In search of miracalous


Title: In Search of a Miracle

Author: Piotr Demjanovich Ospensky

Translator: Roya Monjem, Saman Sajjadi

Publisher: Science

Subject: Goreks Invanovich Gorjev

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 500

Language: Farsi



The book is In search of miracalous : fragments of an unknown teaching by Aspensky.

In this collection, various contents have been provided on the subject of alien sciences. This book is basically the teachings of Goreks Gurdjieff, “which was written by one of his students named” P. Aspensky “In the book, the author first discusses his travels and views on science and shocking events such as war, which can only lead to destruction;

He then talks about how he got acquainted with Gurdjieff and gradually recounted Gurdjieff’s spiritual teachings during a conversation with him. Self-knowledge, avoiding the hustle and bustle of science, knowing and drawing different institutions, and various self-improvement exercises from
The topics in this book are:

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The book “In Search” at a glance:
Author: Piotr Demjanovich Ospensky
Publisher: Science
Cut: paperback
Cover type:

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