Peter Pan


Author: Dreamland Writers Group

Translator: Arezoo Ramezani

Rewrite: Akram Kayhani

Publisher: Shirmohammadi

Age category: Children

Appearance: 12 pages, illustrated (color)

Cut: Rahli

Language: Farsi



Peter Pan is one of the series of books published by Shir Mohammadi for children and teenagers. In addition to entertaining children and providing them with enjoyable times, these books have practical training in various fields such as increasing creativity, learning life skills, and so on.

Classification of children’s books based on age groups
Age group A: This age group is dedicated to the pre-school years and is referred to as childhood. During these years, children interact well with various designs of images. Therefore, coloring books, drawings with attractive illustrations and without text have a great effect on strengthening the different senses of children. The most important issue for age group A is the discovery of communication skills between words and objects. Therefore, books in English can also be used.
Age group B: Age group B includes the early years of school (first, second, third grade). In this course, children have learned the concept of language and calligraphy and can establish simple cause-and-effect relationships between phenomena. Age can teach various concepts directly and indirectly. In addition, the presence of the hero in the stories, identification with the main character and imaginativeness are the most important characteristics of this age group.
Age group C: Age group C belongs to the final years of primary school (fourth, fifth and sixth grade). The most important feature of this group is increasing the child’s abstract thinking and enthusiasm for group activities. Children’s age group C books should be introduced according to the sense of competition, group games and social teachings, and constructive and exploratory games.
Peter Pan’s book falls into the age group A and B.

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