Pam Roy & Moira Hummel


Title: The Wise soul; Inspirational wisdom Dr. Victo Yi Frankel, founder of the school of semantics

Author: Pam Roy

Translator: Shahabuddin Abbasi

Publisher: Contemporary Voice

Subject: Semantic Therapy / Humanistic Psychology

Another title: Wise Spirit (21-day reflections on the meaning of life)

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 88

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book of Pam Roy & Moira Hummel
The book The Wise Spirit, subtitled “21 Days Reflections on the Meaning of Dr. Frankel’s Inspirational Life,” presents Victor Frankel’s Inspirational Wisdom to modern audiences.

Have you ever wondered what makes life meaningful?
Victor Frankl was a famous Holocaust psychiatrist and survivor. His messages of freedom, responsibility and resilience – regardless of the circumstances – have changed the lives of millions around the world. Now you too can experience their transformative power.

The meaning of life is unique to everyone. It can not be given to you ready-made; Must be discovered using powerful direct quotes from the source, but relevant to today’s life – Victorian inspirational wisdom. Frankl will guide you on this journey.

Through reflective exercises that help you visualize your life, it guides you through the shifts you need to have a meaningful life.
At any given moment, you have the opportunity to make meaningful choices, big or small. These choices shape you and the world around you. How will you decide? This book enables you to make smart choices.

Pam Roy, the author of this book, advocates for the mental health and well-being of children and adults. With a background in market and business research, he writes a blog called Pam Roy Blog, focusing on educating and preparing students for a meaningful future in work and life.

He is a youth coach to make decisions about life. Inspired by Victor Frankl’s semantic philosophy, Pam is involved in film and book projects to bring his ideas to the next generation. He is the founder of the Victor Frankl Institute in the United States and the executive producer of The Future Feature, The Man in Search of Meaning.

Excerpts from Pam Roy & Moira Hummel

Living is understanding the existing reality and accepting change. Living is about accepting responsibility for things we can not control and finding a way to elevate ourselves and connect with others. When we live, we make choices at every moment of every day and realize the fact that those choices have consequences – good or bad.
Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are beyond our control, but even in these situations there is meaning that can be found. The result is that living is about finding meaning in all situations and responding to the necessities that life demands of us. The difference between the two is like sitting in a boat: in one we give in to wandering and wandering, and in the other we hold a paddle and split the water with all our might and move on.
Everyone says they want to be happy. We wish happiness for our loved ones and ourselves. Harvard and Apple education programs now offer classes on happiness. According to Peel, these classes are among the most popular.
Frankl reminds. It is true that we want to be happy, but what we really want is the “reason” for happiness. When we aim for happiness, we cultivate unattainable longing. Happiness itself is not a late feeling

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