The spy school


Title: The spy School

Author: Stuart Gibbs

Translator: Maryam Rafiei

Publisher: Orange

Subject: Teen stories, children

Age category: child / adolescent

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 256 p

Language: Farsi

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The Spy School is by Stuart Gibbs

Now, it is true that whoever walks by, uses our brains and talks about the benefits of studying, but you hear from us, do not waste your time studying too much and put a little juggling skills in your program. An example of this is Ben Ripley, who has done nothing in his life but study! It is very clumsy.

Now think of such secret kid’s kids! You must say no, Dad! Who goes all this way? The first volume of a spy school called “Hostage-taking” tells the story of Ben Ripley, an excellent student at their school.

But that does not mean he has the talent to spy. So why did the CIA ask him to join the super-secret academy of future spies? Well, it turns out that Ben Agha was not brought there because of his mathematical talent, and is in fact a prey to pull out a double agent! The seven-volume “Spy School” series is a very different series in which everything is very secret.
Benjamin, a 12-year-old math genius, enters a spy school and sees everything he can think of. This collection is full of adventures and strange and interesting events, as well as full of funny things and events. Reading the espionage school series is recommended for all those who love criminal adventures, mysteries and discovering secret and complex issues. We bet you will not give up the book for a moment until the end of the story. This line, this sign. See for yourself now.

Stuart Gibbs is a child story writer living in Los Angeles, California. He has written five series: FunJungle, Moon Base Alpha, Spy School, Charlie Thorne and Last Musketeer. He was a screenwriter many years before he started writing. Among the films he wrote screenplays for Showdown (1993), See Spot Run (2001) and Repli-Kate (2002).

Excerpts from Spy School Book 1:

Ben Ripley is a regular schoolboy. His only characteristic is high intelligence and accuracy in calculation. But he soon finds himself in a strange school, his dream for his future job comes true, Ben is chosen to teach in a spy school. The secret espionage academy has chosen him, but Ben’s election has nothing to do with intelligence or academic success, everything is a plan, and now Ben Ripley must try to survive and defeat the enemy so that maybe one day a first-class spy, like James Bond To be

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