The Thorn Birds


Title: The Thorn Birds

Author: Colin McLaughlin

Translator: Mehdi Ghobraei

Publisher: Niloofar

Subject: Australian literature

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 767 p

Language Farsi

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The Thorn Birds is a 1977 book by Australian author Colin McClough. This novel was prepared in 1983 for a short TV series of the same name. This work has also been translated into Persian. Birds of a Feather is an emotional book about a girl named Maggie who falls in love with a priest named Ralph and gives birth to a son through a sexual encounter with Ralph.

A film has also been made based on this book. This vast and epic story of dreams, problems, dark aspirations, and forbidden loves in the arid and desert regions of Australia has fascinated audiences around the world. The Thunderous Bird tells the story of three generations of the Clearis family;

Herders who seek life in a beautiful and stubborn land and at the same time face the annoyances, weaknesses and secrets that permeate their families. The story of this novel, above all, deals with the life of the only daughter of the family, Maggie, and her long relationship with a priest named Ralph Dobricasar’s father; A fiery communication that transcends the constraints of time and space.
Bird of Thorns is the title of a book translated by Mehdi Ghobraei, which has 768 pages and was published by Niloufar Publications in 2016. The main subject of this book is Australian stories. Colin McAllough has also published books for the women of the Misalongi Mansion (Enlightenment and Women’s Studies), the Birds of the Tarb (Moonlight), and the Birds of the Kharzar (Samir).

This book was first published in the year 1368 with a translation of the Tahiriyyah book entitled “The Chicken of Tarbah” and in the year 1371 with the translation of the book “By the Thorn and the Flower by Tahir Sadiq”. Other names have been translated and published by other translators.

Australian author Colin McClafe was born on June 1, 1937 in Wellington, Australia. His father was from Ireland and immigrated to New Zealand in 1920, and his mother was from New Zealand. Excerpts from The Thorn Birds, one of his best-selling books, are based on his family history. Birds of a Feather is one of his best-selling and most widely read books, with 9 million copies sold in the United States alone in the first four years.
He also made a television series based on the 1983 novel Birds of a Feather, which attracted more readers to his novel. Richard Chamberlain and Rachel were the stars of this series.

Excerpts from the book The Thorn Birds:
No ambitious wish is so valuable as to justify breaking someone’s heart.

Belief does not rely on evidence or existence … but depends on faith … without faith, there is nothing.

If you love others, they will kill you. If you need others, they will kill you. Believe me, they do it!

“…I know. Each of us has something in us that we can not think of as destroyed, even if it forces us to shout so much that we die. We are what we are, just that. Like that Celtic legend of a bird with a thorn in its side and the singer embracing death.

Because that was his fate. We can know which of our actions is wrong, even before we do it, but this awareness can neither change the outcome nor affect it. Everyone sings their little song and believes that it is the most beautiful song the world has ever heard.
Do you understand? We scratch ourselves, and we never hesitate to find out what the price is. “The only thing we can do is to suffer and convince ourselves that it is worth it.”

Legend has it that a bird sings only once in its lifetime and sings so sweetly that no creature on earth can reach it. As soon as it comes out of its nest, it seeks to find overgrown branches and does not rest until it finds it.

. Then it sits on the longest and sharpest thorn as it sings among the wild branches. And while dying, he tramples the pain of dying with a song that goes beyond the sound of nightingales and chirps. A heavenly song that ends at the cost of his life. The whole universe is nailed to its place to hear the song, and God smiles in the kingdom of heaven. Finally, until the precious treasure is found, no precious treasure can be found… Bari, that legend says so.

The Thorn Birds
Paddy and Phi live in New Zealand with their children. Paddy is an Irish migrant worker who does things like sheepskin and farming and the like on other people’s farms and makes a living. Paddy’s sister is an asshole widow in Australia who … yes you are right! … has no heir. The sister calls her brother and family to take over the management of her 250,000-acre farm … one of those dream Australian farms that has a flock of sheep with merino wool!

Mrs. Carson (Auntie)’s home is occupied by an attractive young Catholic priest who is of great interest to everyone, including the special care and support of this dear aunt. “Father Ralph” goes to greet Paddy and his family, and at first glance, he pays special attention to 10-year-old Maggie, and the little girl also … After a few years, this attention turns into other things, such as love and affection.
Since this world is a transitory place, Carson’s aunt prepares an official will in which she inherits her property from Paddy and her family (besides, the dream farm is also a legendary portfolio). But when he sees Ralph’s special attention to Maggie, he is offended and, with a broken heart and a calm and confident heart (assuring the priest’s ambition), prepares a manuscript will in which he gives all the property to the Catholic Church. Provided that the property is managed by Ralph’s father. This gives Ralph a new testament and puts him at a crossroads:

A) Destroy this will that no one knows about, and let the lovely Maggie and her hardworking family get their due and drown in money …

Two) Relying on this will, he takes the elevator in the church hierarchy and goes up.

What were you doing ?!
“Birds of prey is the story of human warfare and destiny is the story of human warfare with itself, the story of the constant war of darkness and light. Birds of Prey speaks of the campaign of life and death and the victory of love. Bricasart’s father, our pastor, begins the story by holding a Lord’s Supper at the house of Mrs. Carson, a wealthy old woman, in a corner of Australia, and it is at this ceremony that the viewer becomes aware of Mrs. Carson’s special view of Father Rouhani.

Mrs. Carson loves Rouhani’s father and tries to get his attention in different situations; But the father resists this earthly temptation. The story enters a new phase with the arrival of the Clears, Mrs. Carson’s brother’s family. The intense love that develops between the spiritual father and Maggie Cleary – the charming little girl who is Carson’s nephew and ironically neglected by the family, especially the mother of the family – arouses the old woman’s jealousy, so much so that she tries to separate the two. Slowly;

Lake fails. She decides to take revenge. Maggie grows bigger and bigger and the love between her and the spiritual father is still going on. Now Maggie has become a young woman and the love between her and the spiritual father is forbidden love. Priests should not marry unless they give up being priests;
First and foremost … the father dedicates his life to God. Not! He should not get married. Mrs. Carson dies and puts Berkasart’s father at a crossroads; He leaves two wills for his father, one of which he gave to his brother’s family – worth ام 13 million – and the other to the church. He wrote in a letter to his father that he could choose one of the two wills at his own discretion. If the father chooses the second will, he can make great progress through this great wealth, and he does.

Although he steps on his love for Maggie, he goes to the Vatican, and although Maggie is sure he will return, he stays there until he becomes a cardinal. When the news comes to Maggie, she marries in despair; A loveless marriage with a man who is not alive, and when he mistakenly wants to make his life better with a child, his disagreement with the husband reaches a climax and the husband and his child hate him.

Berkasart’s father is always sad, he still remembers Maggie; So on the advice of her friend, who has learned the secret of seeing a dried rose in her Bible, she goes to Australia and visits Maggie, who is disappointed with her husband. The result of their visit is religion; The boy who does not know the father and the father knows him. Nineteen years later, religion goes the way of the father, despite the opposition of the mother.
The second dilemma; Stay or return ?! Berkasart’s father returns to power with grief and confesses his sin to his friend, and hears the answer that with this sin you have turned away from the greater sin, which is arrogance and pride. You are a human being and with this sin you will never forget your humanity. Nineteen years later, when the father returns to Australia, he finds Maggie’s son – who is actually his own son – eager to go to the Vatican and become a priest, and although Maggie is not content to stay away from the old man, she helps him along the way. To reach the rank of cardinal.

The wheel of time turns so that when, after five years, Dean intends to return home, he stops in Greece. This is where, while swimming in the sea, he is noticed by two young girls who fall prey to the waves when they try to approach him, and he tries to help them, but drowns himself.
Maggie, who is older than him, forgets all the hardships and waits for the boy, but hears the news of the boy’s death and meets Berkasart’s father, who has come to perform the funeral. Maggie, who Berkasart’s father knew as a rose, reveals his thorn in this last moment and reveals their son’s secret. A secret that Rouhani’s father cannot bear to hear »..»

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