Title: Maturity

Author: Osho

Translator: Marjan Faraji

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: The art of living, forbidden, from ignorance to innocence, love, marriage

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 256 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of maturity by Shri Ashu

Ashu is one of the Indian mystics and esoteric masters who is the author of many books, including the book of puberty. In this book, Ashu deals with different types of maturity, such as mental and physical maturity.

Part of this book:
I must first see what life means. We do not live to grow old, but to grow. These are two different things. Aging comes from every animal, but growing is a special privilege of man. Only a handful claim this privilege. Growing means a continuous movement to the depths of the principle of life, that is, moving away from death, not approaching it.

Summary of maturity

This is the whole contradiction of the mind: the mind wants to be as happy as possible. And on the other hand, he wants to suffer less.

You have forced yourself to live in a confused consciousness for fear of pain! You must put aside fear and face pain! Only then will the door open to pleasure. And when you know both, you will immediately become the third and enlighten!

Accept all in all! All the sufferings and all the intoxications. Do not dream of the impossible!

It is always good to get along with your parents. This is one of the most basic principles in people’s lives. “Unless you have a good relationship with your parents, you lose your life,” Gurdjieff always said.

Because this is something very deep-rooted. If there is dissatisfaction and turmoil between you and your parents, you will never feel comfortable. Wherever you are, you feel a little guilty. The parent-child relationship is not just a social relationship. You are made of them. You are part of them. You are a branch of their tree of life. You are still rooted in them.

When your parents die, something very deep and deep inside you dies. When your parents die, you feel lonely and uprooted for the first time. So as long as they are alive, you have to lose everything. You come to do it to create the understanding that you need, and establish a two-way relationship with them. Then everything goes right and the accounts are closed.
The romantic relationship begins and ends with the parents, and this circle is completed. If there is a part of this circle that is half-finished, your whole life will remain chaotic. Someone who can communicate with his parents. , It feels wonderful happiness and joy. This is the most difficult task in this world, because the gap is so deep and big.

You have to bridge this gap. If you could bridge between yourself and your mother, you will suddenly feel that a bridge has been built between you and this planet. You and your father have built another bridge in the heavens. Your parents are symbols. They represent the heavens and the earth. And man is a tree that needs both heaven and earth.

Saying no gives a person more freedom than saying yes. Every time you say no, you feel freer. Every time you say yes, you do not feel free, because yes means information, it means surrender – so who is freedom? “No” means to vote for oneself, to be united, to withdraw, not to express oneself.

But this freedom is weak and great freedom is achieved with yes.

Masculinity is in the body. Femininity is also in the body. The mind follows shadows and reflections. In the depths of the core of existence there is none of this. Neither man nor woman. Just “a witness standing tall!”

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