Nothing to lose, everything to gain


Title: Nothing to lose, everything to gain; How could I go from being a criminal to being a multi-millionaire entrepreneur?

Author: Ryan Blair

Translator: Marjan Shamil Shoushtari

Publisher: Yoshita

Subject: Entrepreneurship / New Economic Companies / Strategic Planning

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 320

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Nothing to lose, everything to gain
The book shows you nothing to lose, everything to gain, an extraordinary truth from a person’s hard work to achieve his dreams. In this book, Ryan Blair describes his ups and downs, how he was able to go from a veteran criminal to a successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

Book Introduction Nothing to lose, everything to gain:
You may have heard that a person has reached the best conditions in his life from the worst possible situation. If you do not believe this statement, do not worry, the book Nothing to lose, everything to gain (Nothing to lose, everything to gain) is written to reveal the truth of this matter to you.

If you are in the worst situation of your life right now, you should know that you have chosen the best book to read. In this book you will see how decisions can be made and changed. Everything depends on you; Whether you want to stay in the current situation or change and make a better life for yourself is up to you.
This book will help you get rid of the misery you are in. In fact, Ryan Blair teaches you to use the injuries and bad experiences of your life to help you move on to success, as he himself did. When someone can, then so can you.

In this book, you will read the biography of Ryan Blair, who tells you from his childhood to adulthood. But the interesting thing is the dramatic change that happens to him throughout his life. It is better to read the story yourself to understand. He has gone through many ups and downs in his life, but with faith in God and his help, he has been able to achieve his position.

On the other hand, the various sections of the book “Nothing to lose, everything to gain” can give you good guidance in starting a new business. Do what you love and keep trying. In this book, Ryan Blair will help you and teach you tricks so that you can start your desired business without any hassle and do your favorite job.
In Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain, the author intends to introduce you to the different ways of investing that he has used to start and run different businesses. His personal experience in starting a business can be useful for you as well. Just start reading this valuable book right now.

Book Highlights Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain:
Stay away from people who try to downplay your dreams and ambitions.
– Be intimate with your friends, but also be more intimate with your enemies than your friends.
If you look for bad qualities in people, you will undoubtedly find them.
Most wired devices can be wired and many wireless devices can be wired.
– There is no end point.

In part of the book, we read nothing to lose, everything to gain:
The prospect of starting an exciting, hopeful, and liberating business will motivate you to get started. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground with entrepreneurship. You need to determine how much you are at risk against your will.

Some people live with the excitement of danger; Some people are crushed and disintegrated under its pressure. Others neither enjoy nor shy away from it, but simply accept it as an essential part of their work plan. What kind of people are you?

The fact is that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Before you can hope for a leap forward in this business, you need to know how much risk you have to take. Your ability to manage your life financially, in a variety of ways, for at least a year is what builds or destroys your business.
How much do you want to grow your business and how much are you willing to lose the business you own? It is not a matter of power, it is a matter of character and spirit. Is your personality able to adequately deal with the various unpredictable and unknown issues that are constantly changing and with the business that is always with you?

In the last chapter of the book, we will talk about the need to define our assets. Now, you need to evaluate your tolerance for taking risks and tolerating the people around you.
Every business you see on TV or any other claim you hear from someone who says, “I made $ X in the first month of working at home!” It is probably a gross exaggeration, or this person’s statement stems from a remarkable skill and experience related to that profession. Peace of mind and security should not be part of this game, at least for a while. Are you willing and willing to manage this issue and deal with it?

Index of the book
Introduction Translator
Author Notes
Read this text before reading the book
First Chapter
Where did I come from?
Welcoming Poverty
You are not my father
second chapter
“I have nothing to lose” mentality
Chapter III
The crook, the rogue charlatan,… and Tony Robbins
Fourth Season
Narration from the detention center to the board room
Golden Rules
Laws related to communication and management
Master of action
Business model rules
Customer Rules
Rules for solutions
Personal rules
Chapter Five
Consider today a booty
Chapter Six
Know the value of your transactions
Chapter Seven
Raise your knowledge and awareness
Chapter Eight
Do important things first
Take care of your wallet
Chapter IX
What is your driving force?
You should not behave in a clichéd way
Chapter Ten
Make the most of your assets
Chapter Eleven
Risk and sacrifice
Take control of unpleasant situations and endure them.
Chapter Twelve
Million dollar mistakes
These are my favorite lessons:
Chapter Thirteen
I hate work plans
Your brand, not the name you are known for
Game theory
Chapter Fourteen
Advantages and disadvantages of home-based businesses
Everything about hiring a novice employee
Choosing a house
Chapter Fifteen
Start your own business
This is my story and I will continue with my life story
Sell ​​your product first and ask questions later.
Chapter Sixteen
Increase and raise money
Bold and risky investments: Swimming with sharks
Chapter Seventeen
Grow and develop, hire and fire
Dosing game technique
Chapter Eighteen
Cash your money
Get a lawyer
Last word: go to the next step
In the book Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain by Ryan Blair, you read his life story on the road to success.

About the book Nothing to lose, everything to gain
Ryan Blair is a man who, from the worst of circumstances, has turned himself into a successful and wealthy entrepreneur. In fact, the book you are reading is an example of the legitimacy of this issue, which can be saved from the mire and even become the best by having a strong will and relying on the resources and hope in God.

In this book, Ryan Blair recounts his life from childhood to adulthood. Before becoming a successful and wealthy man, he was a boy with a criminal record who experienced street crimes, but his life changed voluntarily and he became a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Now he shares his experiences and life story in this book.
In this book, Ryan Blair will help you and teach you tricks so that you can start your desired business without any hassle and do your favorite job. This book shows you the extraordinary truth of a person’s hard work and effort to achieve his dreams.

The various sections of this book can give you good tips for starting a new business. Do what you love and keep trying.

To whom do we recommend reading the book Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain:

This book is an inspiration for everyone, especially those who need a little more hope to change their lives.

Part of the book is Nothing to lose, everything to gain
My father was part of the middle class, but he lived as if he had grown up among the aristocracy and the rich. He invested with borrowed money, in fact, many Americans do the same. He took money from others to buy his car, he borrowed money to buy a house, he spent the last money of his pocket on the decoration and interior design of our house, because that’s how he felt it would become more important. He lived beyond his means and therefore turned to drugs in order to cope; This also caused his misery and destruction.

One afternoon I was playing with my friends in the backyard and I was surprised to see that my father came home earlier than usual. There was a look of shame and embarrassment on his face that I had never seen before. My father had lost his job. I later found out from my mother that she had taken her wrist while pulling a glass in the bathroom, and that the CEO of the company, which my father was vice president of, had finally learned of his drug use and had thrown it under the water to the police to arrest him.
This is how my father lost his job and now his job is drug addiction. The three of us kids were still at home at the time, and my older sister had moved to another city long before that happened. It was as if my father’s defeat gave us the excuse of having three children that we had been looking for for a long time. One by one, they left the house until I was the only one left with my parents. One of my sisters went to another city with her addicted fiancé, and another escaped and lived on the streets for a long time. Finally, when my parents and I were the only ones left at home, I was the last person to have my life torn apart.

My dad loved to cook with his rifle collection and show them to everyone, and I liked to do that because I liked guns. Once, a few days after I showed my father’s guns to my friends, my best friend’s older brother sneaked into our house and stole all the guns. It was not until a few years later that I realized who had done it, but at that time, it no longer mattered, because my father thought I had done it.
At that time, pulling the glass had made him paranoid and he had become much more nervous and violent than before. He swears that I stole and sold them and threatened to kill me if I did not return them to him. After everything I had seen in my life, I knew I did not want to wait for the consequences. Because it was dangerous. That night, I called my sister Stephanie and told her, “Father’s serious. Dad swore he would kill me if I did not return his guns to him, but I do not know who took them or where those damn guns are now. “Save my beer, please.”

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