Your last call


Title: Your Last Call: A Guide 365 Days a Year

Author: Wayne Dyer

Translator: Hassan Kamyab

Publisher: Melina

Subject: Spiritual psychology

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 156

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Your Last Call by Wayne Dyer
Your last call says that the force within you will lead you to what you love, even your ideal job and life. This book looks at 5 chapters: Inspiration of living with the soul, principles and foundations of inspiration, giving and receiving inspiration, your exchange with your spiritual origin, personal view of inspiration. This book talks about the common affairs of human beings that no Western or Eastern human being with Both religions can not deny it.

Wayne Dyer Author of Your Last Call
Wayne Dyer was an American author of self-help books and a motivational speaker. Wayne Dyer says that in the 35 years I have been writing, your last voice has been my only personal book, inspired by all my experiences and feelings.

He writes about the inspirational life in this book. That you can inspire others and live with spirit and confidence. Regarding the writing of the book, he says that after a few moments of need, I would give up the pen and leave myself. I was the only tool and what was written was all my thoughts. Most of Wayne Dyer’s books are written around mysticism and spirituality.

Part of the book Your Last Call
– With God, anything is possible.
Open your mind to everything and do not depend on anywhere or anyone.
What the soul wants is to be free and to embrace infinity.
– If you want to change a person, you have to change the person’s perception and information about himself.
When you are connected to your source of inspiration and have a specific goal, all your thoughts will break down boundaries and limitations.
– There are many people who have not succeeded due to the wrong attempt to achieve inspiration and inner voice, but still keep their hope.
– Your thoughts want to keep you in the past, when you reach the depths of your soul and the depths of your soul, you can do anything and find the capacity for anything.
– All that you have gained will one day be lost, or someone will take it from you, and in that moment, in fact, you will lose yourself, you are nothing!
– This force is God who says: Where are you? I want you to be with me all day but you do not have time for me!
Joining the inner sense, the sense that wants to change the world.

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