Danny the Champion of the World


Title: Danny World Champion

Author: Roald Dahl

Translator: Mahboubeh Najafkhani

Publisher: Horizon

Subject: Teen novel

Age category: Adolescent

Number of pages: 256

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

Danny The World Champion is written by Roald Dahl, one of the most acclaimed children’s story writers. This work is the story of the strange life of Danny, a little boy who lives with his father in a gypsy caravan.

In his stories for children, Roald Dahl uses a hidden and realistic sense of humor, and there is hope for life, effort, and vivacity in his work. He is a good and kind friend of children and many children live with his stories and smile at the world.

In part of Danny the Champion of the World, we read:

The caravan did not have more than one room, and it was no larger than today’s bathrooms in the houses. It was a narrow room with a bunk wall at the end. My father slept on the upper bed and the lower bed was mine.

Although the workshop had electricity, we were not allowed to use electricity in the caravan. Electricity officials said wiring and using electricity in a shabby place like that was dangerous.

It was that we used the same equipment to light and warm the caravan that the gypsies used years ago. We had a wood-burning stove with a chimney protruding from the ceiling, and we used to warm it up in the winter. We also had an oil cooker that we used to cook the food, and we also hung an oil lamp from the ceiling for lighting.
When I was about to take a shower, my father would put a kettle on the oil cooking lamp and pour the hot water into the basin. Then he would strip me naked. My head was shaking as I stood. After washing, I felt like I had bathed in a proper bathtub, it was even cleaner because I did not have to sit in dirty water.

The furniture was two chairs and a small table and a folding cupboard, so we did not need anything else, the toilet was a small and funny wooden room in the meadow behind the caravan. Summer was good, but on cold winter days, sitting in it was like sitting on the ice.

Index of the book Danny the Champion of the World
gas station
Great kind giant
Cars and kites and flying lanterns
My Father’s Secret
Secret methods
Mr. Victor Hazel
Baby Austin
Dr. Spencer
Great hunting party
sleeping Beauty
Thursday and school
In the forest
World Champion
Baby carriage
Goodbye Mr. Hazel
Mojdegani Dr. Spencer
my father

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