The value of a girl


Title: The value of a girl

Author: Rachel Dan Hollander

Translator: Behnaz Hemmati

Publisher: Elsana

Subject: American women, autobiography

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 320 p

Language: Farsi



The value of a girl reflects a social reality that is seen in abundance in today’s societies. Girls who are raped, and sometimes this issue has a huge cost for the raped person, which causes silence due to his fear; The consequences of this act, far from humanity, also affect the parents of the victims.

The story of the forthcoming book narrates the life of a gymnast who tries to train hard-working and powerful athletes. When Rachel goes to the physiotherapist for her treatment, she realizes that this seemingly famous doctor has a purpose beyond the treatment of female athletes; When Rachel unveils the real face of the doctor, the other girls come out of their silence and a horrible reality emerges.

About the author
Rachel Dan Holinder is a former American lawyer and gymnast. She was the first woman to accuse Larry Nassar, a former Michigan state doctor and US gymnast, of rape. Rachel Denholander is the best woman of 2018 and was included in the 100 most influential Time magazine in 2018. Buy a novel book

Rachel Denholinder, an athlete who complained about Mr. Nassar, told the BBC that she was sexually abused at the age of 15 when she went to see Dr. Nassar at Michigan State University.

Ms. Denholinder said the sexual harassment occurred while she was in the room with her mother.

Dr. Nasar was acquitted of sexual harassment.

book introduction

“The value of a girl”

The above book with the main title (What is a girl worth?: My story of breaking the silence and exposing the truth about Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics) is a work by American author Rachel Joy Denhollander by Behnaz Hemmati Translated and published by Al-Sana Publications.
In this book, the author deals with a subject that is usually concealed by his victims. The subject of rape and desecration of girls.

The author of the book The Value of a Girl reveals the bitter story of the rape and sexual harassment of the doctor of the American Olympic gymnastics team and tells about the silence of the victims of this incident and the bitter incidents that followed. The interesting thing is that he himself is one of the victims of this tragic incident.
The author has been able to tell and explain this disgraceful story in the history of American sports so well that the book The Value of a Girl has long been one of the New York Times bestsellers.
The fluent translation of this book helps to attract and understand it for the Persian audience.

In part of the book we read:
“I looked at the little gymnast in his colorful, shiny dress and smiled. Lee was practicing standing on his hands along the wall. He was very young and, despite his empty drum, he had a good belly dance. He smiled at me through his braids. Her small, sunken cheeks showed that she was still the same four-year-old toddler Greta was practicing on the small balance bar; her cheeks were sunken and it was clear from her mouth that she was fully focused.

Around me, six small gymnasts sat cross-legged on a large yellow plastic circle to practice their skills, lifting their little legs up and down with unlimited energy. My heart was full of emotion; I was in a big transition phase.
About six months ago, Jackie, the new manager of the new club, talked to me about some issues. He has been my coach since the Kalamazoo Club merged with another club. He once said, “You know, Rachel, I’m ready for all your requests and I’m very happy to work with you; But if you decide to give up training, I can help you get started coaching. “This is a good way to participate in this sport and you can have a big impact on little girls …”

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