Parallel Worlds


Title: Parallel Worlds

Author: Michio Kaku

Translator: Sara Izdiar, Ali Hadian

Publisher: Maziar

Subject: Cosmology, Big Bang, Supergravity

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 448 pages / illustrated / table

Language: Farsi

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Parallel Worlds is the work of Michio Kaku.

Parallel Worlds is the name of one of Michio Kaku’s books, published in 2005.

According to the author, the possible parallel worlds in theoretical physics fall into three categories with completely separate concepts, none of which has yet been empirically proven:

Parallel Inflation Worlds from Predicting Inflation Theory (Alan Guth)
Quantum parallel universes, which most physicists today interpret as the Schrینdinger wave equation.
Parallel universes of space arising from the equations of M theory.

The book Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku, translated by Sara Izdiar and Ali Hadian, deals with human concern, which, after going through the tortuous stages of cosmology, has given rise to new concerns; Concerns of time and parallel worlds.

About the book Parallel Worlds
The book Parallel Worlds deals with the third revolution that revolutionized cosmology. In this book, Michio Kaku, the famous American-Japanese physicist, discusses the progress of this new cosmological revolution based on laboratory findings collected from the farthest corners of space. The book Parallel Universes was published in 2005 and was named the best science book. Kaku is one of the great theorists of physics and the founder of string theory.

Kaku opposes the use of fission nuclear energy and supports the extraterrestrial intelligence search project. He has written extensively on physics, including Landscapes, Science Revolutions in the 21st Century, The Einstein Universe: How Albert Einstein’s Perspectives Changed Our Perception of Space and Time, Physics of the Impossible, and Beyond. “Einstein,” he pointed out.
In Parallel Worlds, Michio Kaku uses his tremendous talent to explore one of the most bizarre and exciting achievements of modern physics: that our world may be the only world among multiple worlds; There may be infinite universes in a vast cosmic network of which our entire universe is just one. Kako, with his masterful use of humor and allegory, patiently acquaints the reader with the various theories about parallel universes, all of which derive from quantum mechanics, cosmology, and the new M theory. Read this book as an amazing journey, a journey into a universe whose real forces force us to push ourselves to the limits of the imagination.

Who do we recommend reading the book Parallel Worlds?
If you are interested in new cosmological sciences, do not miss this book because it opens a new door of this science for you.

“Parallel Worlds” by Michio Kaku is one of the most important scientific books of the last two decades. As the author argues, the possible parallel universes in theoretical physics fall into three categories with very distinct meanings, none of which has yet been empirically proven. These worlds include inflation parallel worlds, quantum parallel worlds, and extraterrestrial parallel worlds.

The book is divided into three general sections. Part I: The Universe, Part II: The Multiple Universe, and Part III: Escape to Space. In this book, the author uses his amazing talent to explore one of the strangest and most exciting achievements of modern physics. That there may be infinite universes in the vast cosmic network of which our entire universe is just one. Kako patiently acquaints the audience with the different theories in parallel worlds by skillfully using humor and allegory; Theories that all stem from quantum mechanics, cosmology, and new theory.
Are there parallel worlds? Is it possible that there is another earth in this infinite and wonderful world? Are there creatures like us humans? How do they live? What is their way to solve their problems and issues?

There are many questions that ordinary people, in addition to scientists, think about and seek appropriate answers to in books and articles. Michio Kaku, one of the great theorists of the present century, seeks to answer important fundamental questions and to talk about what might happen in the future. The book Parallel Universes is one of his works, which was selected as the best scientific book. It examines the most extraordinary achievements of the modern world of physics and takes man as a journey to space and other worlds.

Part of the book Parallel Worlds
What physicists and astronomers around the world are currently wondering is what parallel universes look like, what laws they follow, how they were born, and how they eventually die. Perhaps these parallel worlds would not be receptive to the living world without the basic elements of life. On the other hand, there may be other worlds that are exactly the same as our world and separated from our world by a quantum event; An event that has caused these worlds to move away from our world. Few physicists believe that perhaps one day, if life becomes impossible in our current world as time goes on as the earth gets colder, we may have to leave it and flee to another world.

What has given rise to these new theories is the huge flood of data received from space satellites, which is obtained by photographing the remnants of the creation process. Scientists are now focusing on what happened just 330,000 years after the Big Bang; When the “backlight” first covered the creation of the world. It can be said that the most exciting and best image of the reflection of the event of creation has been obtained with the help of a new tool called wmap satellite.
“Incredible!”, “Historic moment!” These were some of the words that came out in February 2003 from cautious astrophysicists describing valuable data received from the wmap satellite. The wmap, named after one of the pioneers of cosmology, David Wilkinson, was launched in 2001. This spacecraft succeeded. With unprecedented precision, provide scientists with a picture of the primitive universe only when it was 380,000 years old. The vast amount of energy left over from the early fireball, which is the source of the formation of stars and galaxies, has circled our world for billions of years. Today, with the help of wmap satellites, images captured in great detail have finally been mapped before; An image of the sky that shows in astonishing detail the microwave radiation generated by the Big Bang; What Tabam Magazine called the “reflection of creation.”

About Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku Michio Kaku The famous Japanese American physicist and theorist was born on January 24, 1947 in California. He graduated from Harvard and Berkeley Universities and currently teaches at City College, New York. He is the founder of string theory and seeks to solve the deep problems of fundamental physics. Michio Kaku gave a unified explanation of the theory of gravity and particle physics, and addressed a number of issues in the black hole physics and early cosmology of the universe. He is among those who oppose nuclear energy and its use as a weapon, calling it inhumane.

Michio Kaku was a student of Edward Teller, the founder of nuclear technology, and has written numerous articles and books on the concepts of physics. One of his most important works is the book “Physics of the Impossible”, which has been published in Persian under the title “Physics of the Impossible”. In this work, he talks about impossible and extraordinary phenomena such as time travel and travel to parallel worlds. “Parallel Worlds, a Journey to the Creation of Higher Dimensions and the Future of the Universe” translated by Samad Gholami and Leila Safarpour is another work by Michio Kaku.
Michio Kaku won the Klopsteg Memorial Award in 2008. This famous scientist and physicist has a high ability and skill in writing complex and difficult concepts in simple language and his books have attracted the attention of the general public. This professor raises complex issues in eloquent and understandable language and presents a wide range of science to the readers of his works.

Translation of the book Parallel Worlds into Persian
Ali Hadian is a writer and translator of scientific works who to date has given many lectures and lectures at several universities, including Kharazmi University and Sharif University of Science, about physics and theories about the world. In addition to collaborating on translating the works, Sara Izdiar and Ali Hadian have co-authored several articles, including “Are They Sure the World Has a Hot Start?” He pointed out that it was published in “Shargh newspaper”.

Table of Contents
the part
First: the world

Chapter One: The Childhood Picture of the World
Chapter Two: The Mysterious World
Chapter Three: The Big Bang
Chapter 4: Theory of Inflation and Parallel Worlds

Part II: Multiple Worlds
Chapter Five: Dimensions and Time Travel
Chapter Six: Parallel Quantum Universes
Chapter 7: Theory M: The mother of all strings
Chapter 8: A Designer World?
Chapter 9: In Search of the Eleventh Reflections

the part
Third: Escape to outer space
Chapter Ten: The End of Everything
Chapter Eleven: Escape from the World
Chapter Twelve: Beyond Multiple Worlds

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