Anne of Green Gables


Title: Annie Shirley in Green Dream

Author: Lucy Mad Montgomery

Translator: Fariba Shaykh al-Islami

Publisher: Familiar Look

Subject: American stories

Age category: children and adolescents

Number of pages: 296

Language: Farsi



Introducing Anne of Green Gables book
Anne Shirley, a red-haired girl written by Shagahirata from the collection of sweet stories of the world, depicts the life story of an orphaned girl who, despite her tumultuous life, has many hopes and dreams rooted in her heart. This book is one of the most famous and popular stories in the history of world literature.

The subject of Anne Shirley’s book: What is a girl with red hair?

Years ago there was a small village called Avonli. A brother and sister named Matthew and Marilla lived in this village. They were old and had no motivation to live. So they decided to adopt a son from the orphanage to help them with the farm work. But the day Matthew goes to the train station to pick up the boy, he is surprised to see a little girl with a freckled face and red hair.

Matthew, who was waiting to see the boy, was surprised, but he could not leave the girl there. So he took her home with him. Shirley was a talkative girl and did not know that she was going to own a house and a family. But when they got home, Marilla was surprised to see the girl.

Anne Shirley learned from their encounter that they were waiting for the boys to help them with their chores, and her happiness quickly turned to grief, but Marilla, seeing the situation this way, decided to take care of this lovely girl.

Anne Shirley: Who is a red-haired girl suitable for?

This popular book, which is world famous, is heartwarming and attractive for all primary school children.

In an excerpt from Anne Shirley: A Girl with Red Hair, we read:

She was always the first student in the class and was very interested in becoming a teacher. After finishing school, it decided to take the high school entrance exam. The day she received the letter of acceptance from Queen’s famous school, Marilla and Matthew burst into tears of joy. During those years, the two were really Anne’s parents. Anne and Gilbert were both on the first test.

Features of Annie Shirley Book
In the list of the best novels of adolescent literature

8-volume set with frame

Movies and series based on this title have been made in different years.

Book 8: Rila in Ingleside is on the list of the best books related to the First World War

Five main differences between narration in movies and stories

Movies and stories are two different media, each with their own strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

The forgotten history of “Annie Shirley” and its creator
Montgomery’s stories are as enjoyable now as they once were, because they depict optimism and joy, big and small.

Take a look at powerful female characters in fiction

There are two forces in the world; One is a sword and the other is a pen. There is a third force that is more powerful than the two: the women’s force.

How “Panic” changed after World War I.

Much of what we call “human normal life” stems from the fear of death and the dead.

Classics, a window to human heritage and past

When you read classics, you are actually reading books that have played a major role in shaping how we read and write in the present age.

What time is it in the world of adolescence?
Let’s fly on a bird rug, over worlds full of wonders

Excerpts from Annie Shirley’s book
All right, Annie’s dictation, do you know how this mistake happened? We sent a message to Mrs. Spencer that we wanted a boy. There were no boys in your orphanage? – Oh, why there were so many boys, but Mrs. Spencer said very clearly that you want an almost 11-year-old girl. The manager also said that she thinks I am right for you. You do not know how happy I was. I was so excited that I did not sleep at all last night.

Annie replied, “But he did not talk to me, he talked to God, and he did not seem to be very interested in it. I think he felt that God was so far away that he could not hear his voice. Of course, I prayed a few short prayers myself. A row of tall, white trees bent over the lake, and sunlight shone through the foliage into the water. Ah! Marilla! You do not know how beautiful and dreamy it was! Seeing that scene shook my body and I said two or three times that God! Thank you.”

And today’s mistake taught me not to act too emotionally and poetically. Today I came to the conclusion that there is no point in being emotional in O’Neill. It may have seemed simple a hundred years ago, but it is not acceptable now. I’m sure you will see a lot of improvement in my mood soon, Marilla!

Lucy Maude Montgomery (born November 30, 1874, died April 24, 1942) was a Canadian writer. Montgomery was born in Clifton and died at the age of twenty-one months of illness. After that, his grandparents became responsible for raising him. After graduating, Montgomery spent a year with his father and stepmother and published his first work, a poem, in the Daily Patriot. He then took a two-year teaching course in one year and studied literature in 1895 and 1896. The body of Lucy Maud Montgomery was found at her home on April 24, 1942. At first, the cause of his death was a blockage in his arteries, but some time later, there was talk of depression and suicide.

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