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Title: You can if you want; Eight undeniable characteristics of a winner

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Ali Mohammadi

Publisher: Andia Gostar

Subject: Success

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 136

Language: Farsi

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With the book, if you want to write by Joel Austin, you can learn how to find your inner abilities, trust your intelligence, and most importantly, do not underestimate yourself. This book, which is on the New York Times bestseller list, promises you success and better days.

About the book you can if you want:
If you really want to be a successful person in life and achieve your goals, the book You Can If You Want (You Can You Will) shares eight common characteristics of successful people and helps you to reach your full potential and talents. And become the person you were made for from the beginning.

The solutions that Joel Osteen presents in this book have been repeatedly tested on people with different conditions and have always had good results.
The author in the book can, if you will, emphasize that most of the time people underestimate themselves, allow doubt to overwhelm them, or that the bitter and frustrating professions of those around them convince them to stay where they are. Stay and live as an average person. But Joel Austin will not let this happen to you; To succeed in life, all you have to do is read the present book carefully and follow the words of this famous and faithful instructor.

Who is the book you can choose if you want?
If you are interested in personal success books and would like to make a difference in your life, this fascinating book is for you.

Learn more about Joel Austin:
Born full name Joel Scott Osteen in 1963, he is known as a writer, preacher and pastor. Austin has authored seven New York Times bestsellers to date, helping others gain a deeper understanding of themselves, God, and the universe.

Among the other works of this priest can be such things as I am, overcoming fatigue, living without dependence, salvation in the dark, making great requests, appreciating yourself, how not to become easily dependent on anyone, a better version of yourself, thinking in A higher level and … pointed out.

Selected sentences of the book you can if you want:
– If you decide to win, which of course you were created for, you must be fearless and bold.
– You have to accept the fact that you can not keep everyone happy.
– I learned from the beginning that in order to please God, I have to disappoint some people, whether I like it or not.
– The Bible speaks of those who love the approval of the people more than the encouragement of God.
– Every person has an opinion. If you want to keep everyone happy, you are the only one who will not be happy.
– Many people sacrifice their happiness for making someone else happy.
– Instead of staying in that negative channel, go to your winning channel.
– Some people are not happy, because they remember all the mistakes they made since 1927.
– God, you have supported me in the past, I know you are helping me now.

In a part of the book you can read if you want:
A young woman named Rachel Smith became a worthy girl in the United States in 2007. She is an intellectual girl who has traveled the world to support underprivileged children. In the same year, she competed for the World’s Deserving Girl. As he walked toward the stage, his foot slipped and fell to the ground during a formal dress competition.

Millions of people from all over the world were watching. He was very ashamed. He got up quickly and stood with a smile on his face. The audience did not ignore this issue. Some mocked, laughed and booed. It was very humiliating.
Despite that fall, Rachel was chosen as one of the five. He had to go on stage and answer a question that came out of a hat at random. He stepped back on stage, the spot where he had slipped twenty minutes earlier. A question popped out of his hat as millions of people watched. The question was, “If you could repeat one moment in your life, which moment would you choose?”

He had experienced a little before the most embarrassing scene of his life. How many of us used to say, “I like to repeat the moment I fell on this stage.” “I would love to do it again.”

Index of the book

Introduction Translator
Chapter One: Visualize your imagination
Carry a symbol of your dream with you
God completes everything He has begun
Visually visualize your dream
Remember what you believe in
Have faith to take a crucial path
God gives you much better than you dream
Always praise God
Use your imagination
Listen to what God says
Your dreams come true according to your desire
God will make a big difference in your life
Chapter 2: Take control of your life
You live to please God
Be honest with yourself
Always have a goal in front of you
Love divine encouragement
Your destiny is more dangerous than being ruined
Take control of your happiness
Do not be a puppet of others
Be always happy
Fly with those who elevate you and are the driving force of your life
Look for encouraging people
Chapter 3: Expect Good Things
Raise your expectations
Do not let negative expectations limit your life
Goodness and compassion follow you
Remember the joys
Adjust your mind wave to good memories
Wait for good things to happen
Collect the positive events of your past life
Recall the strengths of the past.
Review your happiness in your mind
God can do it for you again
Look at the hands of God in your life
Chapter 4: Have a positive mindset
Choose to be positive
Set your mind to a positive wave
Design a clear vision
Focus your mind on the wave of transcendent affairs
Be determined to win
Be eager and hopeful
Let the grace of God shine on you like light suddenly
Be careful of your thoughts!
Plan your mind to success
Focus on positive thoughts
Allow yourself to achieve your dreams
Refresh your attitude
Strengthen your faith
Chapter 5: Be bound to be great
Praise God in everything you do
Do more than others expect
Try to be great
Do your job perfectly
take care
Get in the habit of being great
Do beyond your mission
Come out of the small trials proud
Distinguish yourself
Choosing the best option possible
Chapter 6: Always strive to grow
Never stop learning
Develop your tastes and desires
Do not give up dynamism
Do not stand idly by relying on the honors gained
Prepare yourself to win
You were created to progress
Keep improving your skills
Be the solution, not the problem
Develop the hidden treasure within you
Winners do small things that matter
Establish a path to continuous growth
Associate with inspiring people
Spend your time just like money
Chapter 7: Serve Others
Dedicate your life to serving others
Reward is on the way
You are never so big and important that it is not worthwhile to serve others
Nourish your soul by serving others
Start the work of others so that God will finish your work
Simple words can make a big difference
Seek to do good to others
Do not be indifferent to the needs of others
Congratulations in heaven
When you serve others, God bless you
Shet stands in front of you to welcome you into your home
Chapter 8: Stay passionate
Resume your passion and love
The Secretary’s big seeds
Stay excited
Live in amazement
Use seeds
With all your heart, make every effort to be a user
Be the best you can be
Do it with all your heart
Keep working and growing
Make a covenant with God
Do not lose your passion and love
Plan for the future
Leave your bag
Forgive those who have hurt you
Prepare yourself for the new events that God has in store for you
God has a new beginning for you
Give to life whatever you have earned
You can, if you want!
We would like to know about you
You can introduce the book if you want
The book You Can If You Want is written by Joel Austin and translated by Maryam Khosrokhani. In this book, the author offers solutions that can be used to overcome any failure. A healthy life plan can be devised.

Joel Austin is a preacher, television priest, writer, and senior pastor at Likewood Church. Austin is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers. This author is an amazing, faithful and passionate human being, who, with a modern look and modern words and concepts and in accordance with the wishes of today’s generation, puts the hands of every human being in every loving way in the loving hands of God.
The present book, entitled You Can If You Want, is one of the books that brings man closer to his knowledge. Word for word in the present book, Janet breathed new life into her. In this exquisite book, eight undeniable principles are presented that will help you to discover all your hidden talents.

Who can we recommend reading the book to if you want?
We recommend this book to all those who are interested in a successful life

You can have a part of the book if you want
Studies show that we are moving in the same direction that we are constantly imagining. You have to constantly visualize what you want in your mind, albeit symbolically, so that by looking at this symbol, you will be reminded of what you believe in and your dream will come true.

I met a businessman who wanted to build a new office for his company. Buy a brick, like the bricks he wanted to use in his building. He kept the brick on his desk so that whenever he saw it, he would take a step towards his goal. That brick was reminiscent of the goal he wanted to achieve.

If you are single and planning to get married, put a blank photo album on your desk. This is where you want to put your wedding photos in that album. When you see it, you get closer to marriage.
You may not reach your full potential, but not because you do not have a strong belief, talent, or willpower, but because you do not portray what you deserve right away. You should have pictures all over your house that will inspire you, verses from the Bible that will inspire you, notes that will strengthen your faith. Maybe one of these symbols is an extra key in the middle of your keychain, which is a symbol of the new house you want to buy in your dream. If you are asked, “What is this extra key?”

You say, “I have a key in my new home that I am about to buy.”

About Joel Austin
Joel Austin was born on March 5, 1963, which is equivalent to March 5, 1963.
Joel’s father, a priest, encouraged him to speak in church, but he refused. The largest Protestant church (a branch of Christianity) is located in Houston, USA.

Finally, in 1999, after the death of his father, Joel Austin resumed his father’s work and became the High Priest of the Likewood Church in his place. He never imagined that he would follow in his father’s footsteps.
Joel Austin is a pastor, author, motivational psychologist, and speaker who speaks to the church every Sunday for about 30 minutes.
His weekly lectures are seen or heard by more than 7 million viewers a week and more than 20 million a month in more than 100 countries.
He is the author of numerous books, seven of which are among the New York Times bestsellers.

Joel Austin’s audience has dubbed him the “Laughing Priest,” and he combines his lectures with articulation techniques so that you do not feel the passage of time as you sit at his feet.

Summary of the book
Doubt, fear and despair cause you to give up and try in your life and do not strive for it and ruin your life because of what people say.

If you want to succeed in life and have all the desires you have, you are the only one who can help you in this matter. You are the only one who can achieve your desires in life by encouraging yourself. Yes, you have all the factors you need to succeed, all you need to do is ask.
In this book, there are eight principles that can help you develop your abilities. Yes, everything is ready, from now on, be determined and move forward with confidence. The great victories you have been looking for are waiting for you. By following these principles, you will enter your new life. You will discover a talent you never thought you would have, you will see your own growth and development, and you will realize the grace of God more than ever in your life.

Prepare yourself. You can, if you want!

Sentences from the text of the book
1. You have everything you need to succeed. Unparalleled intelligence, talent, personality and acumen are entrusted to you to achieve your goals. But many times you ignore the grace and power of God. Doubts, fears and frustrations cause you to give up and ruin your life because of what people say.
2- Great victories are waiting for you. By following these principles, you will enter a new phase of life. You will discover talents that you did not expect, you will witness your growth and excellence, and you will understand the infinite divine grace more than ever.
You can read a part of the book if you want

You have everything you need to succeed. Unparalleled intelligence, talent, personality and acumen are entrusted to you to achieve your goals. But many times you ignore the grace and power of God. Doubts, fears and frustrations cause you to give up and ruin your life because of what people say.

This book presents 8 principles that you will be able to use to develop all the capabilities of your being. So, everything is ready. From now on, be determined and move forward with confidence.

Great victories await you. By following these principles, you will enter a new phase of life. You will discover talents that you did not expect, you will witness your growth and excellence, and you will understand the infinite divine grace more than ever.

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