Three daughters of Eve


Title: Three Daughters of Eve

Author: Elif Shafak

Translator: Nazanin Jabarian Saber

Publisher: Fereshteh

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 504 p

Language: Farsi



Three daughters of Eve is a novel by Alif shafak, a successful Turkish writer. Shafak won the Rumi Prize in 1998 for his book “Hidden” and in 2000 he won the prize for the best novel of the year by the Turkish Writers’ Association for his novel “Muharram”.

Shafak has published dozens of novels, all of which have been translated into several languages.

“Three daughters of Eve” was published in 2016 and, unlike the books “Love”, “Hidden”, “Muharram” and some other books by Shafak, does not have a mystical and philosophical approach.

The novel Three daughters of Eve explores one of the most important themes of 21st century humans. The subject of differences of opinion and beliefs of human beings and the contradictions and tensions that human beings have as a result of intolerance of ideas.
Shirin, Mona and Peri are three girls who live together with different religious and ideological ways of thinking.

Perry (Confused Girl), Shirin (Secular Girl), and Mona (Religious Girl) meet at Oxford University in Storytelling, drawing the story into intense discussions that take place in the classroom or on campus.

The story of Eve’s three daughters deals with politics, philosophy, love, personality dichotomies, and social tensions.

The most important motivations for Shafak to write this book are the events that have taken place in the Middle East in recent years, and undoubtedly Turkey has also been directly or indirectly affected by these events.

Shafak sees today’s Middle East as intolerant and angry. He can not stand hearing the opposite voice. He tries to impose his ideas on others and responds if the other person resists with violence.

Perhaps no one could have written this novel better than Shafak. He has lived with his diplomat mother in many countries and has become acquainted with different cultures as a result of this fruitful experience.

Elif افafak, a famous and bold Turkish writer, is a familiar name to literary audiences around the world these days. His works have been translated into many languages ​​and are at the top of the bestseller market in Europe, the United States and other parts of the world.

For example, his book The Nation of Love in Iran has been met with an amazing response and there are few books of friends who have not read it.

Along with Orhan Pamuk, this masterful writer has played an important role in introducing Turkish literature to a global audience and has received numerous awards.

Eve’s three daughters is the life story of a woman who is caught between her love and her beliefs, beliefs that she does not know which are right and which are wrong.

His quest to understand the meaning of life and love leads him to new abysses and various adventures.
The book The Three Daughters of Eve is about the lives of three female characters named Perry, Mona, and Shirin, whose personalities differ due to their different levels of social, social, and family life.

This work, unlike many of Shafak’s works, deals with the life of women today.

“I had thought about this for years before I wrote this book,” he said of why he wrote the book. The world we live in is a fluid world.

Whenever this world moves towards tyranny or isolation, women suffer the most.

Women in Islamic countries, especially in Turkey, where I grew up, face many problems, and sometimes their voices are not heard in public. I wanted to write a book that recounts their voices in these communities.

According to Shafak; I first thought of the three characters in this book separately and then realized that all three characters could actually be three stages of a life.
The New York Times referred to the book as a complex picture of Turkey. Some critics have also called the book a story about land and faith.


Istanbul, 2016
It was a typical autumn day in Istanbul when he realized he could kill someone. The story began on a quiet night that was not much different from other nights.

He embarked on storms and gained experience riding boats that are not very compact and sturdy, bringing even the calmest and most patient to their knees.

Well, no one is exempt from playing crazy; Of course, with the exception of those who seem to be the whole intellect! But he knew that he was not a calm and patient woman, and that he had the potential for strange things more than anything else.

Of course, the word “potential” was a bit strange; Didn’t Turkey once think that it could be “a model of a Westernized, secular and democratic country in the Muslim geography”, but its thinking had joined the full example of unfulfilled potential? Who knows.

Maybe the possibility of playing crazy in him, just like this example, should have been eliminated, without coming true.

Thank God that life, or in the opinion of some people, destiny, that important letter in which what happened and has not yet happened, is hidden, has prevented him from making terrible mistakes.
During all these years, he lived a righteous and honorable life. I do not think that it has harmed anyone other than the occasional gossip and expedient lies that he was once forced to tell for the happiness of others; Of course, if we ignore the founder of these rumors.

After all, everyone has a little potential for gossip and gossip. Otherwise, if these small absences are to be taken seriously as sins, hell must be full of snoring.

Three daughters of Eve

That’s why he was comfortable. In fact, his main problem was not with people, but with God. If there was anyone whose mind was always on him, it was still God.

If he was going to question anyone, it was still God. They said that God gets angry very quickly and takes the truth. Thank God that despite this, God still does not hurt and does not hurt anyone.

Sometimes he would be curious and ask himself, “Who do we call ‘kind-hearted’?” That is, it is possible to never take a front against anyone and stay well? That is, it is not possible for even the most distinguished and perfect human beings to do evil unintentionally? “What is intentional and unintentional?”
In the eyes of his family and friends, “Naz Peri Nalbandavoglu” was a very good man; Of course, her friends called her “fairy”.

He was a literate foreigner. He helped charities, worked to change attitudes about Alzheimer’s, raised money for needy families, visited nursing homes, played cards with the elderly, and deliberately lost to them.

He always had food in his bag for stray Istanbul cats; Sometimes he even sterilized them at his own expense.

She cared closely for the children’s school, arranged feasts for her husband’s principal and co-workers, spread magnificent tablecloths, and fasted during Ramadan, especially the first and last of each month, and performed all the ceremonies in this land.
On all Eid al-Adha, a sheep must have been sacrificed. Sometimes you would see people on the street spitting on the ground, polluting parks, or not queuing in supermarkets.

Perry always hated them at work. Of course, sometimes he could not stop himself and warned them about these things.

In general, when you looked at the fairy from the outside, you did not see only a good human being; Rather, she was at the same time a good wife, a good mother, a good housewife, a good compatriot, and a modern, secular Muslim;

It seems that he had gathered all his strength and past for the inevitable conflicts of this country. Perry’s story was originally a little bit about Turkey, and Perry’s mental imbalance was not much different from Turkey’s imbalance.

Time, like a master tailor, had sewn together two pieces of fairy cloth;
That is, both the thoughts of those around him about him and his thoughts about himself. This fabric was well sewn with the effect that people had on it;

So that Perry no longer knew how many days of her life she had formed at the request of others and how many of them she had formed at her own request.

Sometimes he wanted to grab a bucket of soap and water and walk to the streets, squares and government buildings, especially those at the entrance to the T.  They were arguing.

Then wash that sharp tongue! There was so much dirt to clean and so many mistakes to make up for that he wanted to clean them all.
Perry was constantly comparing the events of the world outside of herself; But he kept the greatest sufferings within himself. However, she was one of those women who constantly examined and criticized herself.

That’s why at the age of 35 he was behaving just like a hot-tempered woman.

That is why he did not expect at all that on such a simple and trivial day, he would suddenly face the empty space of his soul.

“It all happened because of the traffic,” he would say to himself later, perhaps much later. The city had become such a large yard of a building.

Istanbul had grown uncontrollably and continued to grow. In this dear city, without realizing it, you swallowed much more than the capacity of your stomachs;
So much so that one remembered the Japanese fish that were constantly looking for food here and there! Later, whenever Perry remembered that ominous night, perhaps if she did not look so closely at the traffic jam, she could be content with recalling a chain of memories that she had access to only in her dreams.

Her daughter was sitting in the chair next to her, and for more than forty minutes the traffic was moving millimeter by millimeter.

Somewhere in front there was a truck left and two of the surrounding alleys were closed. All the cars with all kinds of models and in a state of disarray were waiting and waiting.

Traffic was like a fiery mace that fell into the hands of filthy people.

Something that turned minutes into hours, turned humans into savages and wise people into complete lunatics.

Of course, this situation was not important at all for Istanbul. After all, time, conflict and madness were not something that was lacking there.

Although after a certain time nothing was different; An hour earlier, an hour later, less buzz or more crazy games.
Madness was flowing in the veins of the city, just like running matter. Millions of Istanbulis consumed another dose of this serum every day.

People were sharing all this madness among themselves without saying a word, greeting each other or even sharing a piece of bread.

There was also something called “dementia” at that time; That is, the total loss of knowledge. This situation was no longer in the form of a crisis, but if it continued a little longer, it would become a certain truth.

If everyone laughs at a certain number of people with a certain sadness and grief and does not take it seriously, that tragedy will turn into a ridiculous joke!

Perry suddenly jumped on her daughter and said, “Can you please finish this nail biting!” How many times do I have to warn you about this?

Denise was trying to pull a few sips of water out of a paper cup on the table to vent her anger. “Oh, mother, what does that have to do with you?” Aren’t these nails mine?
Before leaving, they first visited one of the Starbucks branches. Lately, this Starbucks has become very popular.

Three daughters of Eve

Of course, Starbucks had repeatedly complained about the use of its logo, menu, and even its name; But due to problems in the legal system, he was still able to stand on his own two feet.

They bought two drinks from there, a diet “latte” for Perry and a chocolate dubbed “Frapachino” with cream for her daughter. Perry had long since finished her drink;

But Denise drank slowly, like a wounded bird, for a long time. At the same time, he stared at the last rays of light that shone from the horizon at dusk, and the orange color that gently cast a shadow over the mosque’s vases and house windows.

“If the nails are yours, the car is mine,” Perry muttered. “You have torn it all down and thrown it in a corner.”
As soon as these words came out of his mouth, a feeling of regret filled his being. My car! What an unpleasant word; That is, it was really something to say to your child or any other human being;

That is, he had become one of those people whose eyes and ears have been filled with the wealth of the world? He pursed his lips angrily. He was ashamed of himself.

Three daughters of Eve

Denise did not pay attention either. He hugged her slender arms, stared out the window, and continued to chew his fingernails.

Traffic more or less started to move; But that front was slowed down again by a Range Rover stopping to change its tires. According to the catalog information, the color of the car should have been “Monte Carlo Blue”.

Of course, there were other colors in the brochure: ice cream white, lilac purple, Far Eastern dragon red, dirty pink, hockey team green or bag green, God knows who chooses these names for these poor colors!
Who finally comes to their senses? Perry wondered if the owners of these luxury and expensive cars knew that escaping from the police in this way and running around in the city was nothing less than driving in the mud and sand of the desert.

Luxury and aristocratic cars of all colors were now roaming in Istanbul, and bred dogs were deceiving people.

It is true that they were born for a comfortable and aristocratic life, but now they have turned to these luxury cars instead of the native and purebred dogs of our country.

Tired of finding a place to escape, Perry stared at the big, ugly SUVs he had only seen in old American movies.

In the midst of all the luxury and expensive cars, the jeeps looked very uncomfortable and were looking for a place to park.

This traffic had no intention of moving forward and had made it unbearable. This was a city of apparent glory and courage, a city of deceit.

“I read somewhere that we chose the worst possible place to live,” Perry said.

I mean traffic. We have the first place in the world. It is worse than Cairo; It is even more awful than Delhi; “That is, we stood on the hands of India.”

Although Perry did not go to Cairo or Delhi, that was it.

He was sure that in Istanbul those narrow ways could be treated much more civilly than now. After all, this city is one of the gates of Europe’s neighborhood, and all this proximity must make sense;

He was even so close that he once tried to go further and finally added himself to Europe;

But despite all his efforts in this way, he still could not fulfill many of his demands. Meanwhile, Europe had tried many times to close its doors to him.

“Well, great,” Denise said.

“What’s great?”

“At least in one thing we came first in the world, is it bad?”
Their relationship has been going on like this for a long time. Whenever Perry commented on something, Denise immediately objected.

Perry’s words, as logical and appropriate as she wanted, were met with a strong reaction from her daughter. Admit it, Denise was only thirteen years old, and at that age the children wanted to escape the domination of their parents, especially their mother.

Perry understood this and understood it. He knew why something that did not matter at all to his daughter was so nerve-wracking.

Poor Perry has never been so nervous and aggressive at any point in her life, even during puberty; While his puberty was much harder and more difficult than the rest, and his conditions were more difficult;

But his mother did not even have half of his compassion today. Despite all this, Perry had not been so nervous and rebellious during her adolescence. Now, when his daughter walked around him so nervously and aggressively, he only blamed himself.

It was really a strange thing; This is the tripartite effect that grandmothers had on mothers and mothers on grandchildren.

“When you reach my age, you will be patient about this city,” Perry whispered. »

“When you were my age, you never spoke like that at all,” Denise said, imitating his behavior.

Because in the past, relationships and situations were not so awful, everything is gradually disappearing
“No, Mom, it’s not a problem,” Denise said in an annoyed tone. The problem is that you are getting old! What frightens a person is not his age, it is the way he speaks and the way he dresses. Take a look at your situation

Aaa, how is my condition?


Perry looked at her dress sadly; It had all come to him. Kelly wore jewelry and wore a gray cotton dress embroidered with embroidery.

His jacket was also very expensive and he had taken it from the newly opened shopping center.

The cashier had not said anything that day when he objected to the price of the clothes, and had just looked at her meaninglessly with a mocking smile.

It was as if he wanted to say, “If your money is not enough, then why are you here, woman?” This look from above was too expensive for Perry, and by saying, “Let’s go, I’ll buy it,” he ended the story;

While he was not at all sure whether he liked this dress or not. Even now he could feel the weight of the fabric on his body and saw that this color was the wrong choice for him.
The gray color, which looked very majestic under the fluorescent lamps of the shop, looked very lifeless and even rough outside.

These were all vain thoughts; Because he did not have time to go home and change his clothes.

Tonight at the house of a well-known businessman, who had become very rich in the last three or four years, they were invited to a dinner party, his condition was not trivial.

Istanbul was full of the newly arrived rich, and of course for those who wanted to make money as soon as possible, Perry had never liked these dinners, which continued until late.

If it were up to him, he would sit at home and prefer to bury his head in the pages of a good novel and stay there for hours.
He loved books, and he loved them very much. His relationship with the universe was more through words.

His relationship with loneliness was also good. Although loneliness was a blessing that was seldom found in Istanbul; Because there was always a suitable alternative to this loneliness or something to do;

Just like a child who is afraid of being alone and does not want to be left alone in this society. At the first bourgeois table there were all the compliments and ceremonies.

Cigarettes, talk, politics and branded shoes and clothes; But most importantly, there were bags that were just out of the designers’ hands.

Perry could not understand this competition between clothes in same-sex people. Some women carried their bags like booty from the battlefield and from far away.
Why should a person be proud of himself in order to achieve such a precious thing ?! Of course, the issue of the authenticity and counterfeitness of the bags was also very important.

Some middle-class and upper-class women in Istanbul invited shopkeepers to their homes instead of going to markets, shopping malls or stores so that others would not see them buying counterfeit brands.

Vendors also rode their cloaks, Louis Vuittons, and booties, which had fallen into disrepair and their brands could not be read because they were badly damaged.

Buyers then enter the back of the parking lot to shop, as when they want to buy smuggled goods. Payments were all in cash,

Invoices were not written and no questions were asked. At the next ceremony, the same women overthrew each other again in the eyes of the buyer.

Honestly, it was a big debate. If a person spends all this energy on other things, he will not see more good ?!
Why did women examine each other so much? That with precision, prejudice and curiosity that never subsided? In essence, they were looking for mistakes, either explicitly or implicitly.

Unrepaired Manicures, Excess Weights, Removed Eyebrows, Reduced Fats, Botox Faces, Concealed Fats, Colored Hair, Pimples Hidden Under All Powder Cream or Even Wrinkles… Nothing Their winning look is not hidden.

In every ceremony and every invitation, a large number of female guests were both victims and perpetrators of these meticulous and passive views.

Honestly, Perry had no desire to go to such a carnival, when her daughter got out of the car to rest her legs, Perry had the opportunity to light a cigarette without thinking for a moment.

He had quit smoking for more than ten years; But lately, he has been carrying his pack of cigarettes again, and from time to time he falls into the sea like this.
Of course, he was always satisfied with a few packs and did not kill them all. Nevertheless, when he threw out the rest of the cigarettes, an imperceptible torment of conscience pervaded his being.

For this reason, every time he smoked, he would put a mint gum in his mouth and chew it; Although he did not like the taste at all.

“If we were to interpret the taste of chewing gum as political regimes, mint gum would undoubtedly be fascist,” he thought to himself.

“Oh mom, turn off that damn thing, you don’t know how harmful it is,” Denise said as she got back in the car.

Children of this age treat smokers like vampires who seem to have just been lifted from their coffins.

Denise had given a conference on the dangers of smoking a few weeks ago and had collected many notes on the subject. It was from that day that he went to war with any kind of tobacco; Especially the kind his mother smoked.

“Okay, okay,” Perry said, twirling her hand around her head.
If I were president, I would definitely punish God for parents who smoke in front of children. I’m serious!

“Thank God you are not going to get into politics,” said the grumbling fairy. And immediately pressed the button to open the window.

The smoke that had died outside disappeared into the air in a wave of women, and incredibly entered through the open window of the side car.

This is what man in this city could not get rid of at all: he had to live with people on his own

Pedestrians walk the streets in the same way, passengers sit side by side on steamboats, people squat on buses and subways side by side, collide, and their bodies mingle, just like the intentions of being attacked. They dance to one side.

There were two people sitting in the car next to each other and suddenly they both smiled. In Istanbul, every woman needed a dictionary of “novices” to live.
According to the dictionary, a woman makes a “shameless invitation” when the smoke of her cigarette dies on someone’s face (even in her car), and the reminder of this issue is filled with electricity. It was like a stormy sea.

Women had to be obedient. Equality was not practiced even in words in this city; Even if it is true.

In this culture, women were constantly expected to keep their eyes on the ground.

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