everything you learn at this school will later be applied to your job, education, sports, public relations, and family life, and will affect your meditation, your attitude, your feelings, and your hearing at every step. Summary: The Zen guitar is the way of life.

It must be said that the guitar mind is the way of life. The difference is that it requires the learner to be completely independent in making decisions. Also in this school, there is no discussion of chords, guitar tuning methods or music theory.
Here you will not find a lesson on not reading with how to play the blues and so on. This is all information that you can get from many sources. The purpose of this school is not to provide that information. Acquisition of wisdom. The goal is self-learning and self-examination. It is only by experiencing our personal feelings that we are truly able to learn wisdom. Is.

The second khan (from the white, black belt) who dedicates himself to certain exercises and disciplines that are necessary for moving on the path. The third khan (black belt) includes the characteristics of perfection and responsibility. The fourth khan (from black to white shawl) is dedicated to researching the obstacles to understanding the way, and the fifth khan (white belt) paves the way for the true Zen guitar way.

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