The universe has your back


Title: The universe has your air

Author: Gabriel Bernstein

Translator: Amir Ali Fath Elahi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Philosophy and Psychology

Language: Farsi

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The universe has your back As one of the New York Times bestsellers for positive motivational writing by Gabriel Bernstein, it teaches you that to experience a life of peace and joy, you must first let go of your fears and worries and surrender to them. .

Introducing the book The Universe Has Your Air
We all try to take control of some things. All these controls, all these manipulations, all these attempts to figure out something special; It is a kind of resistance, resistance to balance and that inner voice that calls you to itself at every moment. The greatness that is within you and you have forgotten to listen to it. But it is in the absence of resistance that we regain balance. In the absence of that resistance, we recall the truth of our existence and communicate with the universe.

The universe is always sending the energy of love that is within us and around us and is always guiding us. Through spiritual surrender we regain balance and reconnect with transcendence and transcendence. In “The Universe Has Your Air,” Gabriel Bernstein outlines five steps to reconnecting, rebalancing, and restarting yourself.
Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose There is no such thing as a “perfect” prayer. Step # 2- Discovering Your Purpose Focus on the things you are growing. Step 3: Obstacles are detours to the right path. Step 4: When we ask the universe for a message, we always receive it. Step # 5- Discovering Your Purpose People who are confident of their results can expect to see more.

In The Universe Has Your Back, you learn that the prerequisite for peace is freedom from fear and submission to the will of God, which is made possible by the power of love.

What is the subject of the book The Universe Has Your Air?
The root of all human problems can be summed up in one word: fear! What prevents us from facing the truth of life is fear. Each of us has fears in life that we think we have overcome; But in reality we are hidden behind those fears and we do not dare to face them.

We resist our fears, and that resistance deprives us of understanding the beauties of life. The way to get rid of these fears is to surrender to them and surrender them to God. We can overcome our worries with the help of divine love; He is the one who created this world with his love and based on his knowledge and wisdom, he has made laws in it. Therefore, believing in Him and His love in the universe will free us from fear and bring us peace.

The book The Universe is Your Air helps you understand this. If you leave your fears to God, you have somehow expressed your readiness for deliverance. God will also respond to your request and help you to get rid of your fears. In this situation, you can change your view of life and look at everything from the perspective of love.
Love makes life more beautiful; It gives you the opportunity to change your misconceptions and negative thoughts and create new beliefs for yourself. It does not take much effort to have a good and loving life; It is enough to get rid of fears and change your feelings.

You can easily talk to God through prayer and meditation and share your desires with Him. The universe and the beings of the world are all manifestations and signs of the existence of God on earth; So by meditating on these signs, you can realize divine love and attain peace. When you are in touch with God; Your life will change; Because in this case, you are connected to the source of love in the world, and love is the solution to all pain.

It takes practice to let go of the old way of thinking and start a new way of thinking; But you get it in the shortest time. The exercise that will help you the most is the practice of surrendering to the love of the universe.

Learn more about Gabriel Bernstein:
He was called “a new intellectual leader” by Oprah Winfrey. Gabrielle Bernstein usually appears as an expert on Dr. Oz (a popular American television program). The New York Times referred to him as the “new model” and became one of the New York Times bestsellers by writing two books, “Let’s Be Miraculous” and “Miracles of the Present.”

To whom is the book The Universe Your Air Recommended?
If you are confused and hopeless in life, the divine solutions of the book “The universe has your air” will help you to wake up from the sleep of negligence with the help of the universe, to lose control of life and to remove obstacles. By relying on divine love, you can absorb your desires and achieve eternal peace.

The selected sentences of the book The Universe has your air:
– To get rid of negative thoughts, we must first accept our resistance.
– The main criterion for measuring our happiness, success and security is our true strength in accompanying the loving vibrations of the universe.
Many miracles happen when we surrender our will to the will of the universe.
– The universe of our classroom. If we accept our role as happy students, our lives will be literally sweeter.
Author’s quotes:

– I love Gabi and her work. He has his own way of approaching people and communicating with them. I am sure this book will affect many hearts. (India Arai, singer, songwriter and teacher)

– I really like this book. The author’s honesty in expressing the difficult experiences of his life, as well as how he learns from these problems and gets rid of them, makes the book strangely special. In fact, by sharing his difficult life experiences, he teaches us that failures can also lead us to success. The book The Universe Has Your Air is an inspiring and uplifting book that I like to read over and over again. (Rachel Platten, musician)
– I attended one of Ms. Bernstein’s lectures. I think she is the first woman I can introduce as my teacher and guide. (Journal of Al)

In a part of the book, the universe is your air, we read:
As you continue your journey, keep in mind that the universe is a classroom and its people are your tests. Every story you see on the screen of your life ends with one of two choices: learning through love or learning through fear. Every moment of life is actually a divine situation in which you decide whether you want to be healed or remain in your past.

If you eagerly decide to take the test of the universe, there will be many miracles for you, but if you do not show interest in this test, you will experience situations that will not benefit you at all.
My friend Lance is a clear example of this. During adolescence, Lance developed the mentality that he is not very smart. Throughout his life, he tried to suppress this mentality by resorting to alcohol, multiple relationships, work, and other addictive behaviors, but to no avail. In his early 30s, he realized that he was always running away from this mentality, so he decided to become aware of his problem and take the path to recovery.

I met Lance early in her treatment, and after that, our friendship developed. It was only ten years ago that I had the awareness to solve my problems; And I was well aware of the importance of the role of fear at the beginning of the treatment period; So by observing Lance’s life experiences, I could help him learn the lessons of the universe through his problem.
After two years of treatment, Lance met a wonderful woman. A woman who was truly unique. He treated Lance well and respected his opinions; But the interesting thing about him (and Lance didn’t pay attention to him at first) was that he was constantly pointing out Lance’s weaknesses with his humor. He sometimes joked that Lance was always behind the world and never knew the latest world news; Or that Lance can not cook, even on a simple recipe.

What at first glance seemed like a simple joke and had no purpose other than a joke, eventually made Lance upset and upset. Although Lance’s fiancé simply wanted to joke with her, it was her jokes that revived Lance’s old fears. In fact, Lance transferred his old fear to the new experience of his life and to understand this new experience, he chose the path of fear from the two paths of love and fear.

Index of the book
In praise of the author
Dedicated to the author
Introduction Translator
Chapter One: You have a hidden force in you
Chapter Two: You Make Your Dreams Myself
Chapter 3: You are always leading, even when it does not seem so
Chapter 4: The power of your vibrations is greater than the power of your words
Chapter 5: When you enjoy your life, the universe will fulfill your desires sooner.
Chapter 6: Problems are shortcuts that get people to the goal faster
Chapter 7: Certainty paves the way for you to reach your goal
Chapter 8: The Universe Communicates with You in Mysterious Ways
Chapter 9: Unity with the universe leads to human liberation
Chapter 10: You are aligned with the universe
Chapter Eleven: Surrender to the Will of God
Chapter Twelve: Reflect on Divine Love
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