Wuthering heights


Title: Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Bronte

Translator: Susan Ardakani

Publisher: Superior Man

Subject: English story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 461 p

Language: Farsi

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Wuthering Heights, or “Love Never Dies,” has often been hailed as Britain’s most romantic novel.

This book, which describes the love affair between Catherine and Hattcliffe, is a clear, pleasant, and at the same time bitter picture of this love affair and the stones that have fallen in their way.

The novel is a romantic narrative that is defined in a poetic tone and clearly depicts the height of the impact of good behaviors and bad behaviors over time.

The book begins with Mr. Lockwood entering Waddinghead Mansion.
He, who came to the area to rent another mansion belonging to Mr. Hatcliffe, considers it customary to visit his landlord’s mansion.

During this meeting, he meets the non-stick and not-so-lovable character of his landlord, and after his housekeeper, Ellen, inquires about his past and the story of a person named Catherine Ernshaw.

Ellen’s account begins as Katherine was the child her father brought to them.

With the arrival of Hattcliffe in the Waddingheath Emirate, or Windy Heights, the fate of the two families changed completely and they entered a path full of unhappiness.

With the arrival of Hattcliffe, Hindley, the male and eldest son of the Earnshaw family, turns his back on his humiliation and, after the death of their father, treats him worse than a servant.
Meanwhile, Katherine is deeply attached to Hattcliffe, and a string of love is formed between the two children during their childhood.

Hindley is displaying more and more disgusting behavior, and Hattley, who has shown clear signs of violence and cruelty since childhood, is deeply resentful of him.

The situation is only on the verge of destruction and brings all the characters of the story with it when Hindley announces the meeting and connection between his sister and Hatcliff.
Meanwhile, the Earnshaw family becomes acquainted with the Lenton family, a wealthy and aristocratic family, and this acquaintance ends with Catherine’s marriage to Edgar Lennon.

And this is the beginning of a series of vengeances that the disillusioned, determined determination to seek.

We hear the story of Hatcliffe all over the eyes of Ellen Dean, a servant who has known her since childhood and grew up with her.
This is something we have to think about after we finish the book, and think about whether Ellen, the person who hated the task from the moment she entered the house and with her until her death and even after that, carried this hatred with her. Has he really told the story with an impartial eye, or, as always and as always, does he allow his prejudices and feelings to take the reins of his tongue?

In my opinion, this is one of Emily Bronte’s very sophisticated and subtle ironies and characteristics.
A writer who, along with the priest’s father and two writers’s sisters; He has left his pen for future generations.

The novel Wuthering Heights, though at first glance, is a romantic work written by a lonely girl based on her imagination, and although her space and literature do not fit into the present and are somehow invalidated and considered a classic,

But Emily Bronte has so creatively and frankly portrayed the effects of militant and violent behavior on the human psyche, as if she lived in the present and had a college degree in these anomalies.

Many people do not consider this book and this story as a prominent and memorable work, but in my opinion, this story widens the scope for thinking in front of people.

Unfortunately, this book is also one of those books that has made its way to world fame after the death of its creator.

The translator of the book Windy Heights says about the reason for choosing the name of the book:

The main title of the book is “Wadering Heights”, which means “windy heights”, but the fact is that Wadding Heights is the name of the place where the story takes place (and of course its geographical characteristics are such that it is located in “Heights” and ” Windbreaker “), and therefore, could be called the Persian translation of Wadding Heights.

However, due to the reputation of the title “Windy Heights” in Persian, and it is not a wrong title, I have finally preferred this familiar title for my translation.

Sentences from the text of the book Windy Heights
I stayed under the pleasant sky for a while and wandered there. I looked at the butterflies fluttering over the bushes and spikes.

I listened to the gentle breeze blowing through the grass and grass, and wondered how it could be imagined that the dormant of this quiet soil was a restless sleeper.

I think to myself: O wretched man! Like your fellow human beings, your heart beats in your chest and you have nerves that are sensitive to sorrows and joys.

Why do you try in vain to hide the reaction of the nervous heart from hearing the news of this tragedy?
Why do you want to pretend that you have not lost your composure? This arrogance of yours can not deceive God!

Whatever the soul is made of, the soul of him and I are of the same sex.

He said that the best thing to do on a hot July day is to lie on a piece of grass in the middle of the bush from morning till night.

The bees sing lullabies to the people in the mud of the flowers, the crows sing over the man’s head, the sky is blue and cloudless, and the sun is constantly shining. This was his whole vision of heavenly bliss.

But what I wanted was to sway from a green tree with its leaves rustling, the west wind blowing, and the white clouds passing quickly over our heads.

Now, not only the chirps but also the black bustards and tokas and the red-breasted cuckoos and cuckoos can sing from all sides.

Shrubs can be found in the distance, with shady, cool depressions, but near us are tall waves of meadows swaying in the breeze, as well as forests and the sound of water, and the whole world awake and full of joy.

Do not be like a stray dog ​​who has every right to kick and hates the whole world as much as anyone who kicks him!

I read from his face that he has better characteristics than his father. Of course, the good things remain hidden from the wild, because the abundance of weeds prevents us from seeing healthy roots. However, healthy soil in good conditions will definitely grow a better crop.

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