Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Title: Alice in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carroll

Translator: Hassan Honarmandi

Publisher: Look

Age category: Adult

Subject: Foreign novel



Introducing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland by English author Louis Carroll (1832-1898). This book is one of the most famous fantasy works in the world, which has been adapted for many plays and movies.

In a part of Alice in Wonderland, we read:

Shortly afterwards, the tapping of small legs was heard, and the rabbit appeared as he hurriedly talked to himself.

– May God have mercy on my paws! The Duchess kills me!

As he walked around in distress, he caught Alice’s eye and said commandingly, “Mary Ann, hurry home and bring me a pair of gloves and a fan!” move one!”

Alice got up involuntarily and followed the path shown by the rabbit; The rabbit must have confused him with his servant. He reached a small house with the words “Mr. Rabbit” on the door. Then he entered and, as expected, saw on the table a few childish white gloves and a fan. He reached out to remove the rabbit’s belongings from the table, but his eyes immediately fell on the glass bottle with the label saying: Drink me!

He immediately picked up the bottle. By now, something exciting had happened each time she ate and drank, plus she might have enlarged her bottle again, and Alice was tired of her little cup. He drank the bottle halfway and suddenly became so tall that his head hit the roof of the house. Alice struggled to gather her limbs, but one out of the window and the other into the chimney.

“Everything was better at home,” Alice said to herself. No one stood tall or watered. In addition, mice and rabbits did not command or forbid anyone!

Excerpts from Alice in Wonderland

On a sunny day, when everything seems boring and sleepy, Alice notices a white rabbit running past her. The rabbit says to himself anxiously, “I must be late!” And at the same time he puts his hand in the pocket of his vest and takes out his watch and looks at it. Alice, who has never seen a rabbit wear a vest and has a watch with her, follows the rabbit and when she sees him enter a hole, Alice enters the hole after him and …

“I can tell you about my adventures that started this morning, but going back to the past is useless because I was someone else at the time,” Alice said with a little shyness.
“But I do not want to go crazy,” Alice said. “You have no choice but to do this, we are all crazy here,” said the cat. I am crazy. you are crazy.” “How do you know I’m crazy?” Alice said. “You have to be, otherwise you would not have come here,” said the cat.

In the rabbit nest

Alice was sitting next to her sister down the river, and she was getting tired of being unemployed. Once or twice he looked at the book his sister was reading, but it had no picture and no dialogue, and Alice thought, “What good is a book that has no picture and no dialogue?”

So a thought crossed his mind (as much as he could, of course, because the heat of that summer day paralyzed his brain). Is the pleasure of making an enamel wreath worth getting up to pick flowers? It was at this thought that a “white rabbit” with pink eyes suddenly passed by. There was nothing strange about it, and it was not uncommon for Alice to say to herself, “Rabbit!”

“Oh, my God, my God, it’s too late!” (Alice later admitted that she should have been surprised, but at that moment it seemed perfectly normal).

However, when the rabbit took an hour out of his vest and looked at it, and hurried back on, Alice jumped. Because he suddenly realized that he had never seen a rabbit with a vest and a watch out of his pocket. Extremely curious, Alice followed the rabbit through the fields, and fortunately saw the rabbit at the head, which suddenly disappears into a large nest under a canopy.

The next moment, Alice crawled into the nest thinking about how she would get out of the nest again.

The nest initially moved horizontally like an underground corridor, but suddenly sank. Alice fell into a deep ditch before she could do anything.

Either the well was too deep or Alice fell too slow because she had time to look around and be amazed by the next scene. At first he tried to look down to see where he was falling, but it was too dark inside the well to see anything clearly. Then, looking at the walls of the well, he noticed that it was full of bookshelves and closets, and that geographical maps and photographs had been hung in place. As he crossed the shelf, he picked up a jar that read, “Orange Jelly Jam,” but it was empty of Alice’s misfortune. He did not dare to throw it so as not to drag anyone down the well, but he acted in such a way that while going down, he put it in a closet that passed in front of him.

Alice said to herself, “Well, after such a fall, I will no longer be afraid of falling down the stairs!” At home they will see that I am brave. “Later, even if I throw myself behind my back, my voice will not be heard!” (It really was!)

Alice kept going lower and lower. Was not this fall final?

Alice said to herself, “I’m wondering how far I have come so far! It was as if I had to get closer to the center of the earth. Well, I think it must have been six thousand kilometers… “(because, as you can see, Alice had learned something like this in school, and although it was not an opportunity here to show her information, because she was not a listener – yet repetition It was a great exercise for him.) “Yes, I was almost right, but I wonder what latitude and longitude I was in?” “Alice did not know anything about geographical latitude but she thought these were beautiful and resonant words to say.”

A little later, he began to ask again: as if I had fallen deep into the ground. How ridiculous it would be if I could see people walking on their heads! I think those people can be called “heads”. “Alice was more pleased that no one was there at that moment to hear her speak, because this word does not seem to be true here.” But I have to ask them the name of the country. “Am I new or in Australia?” (While asking this question, try to bow. Consider bowing in the middle of the air! If you were in that position, do you think you could bow?) “She will think of me as an illiterate girl!” “No, I better not ask, maybe this country’s name is written in a corner.”

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
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